How to get Robinhood Referrals? Free stocks from Robinhood

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel my name is Bruce Wang in today’s video I’m gonna show you how I
unintentionally get referrals from Robin Hood I’ve been getting a lot of
questions about how I’ve received referrals from Robin Hood how to get
them what they are so I’m just gonna go over and explain it right now Robin Hood
has a referral program each individual can get $500 worth of referrals the
easiest way to get these referrals is to just ask your friends and family for
myself I didn’t really have any friends so that way didn’t work for me but in
all seriousness let’s just jump right into the app and I’ll show you how to do
it so right now I’m in the Robin Hood app if you don’t know what Robin Hood is
it is a trading platform completely free no commissions trades let me show you
exactly what I’m talking about if you want to sign up links in the description
when you do sign up you’ll get a free stock some of the stocks that you might
be able to get are Berkshire Hathaway Century Link an ally capital and it’s
100% free when you do sign up and that is one of the benefits that you get when
you use my referral link you can use anyone elses referral link but
preferably you can use mine links in the description and that is how I get all my
referrals all I did was just provide the link in my description and also I make
these videos and I try to make these videos as valuable as I can i show you
how i do my investing I don’t consider myself a professional investor at all
but I do have two thousand eight hundred eighteen dollars and ninety three cents
in my portfolio right now on today I’m up four dollars not too bad on the week
I’m up 70 dollars on the month I’m up two hundred eighty-five dollars and
here’s the kicker on the three month I’m up four hundred twenty dollars on the
year three hundred seventy three all-time I’m still down one hundred
seventy six dollars the Robin Hood app is lagging right now
so I got my deposit this morning and I think that is why all of these numbers
are hundred dollars off especially the three-month one year and the all-time
charts it does take a day or so when after you make a deposit for Robin Hood
to finished all of their displays and numbers and whatnot to get it right
Robin Hood is not the perfect app by far it is not but it is a really decent app
if you’re a beginner and you just want to start learning about investing in
stocks back to the main point let me show you exactly what some of the
rewards that you can get if you sign up with a referral link right here I have a
reward from Julianna I have a lot of rewards today I think
I’m just gonna open them up have 12 rewards guys 12-year Ward’s I’m gonna
open them up as fast as I can because I really don’t want to keep these rewards
that long if I do keep them ill I can only keep them for 60 days and I have to
open them or they expire so that’s why I I want to open them up alright now I got
a SunPower $6 26 cents Thank You Giuliana for using the reward referral
link Herbert Ward gave me a xanga $5 ten cents Tyler if you didn’t see that
I clicked pretty fast his reward for me is a sprint six dollars and 33 cents
going back at it Kevin thank you for using my link like I said guys after you
sign up and you want to refer your friends and family you can only make up
to 500 dollars after that five hundred Robert it cuts it off for some reason I
think that goes across all of the these financial institutions they have like a
five hundred dollar limit on all of them so I got a sprint six dollars 33 cents
he’ll pee on I think hopefully I pronounced your name correctly here we
go Sirius XM is worth $6
so far I think I’ve collected about $200 to 304 me to calculate everything
because everything is happening so fast and it’s ongoing and all the numbers are
just going up all the time my I don’t know what if it’s my from my port if
it’s from my own portfolio is from this Ward’s but I have to go back and look it
up and I think my rewards will end really soon because I’m starting to get
a lot of people to use my referral links but the best way for to get these
referrals I think is to start on social media the easiest way to do it is to ask
your friends and family if you have a lot of them like I said I don’t have any
friends so that’s why I had to turn to social media I wasn’t planning on doing
this just to get the rewards like five hundred dollars isn’t really anything to
me it is oh it is a lot of money but it’s not worth that much it’s not it’s
not really worth selling my soul to get Robin Hood rewards and making five
hundred dollars at the end of the day but I want to do this because I want to
learn about investing I want to invest I want to have skin in the game and that’s
why I did it myself I think I still have a few more to go here guys I just got
another Zanger reward like I said I wanted to learn and this is the best way
for me to learn is with real money a lot of people do paper trading and I think
that is the way to go if you want to really learn like options and all that
everything else but since this is a sense I’m only depositing about a
hundred dollars a day a hundred dollars a week into my account
