How to find & buy Penny Stock Runners 2019? Reverse Split Strategy (step by step $VIVE)

So this is exactly how you find low float
runners early, before they even rip. And im going to show you guys how to do that step
by step in this video. We’ve seen many low float premarket gappers
in the last few weeks such as FRAN, YUMA, and most recently VIVE. and what all of these
penny stocks have in common, is the fact that they are all recent reverse split stocks. So if you can specifically find these reverse
split stocks first and tag a few alerts on them, that means you can be ahead of the crowd
and be the first to long the dip before the rip, and make that sweet lamborghini money
in 10 years. So that’s the penny stock reverse split
strategy we’re gona talk about today. And n o, you didnt have to pay a 5000 DVD for
it. You’re about to learn it for Free. Okay you’re right, it’s not really free, all
its costing you, is to destroy that like button at the bottom of this video. Go ahead, did you lose some money getting
dumped on by chat room gurus? Then destroy that like button. Did your wife or girlfriend
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Seriously I should have called him back. Anyways If you’ve seen many of my past videos,
you know I love trading low float stocks. And ive shown you how I look for them on Finviz
for free in this video. But low float reverse split stocks are especially my favorite, why?
Well that takes us to the first and perhaps the most important step of this reverse split
strategy. And that’s to understand
Why do penny stock companies choose to reverse split? Now we know probably 90% of penny stocks out
there are sh*t. I think we can all agree to that. Remember, companies become publicly
listed to raise money from investors. And the sole purpose of these penny stocks, are
to do exactly that. No they’re not actually working on solving cancer, or researching
how to put your pets to mars. Penny stock companies release PR, to pump
their share prices up and to get unsuspecting investors excited and throwing more cash at
them. Then insiders start selling their shares to dilute the shareholders, or the companies
will file for offering and do the same thing. Essentially these stocks are an ATM for the
insiders. Just check all the stocks that have popped in the past, KOOL, YUMA, TROV, IMRN.
its the same process. Pop, dilute, and drop. So in order to continue raising money, these
stocks have stay listed on the NASDAQ. Right? If you were an “investor”, you wouldn’t
want to invest in companies on OTC. there are investor funds that are only allowed to
invest in stocks on nasdaq and nyse. So thats the first reason these penny stock companies
will try very hard to maintain the minimum requirement to stay on the Nasdaq. And the
most basic requirement is to maintain a $1 bid.
Penny stocks reverse split to maintain at least $1 share price. One of recent reverse split stocks I found
recently right now is trading at twenty six cents. And they’ve received a delisting
notice from Nasdaq. Meaning in the next 90 days they must get their share prices back
up to at least $1. So to do that they must reverse split their stock. Don’t worry I’ll
tell you exactly which ticker it is, how i found this, and many other reverse split tickers
in a second. So for example, when a stock such as Yuma,
files for a 1 for 15 reverse split couple of months ago. the stock was trading around
20 cents and they have a float of 23million shares outstanding, that means after YUma
completes the split, its going to be trading around $3.4 and the float of the stock is
only going to be a round 1.5 million shares float. Which makes YUMA now, a low float stock. And that brings us to the second reason why
these penny stock companies choose to reverse split… Its so you can smash that like button
if you havent done so already. Seriously guys all these research and planning for these
videos take me an entire day. So if you wouldnt mind, tapping that like button, its really
the easiest way to support this channel. 2. Penny stocks reverse split to minimize
the share float So back to penny stocks. The second reason
these companies want to reverse split their stock. Is to tighten their share float, and
make it easier for them to pump the stock when they do conveniently drop a news PR days
or weeks after they complete the split. Because the float of the stock is the amount
of shares outstanding available for trading, so if the stock has a low float of 1 M, that
means it only takes 1 m shares being bought and sold to rotate the share price 100%. Which
is what we call, float rotation. And thats why we see low float runners such
as BPTH, going from $2 to more than $60. There was so much demand and not enough supply.
