How The Wandering Trader was Made – Minecraft

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100 Replies to “How The Wandering Trader was Made – Minecraft”

  1. How did the first Wandering Trader appear? 🤔

    Don't forget to leave a 👍, can we reach over 5,000 like last time?! 😀

  2. It's pretty sad knowing that the wandering villager went many places just to get killed for there crappy trades and for some lead

  3. think that minecraft will be clash of clans in the end like build walls (same walls in clash of clans) andarcher stuff like crossbow and barbarians stuff like swords and more

  4. Me watching a villager that can jump and move his head as if he can talk with captions…

  5. Oh thats why there invisible sometimes,i was try na kill them for leads 😂 but then i hit him he got invisible 😂

  6. There should be a part where he thinks he needs items by trading in order to keep buying his potions from the witch to keep him safe at night.

  7. He once came into my base… which is full of command block machines stuff… he just came in…. even though i have a fail safe if someone came through the fence or the gate… so i pushed the trader away and he got killed in a raid

  8. OHH THATS WHAT IT WAS ok so iw as playing minecradt and i was at village and there was a dude carrying lamas and he was invisable and iw as like what the and killed them.

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