How to Eliminate #Fear in #Trading

35 Replies to “How to Eliminate #Fear in #Trading”

  1. You are an angel Oliver, you always say what i need to hear, you always have the right words at the right time. Thank you for all that you do for us

  2. Am having that fight, and it gets intense every time that am sniping, but for some reason am getting vision of the outcome during the trade and for just a tiny bit that demon beast me out…😂😂😂 one of this day I will break it… thanks bosssss👊💥💥💥

  3. I understand a little English but I can't see, listen, feel your work in another language. I'm not the same Oliver. Couple months ago I texted you in instagram telling you that I can't do this anymore, I lost everything. But I still live, I'm here, I'm come back and I have to tell you… The hell can't catch me. Now I'm the hell. You voice follow me every day in my mind (that's crazy I know) especially in my trading session. Thanks for everything 🤠

  4. As I watch Oliver's videos, I'm thankful for the path he paved for us, for never giving up on us, and for telling the truth.

  5. M frm india bro Thanks for this video i ve dealt with this and now also am in the rush , i know that i know but even then ……, but i know i will go on no matter , inspiring , motivational video you go man

  6. Damn. That was powerful. Oliver, letting you know, you really touched lives for people who don't quit. But needs words like this at times. Thank you. Sir.

  7. Cheer up Oliver !! You got it and that is called OBJECTIVE FULFILLED and I go for it! A hug from Malaga, Spain.

  8. For me the fear in stock trading was the unknown but after trading the stock market for a week i realized i had nothing to be scared of! I am here till i Die fullstop! This is who i am this is all i want to do too. My names Warren Hollis and I am a Trader 🙂

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