How To Copy A Trader On Etoro 1

O.K, so what I’m going to do now is I’m going
to go and copy a trader. I’m going to find a trader to copy and show
you how to copy him. Alright, so the first thing I do is I go to
“Copy People” – a little button on the left, and it takes me into these profiles here,
where you can look around and it’s really a social networking thing. So you can look around, you’re used to profiles,
you can look around different traders… All of these guys are traders. Everyone here is actually here to trade, to
make money, to learn off other people, or to copy other people. So how do I do it? So I can go into someone – I wait until I
find one which I really like, let’s have a look at this guy here… So as I go in, the first thing I see are his
statistics. So what I’m always looking for is how well
have they done – their statistics, how much money can they actually make, are they any
good at this, is it worth copying them? And how much risk is this person going to
give me? So, the other part I can look at here, is
I can look at the risk score. So I can see, you know, how much out of 10
they score him on risk factors – they have very clever ways of doing this. Basically, he’s a 3 out of 10 which is pretty
good, and here, 2015, 2016, 2017 – I don’t like the way he’s actually… you know, he’s
made 80% last year, so banks are giving 2% maybe per year… This guy’s made 80% in a year, that’s obviously
massive. What I’ll do is – I normally look around quite
a lot. As someone who’s here to mostly do copytrading,
instead of actually sort of learning to trade myself, which I did a bit, but I lost money,
so now I’m just copying people. My job here is to actually just assess whether
they’re good or not, rather than learn to trade or whatever – the skill that I have
to develop is to work out how to look at people’s statistics, how to look at people’s risk scores
and their trading style and work out ‘can I trust this guy?’ ‘Is this one a good bet?’ guy or girl, everyone’s on here trading, from
all over the world. Some of them are professionals, some of them
not professionals but gifted. You’ve gotta sift around and find those people… So this guy … I can see that he’s got 325
copiers, between 100 and $300,000 copy assets under management, so between $100,000 and $300,000 worth of money is being trusted to this guy. I can see that he trades currencies, indices,
commodities, stocks. He’s mostly a currencies trader, O.K – currency
pairs… Alright, so I like the look of this guy – I
actually have seen this trader before, I’ve seen him in the past. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to click
this button here – “Copy” button. O.k, so what it shows me is this screen here
where I’m going to choose to copy him with just $100 – that’s the minimum you can copy
him with. I’m going to do that for now. Here’s the … something called a “stop Loss”,
so what this means is, if, basically he drops below $60 – if he loses $40 of mine, it’s
going to automatically uncopy him. It’s like a safety feature to make sure he
doesn’t lose all my money. And I’m not going to copy his open trades. So the next trade my system copies from him
will be the next trade he places. Very clever system… So he’s not trading with my money – he’s trading
with his own money, you know, he’s got his own money in this game, and my system is just
copying whatever he does. For free. It’s amazing. So I’m going to press ‘Copy’ and that’s it,
here – ‘Started copying Trader10.” So he’s now someone that I can copy and what
I do is I can go to my portfolio here every so often – however often I want, and I can
check, you know – is he making money, is he doing well? So, it’s on me to watch the people who I
copy… If they make me money, I stay with them… If they start losing money, I find a new trader,
or I just stop copying that one. It’s as simple as that. So I’ve got to do 10 of these overall all… That’s the first one, and I’ll go find some

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  1. Great video series. I've just started out on etoro and didn't really know what stop loss meant so thanks for explaining that in your other video. Also good editing of these videos. SO my question is simple. Does eToro charge an annual fee for using either the Copy People of Copy Funds features? I know you mentioned it's free towards the end of your video, but I don't see how eToro make any money from that? There must be some annual fee you either pay the person you copy or eToro right? Have you had to pay any fees so far?
    I couldn't find any information on their site about it.

  2. Thanks for the uploads bro. I'm intending to go forward with this in the new year (2018). My main aim is to introduce my son's to the fold so that we can essentially learn and invest together, as good a bonding opportunity as any other.
    Again thank you .
    Also; is that you playing #DrizaBone in the background?


  3. Thank you so much for this video
    I started Etoro yesterday I copied people and have $201
    But how do you contact them
    Because i want to verify my account

    0lease respond quick

  4. I stopped copy trading so I can copy other people and the whole weekend it has stuck at pending close. How long does it take? When will it allow me to copy other people?

  5. Great vdo. If someone has 10,000 copyers then will that mean you will pay a much higher price due to 1000s of traders making same copy trade?

  6. Hi Thomas, thanks alwyas for the nice clear summaries you have posted, I watched them all and really hepled.
    I got a question : how do you see on eToro a trader equity ? I see the % of each time they own and that therefore is applied to your "copied" amount" but does one know about how much one trader is actually investing as a whole ? is he/she investing 1000 or 100 or 10.000 USD ?… thanks and Merry Christmas…
    Mi piace · Rispondi · 1 minuto

  7. Great series, they're so well made. I kinda started believing this is a paid sales job 🙂 but great run through all the same. I guess the fees are the same in virtual as real account? as closed with #GoodGoing and said no FEE. time to subscribe.

  8. Hi, thank you, the videos are useful, but I have trouble copying, I can't fill my profile the right way, could help me?

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