How to Cook Chicken Curry Simmer from Trader Joe’s

This is an easy recipe from Trader Joe’s
I like to do but it actually uses whole food and real food. Curry Simmer Sauce pretty much all the ingredients are Paleo and Whole 30 compliant except for
the canola oil. You have to make that call yourself. For me of the trade-off simplicity
of this recipe and the canola oil is worth it.
The recipe calls for a pound of chicken. The ones that come in a package are a 1 and ½
pound, a pound still works just fine with the recipe. So yes, organic free range chicken
from Trader Joe’s, a pack of that! You can get tenders you can get breasts, whatever
you want. Cut it up into cube size slices. Then you basically toss it into a skillet.
Toss in a jar of the sauce. I fill this with about half way with water add that in add
the chicken in and then you are good to go. You can also add in a can of tomatoes some
other ingredients. Stir it up make it good. You do want to cover it. I covered it up with
this extra thing that I bought also known as a lid. That’s about a couple of minutes
through. I usually set a timer now. I’m good at eye balling it. Cooking meat kinda
freak me out at first, But now I’m pretty good at judging when it’s done. So I’m
just going to wait for the chicken to get done. Cook a few pieces cut in half to see
if it’s cooked all the way through. The other thing I want to try, gonna try first
time I have done this, is add some extra chicken sausage lying around. First I’m just going
to throw it in toward the end because it’s already cooked. So you just want to heat it
up. There are some Trader Joe’s things they
just come out with. They used to have frozen cauliflowered rice now they also have cold
not frozen–unfrozen, ready to go cauliflower rice so I’m gonna try this out. Got my veggies,
got my meat, got a good sauce, and I am good to go for dinner.
You may wonder about food safety, this is where I cut the raw chicken. Raw chicken is
dirty. Once you touch the raw chicken make sure you wash your hands with soap and water,
every time you touch the raw chicken. I’m pretty paranoid about that so every time I
touch this surface, the knife or the chicken I never touch anything with that hand until
I wash and clean. Sometimes I flush my hands three and four times when I’m cooking make
sure I don’t spread raw chicken guts all over my kitchen. So always wash your hands.
Cutting the chicken open with my spoon check inside make sure it’s done and it is actually
looking pretty good. Got the cauliflower rice going.
Super simple dish! Have dinner ready in about 20 minutes. I have dinner for now, lunch for
tomorrow, and probably another meal or two out of that. I hope you found this useful,
let me know if there are other recipes or other things you like to see on the channel
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5 Replies to “How to Cook Chicken Curry Simmer from Trader Joe’s”

  1. does the riced cauliflower hold up better in the fridge after being cooked, more so than regular rice? I hate how quickly the rice hardens in the fridge so I don't tend to make too much of it at a time.

  2. Sadly, Trader Joe's has discontinued this Curry Simmer Sauce. They still carry the Masala Simmer Sauce with a similar label and identical cooking steps, and there are a few other simmer sauces on their shelves. But not being able to buy this Curry Simmer Sauce any longer is a loss! No luck so far in trying to identify anywhere else it might be sold under a different brand/label.

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