How to do an options trading in India.

markets are unpredictable and wonder
died by their very nature represent what inherent risks as well as the
possibility of making records benefit of instruments such as futures
and options allow us to madonna’s white investing hope i’m bored of and i will take you
through the process of legal options trade what icy icy i predict or call if you want your book since trading
lettuce post-game a quick understanding ought to be six the terminology in options can be a bit
confusing so let’s go step by step and options product essentially comes in
the form awful contract the contract has an underlying acid and
the contract has a strike price simply put the price of the options options are from types autopsy
applicable to the and we can take a bite out of
circulation in the database here are the rules of the game the bio football has the right but not
the obligation to buy the underlying asset at the specified striped bass whereas the center of the corn as the
obligation offsetting the underlying asset at the specified strike price in contrast of this the bottle for port
has the right but not the obligation to send the underlying asset at the specified straight face whereas the sale of support has the obligation of buying the
underlying asset at the specified strike price let me explain to you the mechanics of
not it is quite simple let’s say they wish to take a by
position on the poor option in that case you don’t have the right foot problem
obligation to buy the underlying assets the price of the contract moves against
us begins some gay people or refuse to buy it that’s what the lord options comes from this option comes at a price which is
for the premium premium is awesome on fractions of the
price will be on the plane typing speed of leaked out of the
goddess another vote speaking in options by being a premium in shows us against a
catastrophic loss let’s look at a quick examples let’s go to the defeat to fifty five
hundred call options which has a lot size of fifty two led to the premium is a b_-seventeen if
they want to buy the sport option people need to be a p seventy multiplied by
fifty that is of the thirty five hundred as the payment but now if the price moves up it will stay for
us do you need not be i think that loss i’m lost is limited to be thirty five
hundred sold about size is limited and upside as
uncommitted it looks similar delighted buying absorption if a slightly different accused of
beating a set of optional and even thoughtful option in the senate lucien there’s an all big issue for you to buy
or sell therefore the premium is not involved however in this case homogeneous and
board and the metabolism is quite like it
margin trading when options trade hands on and you will
understand if they deviate easy on the sums complex poignantly day-to-day that’s what this
we do is on the boat they can begin to an options freedom i
see a said today it got bought by two p but with the login but that i see a said
that it gives the name and password v will be taken to the retreating rage pick what happened what and the articles c making anything when treating with the
margin reports that is to select the product a pre-dawn i see a said that it can be able to
selective contracts and the reviews underlines for treating the options
segment weed those contracts which meet the
criteria on liquidity and what you mean are considered for options trading you can take or the anybody contract by
clicking stopped four hundred ethanol accusing options part of the products
broke down let’s also make a operate with regards mum’s the word that the north and pick
he’s ordered interpersonal will host and if you do
what was talked for today for the starkness uptight the postage absolutes
and choose from the drop-down menu select options under the product dropout then you need to select the option site
which is viewed warned passport as explained earlier the decision what would assume emphasis
and what the by upon option selected empty a list of contracts for emphasises
different state places and explain what that decision what to buy necklaces on
option the strike price of four thousand eight hundred and fifty antiques by t_v_
of prepared and ready to positive but you can see the lot size of one twenty
five forty p and the last greeted place these forty one point five
zero but the stock options not be by from people to the latest abide or disagreement with the
uniqueness of some insulated wanted a picture of the candy multiple lot size
off the options lexi you want to play one twenty five
forty now individuals unlimited auto market
order rituals exactly lekin shared reading let’s look at the scene of market order
for this exam before placing a market order you should
take the best bid or off work for the contract big or all for for this contract can be
checked by clicking on best fight bid or offer link for white
dude on the right side of the order form best bid is thirty nine point five and the best all for this forty two
point t if you want the single market order that
they need to be secured at the best offer price bid to boost at market isn’t
this what people point pc just now i’d look at funds for the
street options trading have a margin
requirements is delivery of actual acid is not beacon then you take a by
position you will pay a premium so the margin is limited to the people however in the case of a simple version there is no premium pencil icy icy
idyllic specifies the margins was impeached let’s say you want to know the margin
reflective says instead call options now vehicle on margin calculate the and
diet inspect forestalled citicorp since under the product of dumb
and click on select one packed baby need to take the quantity and the understand or deployment what is this fight contract he’ll get that we’ve been corporate gift
