How to Get Insider Trading Info for Free

How to Get Insider Trading Info for Free — with David Moadel hello and welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell before you pay somebody for information on insider
trading I want you to realize that you can get it from the government for free
all right there are people who claim to be able to sell you this information but
no one can get it quicker and more reliably than the SEC the the government
themselves except for maybe I guess the insiders all right so you know they get
it first because they’re insiders in the company and maybe they you know
illegally tell their friends and relatives about that insider information
so I guess they get it first but after that it’s the SEC Securities and
Exchange Commission the government they get first and so if you’re paying
somebody for insider trading information that’s publicly available you’re paying
somebody money for something that’s free and they’re just getting it secondhand
they’re not even getting it first so you can get it you know quicker than if you
get it secondhand you can get it firsthand and you don’t even have to pay
for it so here you go here’s how you do it you go to you know Google or whatever
your favorite search engine is and you type in the search engine
latest edgar filings okay latest edgar EDG AR filings all right cuz edgar is
the SEC filing website all right and there you go and then the one that says
latest filings SEC gov that’s the right one all right and I’ll also put a link
to this in the description below this video so you can click on that as well
alright so that’s another way to get there all right and there it is and make
sure it’s the right one it’s gonna be gov that’s government website and here
it is so let me give you an example of how you do this all right
you go see this box here you go to company and you type in the company’s
name whatever we’ll just do Facebook all right and then see what it says form
type you type in the number four okay that’s the insider trading form numbers
for all right for whatever reason that’s just what they chose now for ownership
you see the options for ownership you go to only
all right so company name make sure you spell it correctly otherwise you’ll have
to look up the cik number for the company on google or something but it’s
easier if you just type in the company name and make sure you spell it
correctly form type for and then only for ownership all right and then
retrieve filings hit that button there okay and then you go down and it’s weird
you have all these different Facebook’s but the numbers are all the same they’re
all the same doesn’t matter which one you can just click the first one or any
of them okay then oh you know they’re all the same alright then you look on
this blue box here and on the left side of the screen it says get insider
transactions for this user you see that get insider transactions for this for
this issuer I should say click on insider transactions for this issuer
alright I know it’s a number of steps but you’ll get used to it once you learn
how to do this and it there it is here’s the page on the top of the page it has
all the insiders listed there alright and it look Mark Zuckerberg there he is
so you can click on you know Mark Zuckerberg or whatever insider and you
can see if there’s any insider trading recently for that person or you could
just scroll down past all the names of the insiders and you could see all the
latest insider trades regardless of who did it and look at these the latest
insider trades are from Mark Zuckerberg himself alright and so generally
speaking and you know there are exceptions the the ones that are read
are generally sales or something similar to that or some you know unloading of
shares in one way or another and then the white ones are generally purchases
or additions of shares in some some way all right but they’re exceptions you’ll
have like conversions you’ll have exemptions you’ll have gifts sometimes
it’ll say gift so I tend to ignore those I’m not saying you should ignore them
but they’re not as meaningful to me as the sales and the purchases
and interestingly I don’t see any purchases at all here I see a lot of
sales though sale after sale and a lot of these are from Mark Zuckerberg all
right as we can see in the past you know in April in the past month it’s been
sale after sale after sale he’s been dumping those shares and since how many
under transacted you know look at all these shares tens of thousands of shares
at a time Mark Zuckerberg sale sale sale tens of thousands if you add them all up
it’s hundreds of thousands of shares Sheryl Sandberg also you know selling
sale sale right Mark Zuckerberg it’s just relentless
selling here sale sale sale sale unbelievable okay and that’s just the
first page I could click on next eighty to see the next eighty transactions if I
wanted to all right usually there’s some purchases
but here I didn’t see any down there okay and again if you just wanted one
person you know we can click on Mark Zuckerberg for example and see just his
insider trading and I’ll show you all those sales again going way back way way
all the way through April or april pretty much okay and you can click on
the next eighty and see some more all right so I will say this as you can see
this website is a little bit challenging to navigate alright so if you did want
to pay somebody just to collect the information and make it more convenient
for you you know I could understand possibly paying somebody just to just to
do the legwork here you know and and just to present the information to you
in a format that’s more convenient that I could kind of understand but again
you’re getting the information secondhand if you want it faster just go
right to the SEC website alright but yeah that’s the only reason I would ever
pay somebody for this type of information I guess it’s just because
this is not the most convenient website to navigate and to get the information
from okay I get that also here’s something you probably want
to think about is yes we saw a lot of sales here but to me
the purchases are more significant more meaningful than the sales and here’s why
we don’t know why these sales are happening we don’t know it for example
we don’t know why from this website at least we don’t know why
Mark Zuckerberg sold all those shares of Facebook stock you know people sell
shares for a number of reasons yes he might he might be selling the shares
because he you know maybe he thinks there’s something or knows something
wrong with the company that’s going on that’s possible but insiders also sell
shares sometimes just to take profits not necessarily anything wrong with a
company they just you know when you hit your profit target it’s not a bad idea
to take profits right okay or maybe they’re selling shares for tax purposes
or maybe just to diversify their portfolio maybe they realized oh I have
too much allocated into this one company maybe I want to diversify so they might
sell some shares doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the company
necessarily so there are a number of reasons why people insiders sell shares
of stock so I take this with a grain of salt as they say but still this is a lot
of selling I mean that this is pretty significant here so you know this could
be a red flag to see something like that now as far as if you see a lot of
purchases here if see a lot of insider buying that is more meaningful to me
than selling because people usually almost always purchase stock shares for
one reason because they think the stock price is gonna go up okay usually not
always but most of the time so you know that’s pretty meaningful to me if you
see a lot of insider purchasing a lot of buying okay so there you go that’s how
you do that and it’s not a bad idea i I think I cannot tell you what to do or
what not to do you have to make your own decisions of course but before you buy
shares of a stock why not since this cost you nothing except a little bit of
time do a little bit of research here look at the insider trading that’s going
on check okay and you know I’m not saying that
should be the only basis the sole basis for your investing decisions but it
could be a red flag like if you see something like this you know you might
look into it more find out if Mark Zuckerberg has given
any reason for all this selling okay and you know it’s just something to add to
your arsenal of research in terms of fundamentals for a company all right
so hey I wanted to try to save you guys some money okay I don’t want you to get
you know I don’t want you to get ripped off by anybody who’s trying to sell you
this information claiming that they have something special that you can’t get on
your own yes you can okay and you know I want you to be a better
investor more informed okay so if you like this video if you appreciate me
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