How To Become An Ego-Less Trader

10 Replies to “How To Become An Ego-Less Trader”

  1. I enjoy these soo much. Thanks again! Ive yet to listen to one i dont understand, its like you're speaking to me!

  2. please post videos every week atleast.sir if I have my life to donate .i choose half of my life to my little daughter and other half to your sir

  3. Oliver, wonderfully put. Profound depth of a class trader who has highest wisdom. Thank you Oliver…And yes, ego the culprit !

  4. Damn it OV, I love you man. You have no idea how much this talk struck my core and uplifted me. Newbie trader here, barely 6 months in ( a little above water, but a rough two days)… and this was exactly what I needed to hear. You are always on point! Thank you sir.

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