How to go to Facebook marketplace 2017

HI Paul here from PRwilson media Have you
tried the Facebook market place yet? So it’s basically ebay, gumtree where you
can buy and sell items to people local to you. It started out on the mobile app, but now
it’s avaiable as you can see from your PC. You can sell and buy everything from caravans
to pork – it would appear. Here we go. Ok so you’ve signed in to Facebook and down
on the left hand side if you click on your home menu as well you’ll get to this view,
then you’ll see market place. Click there. The best thing to do is have a browse around
just to get the feel for it. So I’ve got my local town selected and then
within a 100 kilometres but I can change that to within 2 kilometres, if I’m not feeling
like a big journey. And then you can choose the categories Let’s
see, books movies and music. There are some books there and it pops up
you can message the particular seller so you can obviously contact them directly, make
your own arrangements. You can search by price, you can even search
by any free items that are available , some free DVDs there Then obviously you can look
individually for each of the categories here in these menus. OK so in terms of selling , you need to sell
something so you need to create a listing. You can say sell something , describe what
you are selling , give it the price, add a category and then add a photo , where you
can upload a photo to go with it. And really that’s about it. Obviously if you are interested in something
when you browse through to let’s say baby and kids this time you can find something
and simply click on that book mark icon , not sure why I want maternity clothing but you
can see it goes blue if you’ve bookmarked it I’m sure I’ll be more interested in these
minion slippers , absolutely. That’s now gone blue and if you say saved
items you can check through and you can decide to keep it there or remove it . So that’s
it, that’s Facebook marketplace , have a look around , check it out from yoru phone as well
I’m Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Cheers

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