How to Enroll in the SHOP Marketplace in 2017: For Employers

>>Female Speaker: Welcome
to an online demonstration of the SHOP Marketplace
enrollment process for small businesses on This video will focus on the
steps an employer will need to complete in order to
offer their employees health and/or dental coverage
through the SHOP Marketplace on We will walk you through
how employers will login, determine their eligibility,
create a SHOP Marketplace enrollment, upload an
employee roster, and establish an offer of
coverage for employees all on Employers will start by
going to and logging into their account. If you’re logging in for the
first time, you would click the “Login” tab at the top
of your screen, and then select
“Create Account.” Please note employers are
required to verify their identity by answering a few
questions similar to what might be asked on a basic
credit check, before proceeding with the SHOP
Marketplace application and enrollment process. Employees will not be asked
to complete this step. Once logged in, employers
will be asked where they’d like to go. For SHOP Marketplace
coverage, employers should click “Visit Employer
Marketplace.” The employer will then
select the state in which they are seeking to
provide coverage. Once the state has been
selected, employers will be brought to the
“My Account” page. Here, employers will have
the option to authorize a SHOP Marketplace registered
health insurance agent or broker on their account
by clicking on the “Get Assistance” tab at the top
of the screen, and select “Find Agent/Broker” for a
listing of SHOP Marketplace registered agents and
brokers in the area selected by the employer. Employers already working
with an agent or broker can search for the agent or
broker by name or national producer number, NPN, and
authorize her or him to assist with their
enrollments. For the purposes of this
video, we are going to walk through the application and
enrollment process as an employer without assistance
from an agent or broker. On the “My Account” page
employers should select “My Eligibility,” to begin
the application process. All applicable information
requested will have to be entered upon first visit. Once the information is
entered, the employer will hit “Create” under
the “Action” tab. Employers will then be
brought to the first page of the application where they
will be asked for basic business demographic
information. Employers will also have
to provide their Federal Employer Identification
Number, EIN, and other billing and contact
information for their business. On the next page, employers
will be asked for more information. Please note that the
business name listed here will be the name displayed
on the marketplace. Employers will also be asked
to choose their preferred method of contact and their
preferred spoken language. They’ll also be asked to
identify a primary contact that will be addressed on
SHOP Marketplace related messages pertaining to the
group’s enrollment and billing. A secondary contact may
also be added if preferred. Then, employers will be
asked to verify their eligibility, and attest
to three statements. To attest to the statements,
employers will complete and check the appropriate
boxes, and hit “Continue.” Next, employers will upload
their employee roster. To complete the employee
roster, employers will need each employee’s legal first
and last name, date of birth, and Social
Security Number. While not required, it’s
also important to include the employee’s email
address, so they can be notified directly about
their offer of coverage. The employer roster can
be uploaded in two ways. The employer can either
add the roster manually by selecting “Add Employee” to
enter employee information one at a time, or select
“Blank Roster,” to download an Excel roster template. Complete the template and
upload the completed Excel file “Roster.” Employers will also be asked
to designate an employee I.D. for every employee
on the roster. They’ll also be asked to
note the date of hire, gender, phone number,
preferred method of contact for the employee, as well
as the mailing address. Dependent information can be
added to the application in two ways. Employers can either add
the dependent here, or the employee can add the
dependents as they go through the application. Up to 10 dependents can
be added per employee. There is one more piece of
essential information on this page, the Employee
Participation Code. This code is used to
associate the employee and applicable dependants
with the employer. The participation code is
emailed out to the employee, once the roster
has been uploaded. Employers will want to
be sure to include the employee’s email address on
the roster, so they can be notified of their
offer of coverage. It is the employer’s
responsibility to notify employees of their
offer of coverage. After all employee and
applicable dependent information has been
uploaded, employers will be asked to attest that all of
the information provided is truthful. Employers will have to type
their name to electronically sign and then
click “Continue.” At this point, employers
will either be determined eligible or ineligible to