Fresh buyers are willing to bid the stock up to $60 because not enough people were selling. And that’s exactly what these penny stock
companies are looking for. They want their share prices to be easier for new buyers to
bid up and for insiders to sell their own shares or do an ATM, at the market offering,
in order to raise more money. Because like I mentioned, these companies are listed in
order to move investors’ money into their own pockets, legally, of course. And that’s really the name of the game with
these penny stocks. As small cap penny stock traders, we must understand how this game
is played. And game the system to our own advantage.Understanding why these penny stocks
reverse split is the first part, the second part is how to find these newly reverse split
penny stocks early. An absolutely essential tool to find these
potential runners is Benzinga Pro. Benzinga pro is a news scanner that i’ve been using
for more than a year. You can see i have many different tabs open for different purposes,
earnings, movers, and revers split screener. What I have in the reverse split screener,
is basically a news feed search. It automatically updates me on Nasdaq listed small cap stocks
that have the brand new headline keywords such as “reverse split, “ delist”, “offering.
You can see by searching that keyword I found AEMD, ONVO, FVE, NNVC, and TTPH. just from
doing that search. And it’s also by searching that way that
I found about about VIVE. the stock that gapped up from $4.4 overnight to a high of $5.6 premarket
on October 1st. And it spiked to a high of $6.4 at the open before selling off. But I
knew this stock could potentially run back on September 18. Almost 2 weeks before actually
run. Because Benzinga screener picked up that VIVE
got approved for a 1 for 100 reverse split on September 18. And I was alerted about this
headline by the screener. And once I see this headline, I put this ticker
into my watchlist up here, and I ring this notification bell icon. Which you should also
do for this channel, so you never miss another lambo money video from the humbled trader. So by clicking this alert on all these recent
reverse split stocks watchlist. And i will receive real time email and sound alerts,
whenever VIVE file any SEC filings and announce PR. So I have all the information and all
the time before everyone else to do the necessary research. And guys seriously, the money in day trading
is in the preparation and research that you do outside of market hours. Its not from following
chat room alerts and banging hot keys to buy at $6 and sell at $6.30. Really? You’re telling me if i follow your
buy and sell alerts and screen shares thats delayed 2 or 3 seconds, I can make millions
of dollars trading from anywhere in the world on a beach, in a lambo, or just on a toilet
taking a dump? All that from only 1 to 2 hours of work a day, and I after I pay for your
$5000 DVD? Man what a steal, like literally. In all seriousness guys, there was a chat
room leading thousands of their members to buy this dip at $6 on VIVE. The guy sold most
at 6.23s and stopped out the rest after this super fast rug pull. You think thousands of
his followers with a 2 second delay got out at 5.90s? Now if you’re tired of following chat room
alerts and not learning anything with no direction. Stay till the end of this video. I have a
small special announcement that might interest you. So thats the power of using Benzinga to do
your search early before anyone else. So while people are just looking at their scanner and
drinking the VIVE pr koolaid and chasing it on this run up to $6. I already knew whats
likely to happen. Thanks for the alerts I had on this ticker
from Benzinga, I knew about the SEC Form 3 and 4 that were filed a few days before. In
the filing you can see that Goldman Sachs started acquiring some common shares just
a few days after the stock had finish the split on Sep 18. Coincidence? That an investment bank is buying
some of this low float trashy stock? I don’t think so. And it’d be foolish to be thinking
that Goldman sachs is really going to invest long term in a trashy stock like VIVE. They’re
an investment bank “helping these companies” raise more capital. And they’re gona sell
those beneficial common shares themselves to make money with this pump. And of course, I did more SEC filings research
on VIVE because that’s part of my process nad I had the time to do so because I found
the stock early. I know that they have an S1 filed in early September with no effect.
