How to Build an E-Commerce Site with AMP (Google I/O’19)

4 Replies to “How to Build an E-Commerce Site with AMP (Google I/O’19)”

  1. How to solve Google webmaster AMP error like "The tag 'meta charset=utf-8' appears more than once in the document"

    I used AMP Native mode

  2. AMP is still incredibly buggy and not useful across multiple browsers. I'm really upset that I can't build a fluid AMP site without being a knowledgeable developer getting paid and having countless hours available. mustache and list are not functioning well. Even on Newegg's AMP site, their sliders glitch between images or skip images in the carousel. I should be able to build a website without AMP's strict specifications, and so long as it follows general guidelines it should be able to show on Google's results as an AMP site and be loaded in Google's cache. Really hating AMP.

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