100 Replies to “How hackers take over your accounts using social engineering (Marketplace)”


  2. People have to beware of these support agents that companies use. They have to realize that these agents are not well trained and over 90% of them are clueless and inexperienced to see they are being manipulated. All because the companies have failed to ensure proper policies are in place that support agents are to follow without exception.
    Also too, these companies, like Rogers, do not have their own support agents (employees), they contract a call center to do be their support agents.

    In my business, I have dealt with hundreds of support agents representing a lot of different businesses online and found the percentage of agents, across the board, that are really incompetent is over 90%.

    Where does security of your information lie? – With you and that is where you will gain 100% control. You have to learn what to do to protect yourself and what you can do, even "administratively" to ensure you provide as little information about yourself to any online account and what you can do to protect your financial accounts.

    Remember, online there is no such thing as 100% secure!

  3. Iโ€™m out of the whole, โ€œCanadian issues loopโ€ since I live in the u.s. but Iโ€™m like, โ€œdamn, Rogers still exists?โ€

  4. Try to hack me here's a hint
    My password is over 200 letters and it has all my family names with the network password and over 50 numbers and also over 10 #$%&.>,
    lol good luck

  5. Gotta love when they use stock pics of the top command on a Linux distro to scare people ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Social engineering is not relying on charm… you simply input info gathered and then make an educated guess. Itโ€™s effective but itโ€™s a last resort

    Once, Rogers let my roommate reactivate my internet account over the phone and didnโ€™t notify me, then billed me even though I disconnected it myself for a different provider

  6. Keep your money away from banks IF you want to keep it away from hackers.
    Second, smart phones are for morons, they aren't a bright idea at all.
    I don't have a smart phone and I can still get on the net with the old phone I have, even watch YT. Sure the quality sux but noone wants to steal it LOL, rugged and cheap to replace.

  7. I use to work in various call centers, this here is why I took suck pleasure in being a hard man to deal with on verifications. If I heard whispering I would flag the account even, I never made it easy unless the person had enough info that I couldn't deny them over.

  8. I watched this video.. the thing is they need to pay their employees better to do a better job. why is the employ going to care about someone else's information when they only pay u to bailey have a house or a car, not both and have the crap food to eat cause it the only food they can afford? plus working them long hours, and to be very tired and just want to get out of work to there crapy house apt. car to eat crap food.!!!!!!!!!!! and bare have anything left to save.. and I'm not including the people that have kids..

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  10. The problem is this… They say that they are educating the service reps so they can prevent hackers from stealing accounts but then they show us how to steal accounts by making this video.

  11. People need to GET OFF FACEBOOK NOW! That is one of the biggest Government platforms out there.
    Donโ€™t believe me? I dare you to just try to delete your account

  12. I work as customer service representative I have had lots of cases where customers got so angry due to a large security process they have to go through just for changing one piece of information, even though one explains them what if someone would calls to the company pretending to be them but customers don't understand

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  17. How the hell they could not tell the difference between a male and a female, it beggars belief. Effing disgusting. Fingerprint-only based access can't come soon enough, and that applies to all types of logins. They won't be able to hack that. Fingerprints don't change and it uses automatic authentication which cannot be circumvented by another person, since there are 7 times as many possible fingerprint combinations as there are people on the planet, and no two people have the same fingerprint. No passcode to remember, no way to lose access.

  18. I don't mind telling anyone what my password is like. It's a 30-40 character string of random gibberish that my password manager keeps track of. Hope that helps.

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  20. i will always say a big thanks to Richardson who hacked into a debtors account who did not want to pay me for years for no reason thanks to Richardson who helped me get my $4500 in a week contact richardson +19293996249 if you need any cyber solutions

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  23. How can you not bring up

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  25. 4:21 See how the host wear her headset…..Right side on the left ??? Its obvious people get hacked. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  26. exactly same thing happened to me in Freedom Mobile. Hacker was successfully withdrew $5000 in my bank account. Still scare until now.

  27. They hacked it at ease. If I wouldโ€™ve been there, I am calling my lawyer as the call in process to sue Rogers for the negligence

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  29. Friend: Can I ask you a question?
    Me: You just did, but go ahead and ask me another one
    Friend: What's the best password to use and easy to remember?
    Me: For password, use the word "incorrect..so next time you log in with wrong password you'll see this "Your password is incorrect"
    There you go, problem solved. No more forgotten password.

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  31. 3:58 she is just setting up a server with my sql database…. thats no hacking.. lmao.. if she was really a hacker creating and even destroying a server and database would not need a google search

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  37. Social engineering or OSINT or SOCMINT or HUMINT. Cpmbine it with malware and wiretapping and SS7 SIM card interrogation. Voila the receipt for havoc beyond recognition.

  38. 6:51 (a) Typical of a subcontinental answering a caucasian, genuinely difficult to differentiate masculine voice from feminine under pressure, (b) also, lack of adherence to a strict protocol is the hallmark whcih occurs very frequently!

  39. My friends money was stolen from this account stored on the most secured phone i phone. He contacted i phone service center they transferred back the money.

  40. AI monitoring of phone conversations for the consumer side is hopefully just around the corner. Save so much time and money and justice be fairer and cheaper for all. If hackers could put their skills towards this rather than 'simply a game' be a lot nicer world, Will help to protect the employees, the businesses and the consumers.

  41. It's not about electronic hacking but mostly human errors both from the victim and the hackers. Human gullibility by smart smooth talkers. Always remember to change your password on social media and your bank accounts. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  42. There's a software they are using out there that only requires the email address and boom they are in. Sold only a few hundred dollars out there.chat @Teknikx on the telegram.

  43. I believe banks deliberately have bad security for normal mass market accounts. There are simple, inexpensive measures that they do not have in place. They would do this so that the customer incur bank charges they would profit from then blame the customers. It would not surprise me they they would take a cut of the stolen money too.

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  45. When I used to work on the internet helpdesk, I was the stingy rep that wouldn't give out info. Back in those days (late 90's early 00's) there were about 10 of us in the same room, all within earshot of each other. I would hear another rep get the same person digging for info and I would go over to their desk and stop them from giving it out. Even back then social engineering was a big thing.

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