this is something that I’ve noticed
something that I noticed that I suffered when I first started day trading and I
think if you watch this video you’re going to understand it you’re going to
be a better day trader tomorrow so why do new traders think they can become
profitable right away why do people think that they can open an account and
start making money in a stock market right away why is that why is it it’s an
instant gratification people think that they can start trading they can watch
one DVD they can watch one YouTube video and then start making money and sure you
might get lucky you might get lucky or worn two trades and then boom you’re
going to lose or you’re going to get stuck in a trader so we’re going to
happen because you don’t have the experience and you don’t have the
emotional capacity to be able to handle a loss to be able to handle a win in
terms of being greedy or taking your profit when you have it and that’s one
of the things I keep trying to express people people in the chatter and people
that email me I try to explain this simple simple theory it’s the idea that
you’re going to be a better day trader tomorrow the things that you learn today
will in turn make you a better day trader tomorrow if you keep making the
same choices over and over and those choices end up with bad results over and
over why do you think that they should change why will they change the day
trader that I was a year ago is totally different from the trader that I am
today I basically used to gamble on stocks I would buy penny stocks or I’d
buy stocks with news and I would hope they go up a little bit and I would buy
more or I would just get caught and they would start crashing and I had no real
clue what I was doing now I look for key indicators that I identify and I can see
on the chart I can see stocks that have the right ingredients to make money and
I have been able to replicate that over and over every single day I’ve been able
to be profitable every single day I’ve been consistently profitable for last
like two or three weeks now it’s not rocket science
it’s not that I’ve figured out some secret formula it’s not that I have some
crazy computer algorithm that allows me to get in on stocks that nobody else
knows about I’m trading the same stocks to everybody else trading I’m trading
the same stocks that every other day trader is losing money on or they’re
making a little bit of money and there’s a reason for that the reason I take
profit when I have it the reason I cut my losses faster than anybody else the
reason that I’m very selective with my entries it’s all about learning from my
mistakes the mistakes that I made in the past where I would get in on stocks I
would over trade I would make 30 40 trades a day and at the end of the day I
was like holy cow I just paid five hours and commissions and I only made a
hundred bucks so that was terrible and now I’ve
I’ve learned that there’s no need to over trade there’s no need to force
trades there’s no need for me to be in a trade every single minute there’s days
right sit there I might make one or two trays the morning and the rest of day
I’m done I don’t make any more trades and that’s fine and I’m fine with that
you’re going to learn about day trading every single day at you day trade you’re
going to learn and it’s going to help you become a better day trader if you
can stick it out if you can get through that first three four months where you
just have no idea what you’re doing where you’re learning if you can get
through that patch you can keep on head and higher if you can find strategies
that are working if you can become consistently profitable even with small
size I tell people all the time don’t worry about size
just worry about executing trades worry about executing profitable trades sure
you made five dollars on trade but it’s still profitable you only bought a
hundred shares and you sold it and you made five dollars it’s not a big deal
it’s not the idea oh I mean it’s kind of money it’s the idea that you’re
executing so how do you that you’re getting in and out of stocks you’re
finding those opportunities and you’re capitalizing when those opportunities
there you’re not just forcing trades and that’s really what it’s all about it’s
the idea that tomorrow you’re going to be a better day trader I promise you
that if you do work hard if you do learn if you do stick to the rules if you
follow the plan over and over if you follow the plan every single day and you
consistently learn more and more and more you’re going to be a better day
trader even in the last four or five months I became a better day trader I’ve
learned how to get in and out of stocks faster I’ve learned how to take profit
when I have it I’ve learned all these things if you watch the videos my first
art making videos I was literally used in my mouth I was using mouths to get in
and out I was moving the price around and now I’m just in and out with hotkeys
I can get in and out of socks a shoe the most people can even get into a stock
those days where yeah I think probably too early but doesn’t matter because at
least I take profit I’m not losing you know I remember ninety cent of day
traders are going to lose every single day those traders who are going to blow
their accounts are going to be out of day trading their day trade for a month
two months and they’re going to be done I’m not going to come back those first
two or three months are the most important month those are the months you
really need to focus those are the months that you need to be consistent
this is a month’s that you need to be learning don’t worry about profit don’t
worry about making a ton of money when you first start dating because it won’t
happen anybody can buy a stock but are you able to get in and out fast enough
are you able to take profit when you have it so those are the things that you
learn in time those are the things that you learn once you really dial in your
broker one to dial in your hotkeys once you figure
out how to get in and out of a trade fast how to take profit when it’s there
it is this takes time so you just kind of keep hammering the idea hammering
that idea that you’re going to be a better day trader tomorrow hammer that
idea guys you will be a better date here tomorrow but you have to get there first
you can’t blow up your account today and not be able to date you tomorrow the
market will always teach you something new so you take it to that point and
once you’ve that point you’ll figure it out but until then just remember the
idea that you’re going to keep learning don’t give up don’t stop now because
tomorrow you’ll be a better day trader

46 Replies to “How To Become A BETTER DAY TRADER TOMORROW!”

  1. Really good advice, I'm still a rookie. But I know way more now than I did 6 months ago. Still learning every day.

  2. Im learning so much valuable information from your videos, they are the most informative and to the point videos on youtube! Keep it up, and thank you!

  3. Haha bro, this is the exact video I needed, did pretty bad this past week. I struggle with over trading and forcing trades. So I'm taking this weekend to think long and hard about what I really need to do. Thanks for this!

  4. maybe not the most famous youtube trader. but seriously the best one i've seen. no bullshit no lies, just straight to the point! thanks for all your effort, thanks for your time. i've learned alot from you. about trading itself but also the mental side of it. you're a hell of a trader man! keep it up!!!

  5. Instant dislike, i cant become a better trader tomorrow… its Saturday! LOL just kidding great video again 🙂 thanks

  6. Any tips for complete rookies trying to do short term swing trades instead of day trades? love your stuff man.

  7. Can tell you do your research for what audience you are talking to, when i first started trading i followed exactly what you mentioned on this video. thanks keep it up

  8. Didn't do so well this week, it's my second week trading on suretrade with hot keys. I should be trading first candle to make a new high but didn't follow the strategy and gave back $150 this week. I was up $150 my first week following the strategy. Anyways… been following for a while, always watch the daily recaps and 2nd videos like this one. It really motivated me to not give up and stick out the first few months. I have to control my emotions a lot better. Thanks Mate!

  9. Enjoying your videos. Been practicing/learning for 3 months now and make a point to learn something new everyday! Question: what platform do you suggest for those with small accounts? I'm currently using TOS platform bc it's free but not sure how to use the hot keys. Could you do a tutorial on TOS hot keys? Or suggest a better platform?

  10. I love your videos, they have definitely helped me reel in my emotion as I learn momentum day trading. My question is, what broker would you recommend for beginners for both paper trading and actual trading?

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  12. I wan to get into day trading but I have no clue where to start.  It seems like a foreign language right now.  I have been watching your videos but the dots are just not connecting right now.  Any suggestions?

  13. I'm still figuring out how to use hot keys in ToS? It's also a little bit of fear to use them but I'll get these soon 🙂

  14. Thanks for the motivation man. Been paper trading for the last two months, I’m pretty disciplined but definitely still very much feel like I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll keep on learning and pressing forward!

  15. I’ve been trying for 8 months and still am not profitable or consistent… yesterday I took my biggest lose too! I just get greedy and emotions get In the way.

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