participate in the SHOP Marketplace. If deemed eligible, they
will receive a confirmation email. After the email has been
received, the employer can log back into their account
on, and click “Create Enrollment,”
to continue with the application process. Employers will first be
asked to set the enrollment period or the amount of time
they wish to give their employees to either accept
or waive their offer of coverage, and choose
a health plan. Employers have the option of
a waiting period of zero, 15, 30, 45, or 60 days. Employers will also be able
to select the coverage start date. Remember, the SHOP
Marketplace is open all year, and employers can
enroll at any time. For groups who submit their
enrollment before the 15th of the month, their coverage
can begin as soon as the first day of the next month. If a group submits an
enrollment after the 15th of the month, their coverage
will begin as soon as the first day of the next
following month. Once the basic parameters
for coverage are set, employers will get to decide
how they’ll offer coverage. They’ll decide if they
want to offer coverage to employees’ dependents, and
if so how much to contribute to their premiums. When it comes to plan
selection, employers can offer coverage in two ways. They can either offer a
single health and/or dental plan that they select, or
they may offer a choice of health and/or dental plans
in one coverage category. Depending on the state the
business is located in, some employers may also be able
to offer a choice of plans by insurance company. When an employer decides to
offer a choice of health plans by coverage category,
the employer will select a coverage category, either bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. Employees will then select
one plan from all the plans, from all insurance companies
offered in that coverage category. Plans in these categories
differ based on how an enrollee and the plan
share the costs of care. The categories have nothing
to do with the amount or quality of care you get. Employers also have the
option to offer one health plan or one dental plan, so
every employee enrolls in the same plan. When an employer decides
to offer a health plan by insurance company, the
employer will select an insurance company, and
employees will have the option to select any plan in
any coverage category that the insurance
company may offer. Once a coverage option is
selected, the employer will be able to see plan prices,
and select a premium contribution level. In the SHOP Marketplace
employers have the option to offer only health coverage,
only dental coverage or both. Remember, if an employer
offers dependent coverage, dependents can also choose
to enroll in only health coverage, only dental
coverage, or both. The employee however must
first enroll in the health or dental plan before any of
their dependents can enroll. When employers offer a
choice of plans, employers then have two options in
setting their premium contributions. They can select a reference
plan where they may select a percentage based on one
plan, and lock in a percentage contribution
across all plans, or they can operate to do a fixed
percentage contribution for any plan employees choose. Employers will also decide
if they’ll offer coverage for dependents, and opposite
and same sex domestic partners. Employers can also select
how much they would like to contribute to employee and
dependent premiums, as well as dental coverage. On the next page, employers
will review and filter plans based in contribution
amounts, family deductible, cost per employee,
et cetera. Employers have the ability
to sort their options to compare plans side-by-side,
and find a more detailed description of
the plan options. Employers may also view an
itemized list of employee and dependent premium cost
for all of their plan options by selecting the
“View Premium Breakdown” link. If employers operate to
offer dental coverage, they will be brought to the
“Dental Plan Selection” page. Once a plan is selected and
contribution costs are set, employers will click “Save
and Continue” to proceed with enrollment. Employers will be able to
review their application here. In the event an employer
wants to edit any part of the application, they
can do so by clicking the applicable “Edit” buttons,
and jump right back to that page, and the
enrollment application. Once employers are satisfied
with their offer of coverage, they will
click “Submit.” A message will appear on
the screen notifying the employer that their offer
of coverage is complete. Their employees are now able
to view, accept, or waive the offer of SHOP
Marketplace coverage. Please note employers will
need to log back into their account, once
employees have made their coverage determinations,
and submit their enrollment application. Employers will also be able
to submit their initial premium payment, once
the application has been submitted. This concludes the Employer
SHOP Marketplace Application and Enrollment video. For more information on
how to enroll in SHOP Marketplace coverage, please
contact the SHOP call center, or visit

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