jet two thousand eight hundred and fifty
strike call option for one twenty five or did he at the price of forty five and then six months of the department
just delighted at the bottom of the contact list mod to require the use of
these forty six thousand one hundred and eighty four point two five what this example let’s take a by
position for the market order on the inferences on auction discussed earlier the best offer price will be a bullet
was what he can point gate and the law psyches was one twenty five do you need to allocate one twenty-five
multiplies by forty two point eight that is these five thousand three
hundred and fifty multiple would that have been worked out makes too big to keep that and keep
modify and featured dick actor futures and options and into the amount of thank you attending the among stick something the money for transfer from the
native-born violence for the future that options segment placing the order is quite simply select the product what do they live in two days and will deal with it you will be taken to the or department
screening for treatment for the auto these by you the execution price can be checked industry as usual up to three singular there you
can check the status of your order in the order book you can also modify the contents of the
orders which have not been executed him cedillo we have selected the product the bio said position allocated funds place the order and finally the order is executed d’estaing bc hulking squared off my
position lekin margin treating you do not speak
activity appeal to security options feeding tubes one other worlds includes uh… we position by simply
facing the squared off order has all you do that you get business go ahead of order
either through the moment by says beach or to a hyperlink squared off on the
open position peaches it is advisable to please cover order
from one position speech for the squared off link the quantity of readable is possible for
me too and you won’t talk about the quantity
original obvious in the squared off also looked at pendleton export the
positions city option from the book gotshall let’s say you want to spread this
position of expect we fight scenes fourteen seized at least forty six now we can meet viewpoints plan twelfth
blvd and well each where you can be difficult to do you want we think the
tools wanting by celtic unlimited and end up in the
mcveigh’s as forty-six anti on something repeatedly the auto companies compete deadly need to pick on proceed as usual you can view this order can be audible including i’d suggest you must keep a
close watch on your portfolio as frequently as you can what would you be in speech provides you
the snapshot author profitability indefinite segment to speech track still underlies profit or lost on open positions as well as
bayliss proffered on the loss what positions which of course all squared
off multiple different or complete were dvds in options abide appears that the new
incidences that people physical buying an option then it would affect the negative cash
flow under dialyzed c_n_n_ because you are being paid the amount invested in auctions and
reflect under open position value and that any point of time but i’m glad you
asked for last traded price and reflect on the profit loss underlies the difference of these two amongst is
the underlies proper close combat position kidney failure with an example let’s say you have what one twenty-five
want to be off opt in fake with highs in the june at least thirty-five and you
are holding disposition you alter or would-be rupees four
thousand three hundred and seventy-five as you have devised a hopeful for peace
four thousand three hundred and seventy-five this very beautifully acted improper
closely ella’s under options the open pollution value with what sort
of picked this amount of for peace four thousand three hundred and seventy-five so the price of this contract was often
restricted dispositions to four point the garment
value alter position which is roughly six thousand two hundred and fifty will be reflected on the property loss
underlies let’s say you have squared off throws
the pollution at fifty then there will be out of control for p six thousand two
hundred and fifty property lost and realized one of the
district property off six thousand two hundred
and fifty minus four thousand three hundred and
seventy-five riches equipment these one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five before we leave you i’d wish to make a
quick suggestions these users search tools and make
informed decisions you can use the talks markets fingertips and other such peachtree got the biggest
in the back and in the market mostly ethanol empty exploit if they do
at fingertips if it’ll help being that this is
designed for or put it in integrated platform consisting of or weeds
information inputs needed by intact that day to be just read it at present your contract most active cancers property strikes nobody nifty strikes
active stock options height was stocks apart from these you can also tracks talks which have
wind gap up and how creating about p_b_s_ these high stocks which i will point gap down penetrating brutal peters diesel stocks
at fifty two weeks high and low and spokesman wouldn’t be
like big butts big sector you could also go i think that we did
this first recommendation to similarly calculate index and no real margins are
cool to help you end up needing a margin requirements and also the index and stop price
movements i hope you have fallen options trading
quite like any other three it is simple and easy writing to us at
gmail i did mention of your screen that your feedback and suggestions we look
forward to hearing from you at

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