it’s not that serious if I do lose a little bit I don’t think the stock
market is gonna crash anytime soon but it did correct itself in December
and since December it’s been going up like crazy I don’t know like in the
stock market I don’t think it usually happens that way but that’s how it was
for the last three months or so now I think I have like one or two more
rewards to go I’ve been really hoping to open one of these really rare stocks for
you guys on camera like live on camera but for whatever reason I’m just not
getting any of them and I think i just opened 12-year wars for you all in a row
right now and I did not receive anything I’ve think I’ve had I’ve received over
twenty to thirty rewards now all of them are just kind of so-so you know in the
$5 $6 range going back to the main topic if you really want to cap out on your
$500 rewards I recommend you guys to use social media to your advantage
start an Instagram start a YouTube channel and provide value for people you
know people like to watch someone start from the bottom and make their way all
the way to the top and you know that makes a really good story and that like
a journey that journey is something that everyone can relate with every because
everyone starts at the bottom especially myself I’ve started at the bottom made
it halfway up and then I had to go bald and then I hit rock bottom yet again to
try to come all the way back up and these struggles and these challenges
these are these make the stories that people want to watch and I think that is
one of the reasons why my channels been doing like somewhat okay I think I think
a lot of people like watching this channel for some of the tips that I have
if you can call it tips but other than that they’re like watching the journey
of me investing I do have somewhat of a substantial number here now there’s
nothing in the hundreds of thousands or millions but it is somewhere it is a
start of something if I continue to do this for years and years this number
will increase a lot I promise you that another tip is don’t do it for the
rewards guys do it to help other people succeed I think that is the second main
reason why a lot of people have been using my referral links there is a value
there there is a reward there if you do sign up so it’s not gonna hurt you if
you do sign up you don’t really have to put any money
into your account even when you do sign up so that is another reason why there
is advantage to use a referral link and other than that I really don’t know what
else you can do to get people to use your referral link but I recommend you
don’t do it just to get referral lanes do it for yourself in the end of the day
this is your gonna be your portfolio and depositing money into your account
consistently and investing that money into good stocks blue chip stocks not
penny stocks not these like get-rich-quick schemes like myself I
tried trading you know Ricky Gutierrez I tried his way but it didn’t it wasn’t
working out for me so I that’s why I’m using my own strategy now I’m doing
something I’m investing for the long term
and that is something a lot of people have done in the past Warren Buffett
style that’s who I’m looking up to now I’m taking advice from Warren Buffett
Jack Bogle rest in peace who else gray ham Stefan like these these guys they
know what they’re talking about they have a high net worth multimillionaires
and that’s who I strive to be the and that’s why I’m doing it this way from
now on so hopefully if that answered your questions how to get some referrals
for myself this is not the main reason why I started this investment challenge
this investment challenge was to test myself and to test my strategy to test
my knowledge of investing and trying to grow my skills and trying to grow my
portfolio those are my takeaways for that question
and I hope you enjoyed the video if you’re brand new to the channel please
subscribe I come up with three videos a week now and I’m soon hoping to be able
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that as feedback and subscribe hit the notification and I’ll catch you guys in
the next video stay rich people bye

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  1. I've asked friends and family to sign up several times on facebook and even tweeted my link many times on twitter and haven't had a single person sign up yet. I would have thought at least one person would have haha. It's all good.

  2. What do you think about KO? they had bad earnings which dropped their stock, they are a good company staple so I think it’s room for a possible 10% margin

  3. Ricky Gutierrez has a lot of good info but day trading is challenging. I've made some money and lost some money trying to trade but overall, Ricky, Graham Stephan, Ryan Scribner, and Jeremy from Financial Education have a lot of valuable info that everyone can learn from. Especially if you're young and new to investing.

  4. I’m new to robinhood and recently got a free stock does Robin Hood give you free stocks because I didn’t have a referral?

  5. Can someone explain to me what free means in RH? Because aren't all stocks free on RH w/ the no commission thing? Or is it free in that it deosn't go against your BP?

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