That means they’re going to do an offering in the future. They can’t do it yet because
they don’t have the notice of effect. But the key is knowing that this company, is sh*t,
and it needs to raise money. If you want to learn more about reading penny stock SEC filings,
make sure to check out these videos after. All this research and digging in to the SEC
filings is telling me before hand, that this company VIVE. is likely to release a PR soon
to prop the share prices up. And it’ would be easy for them to do so because after the
1 for 100 reverse split, the float is only 400K. That makes VIVE a microfloat. And I
want to long the squeeze up on the front side early premarket. And get out before Goldman
sachs or any other possible dilution show up at the party. So early on Oct 1, the stock gapped up overnight
due to the PR about goldman sachs benefitial “investment”, and the company released
news that they finished an ATM offering for 6.7 million dollars. While the entire internet
is going gaga over this. Oh Goldman sachs in it, I should invest too. The people who’ve done their research early
know that this company is in the hole for $175M of debt. And they burn through $8M every
3 months. That new 6.7M they raised in the PR title. Wont even last them another quarter.
Remember they already filed an S1 to raise even more money in the future. So this downtrend
on the daily chart due to dilution, isn’t over. The bag holder story remains the same. So now that we’ve gone over why reverse
spits matter, how to find them early, lets talk about how to trade and profit from these
reverse split stocks. First one is, And like I said many times before,
theres money to be made waking up early and being prepared early. Right when i get the
Benzinga PR alert at 7 or 8am market time. I know exactly how to execute, and what my
support and resistance levels are on these stocks. Longing the dip on these premarket low float
movers is a very reliable strategy. Remember when you already have above average volume
trading premarket. These stocks will move. And If you long premarket you can either get
out of all your position near highs, or hold on to a quarter of your postiion and sell
into the market open spike. Not every low floats will spike at the open,
we’ve seen many examples in the past that these reverse splits just get dumped right
at the open such as SINT, and SPI in a sellers market. But stocks like FRAN and BPTH squeezed
a lot higher before even dipping down in a buyer’s cycle. All the major pull backs
are bought up, and the stock even provide long traders lots of opportunities to get
in for multiple days before the party ultimately collapse a few days later. Just because the penny stocks a reverse split
doesn’t mean it’ll go straight to the moon and make it rain lamborghinis. So it’s
up for you to manage your position and risks according to current market sentiment. If
you want to learn more about how to adapt your trading in various kinds of penny stock
market cycle make sure to check out this video. So as you’ve seen earlier on my Benzinga
reverse split screener, there are a few more recent reverse split, or soon to split penny
stocks that I’m tracking. And they are ONVO, FVE, NNVC, TTPH, IFMK and AEMD. I’m giving
you the tickers now. It’s up to you to do your own due delligience. Such as researching
their filings, subscribing on Benzinga for future PR alerts just like the exact preparation
process I’ve shown you before. And no, don’t be that person who go ahead
and just blindly buy everything I just mentioned. Im not licensed, I’m not a guru, Im not
a financial advisor, I dont even have a lambo so clearly I have no clue what im talking
about. And yes, i get it, Benzinga pro is expensive,
its a bit more than $115 a month on an annual plan. But this is a business expense. An expense
that can make you more than what you pay for it per month. Benzinga has so many other great
features such as as Squawk live news audio alerts, calendars, news and research. In trading, knowing the news a second before
everyone else will help tremendously. Thats how I learned about the spike on OBLN and
then halt on PDSB early on thursday, before the sheep came in. You can try out Benzinga
pro full feature for free for 14 days using the link below. You’re going to love it.
Its an amazing tool i personally use every day and I highly recommend it. If you’ve watched till this far and found
my break down on reverse split stocks helpful, please do remember to drop me a like and subscribe. Now for those of you loyal subscribers who
are still here with me I have a very special news for you. If you’re on my email list
you know that due to popular requests, I’m looking to start a private membership room.
Not to give you alerts to buy and sell, but to share with you my game plan, watchlists,
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