80 Replies to “How to Grow a Small Account Day Trading? Penny Stocks NOT the only way for Beginner Traders!”

  1. Could you make a video on shorting. I am learning there is fees and I hear you have to find shares to borrow. So is there more money being taken I have to count for in terms of properly knowing profits prior to covering.hope this makes sense.

  2. wow changed my whole perspective for someone about to start their small account favouring long set up on penny stocks , thank you 🙂

  3. I prefer to trade large cap stocks, they are more easy to manage. How funny you mentioned PG&E I was thinking about trading it this week. Great video, side note : did you go eat Korean bbq today?

  4. Smashed the like button to hard, lol, it needs repair 🙂 How about accounts 500 to 2k? Can you buy enough shares to make a significant gain on mid cap or large cap tickers?

  5. Hey, Lucy has nothing on you…except she can afford a lamborghini. I love watching your videos because you explain everything so clearly and you entertain us at the same time.

  6. you are so right – I need to adapt somehow – i was fooled many times this summer with pump and fails so when stocks finally  ran (SES – BIMI)  i didn't trade them at all. Feb thru May i would have traded half the acc on either one with success. (cash account)

  7. We don’t deserve this time of information but I am so appreciative of what you’re sharing. Thank you Humble Trader! Happy Trading! 🙏🏾💙

  8. Good points Humbled Trader, I am new to the stock game, 5 months. I have recently thought that I would strictly concentrate on small cap stocks. However last week NXTC WENT UP BIG TIME and this week CNST also had a huge spike up. These are not big buck stocks, maybe mid cap, but as you know they went up big time. Unfortunately for me I missed out on NXTC and got into CNST too late. But I see your point that stocks of this type can be a good opportunity for people with small accounts. I feel like a fisherman looking for a big catch, I just haven't gotten it yet. But I am undeterred. Thanks for all your videos, I appreciate how KNOWLEDGEABLE you are!!!!

  9. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. Ive been trading micro caps for 1 year now pulling my hair out! Your videos are fantastic. Keep up the hustle! Lets get it!

  10. Ive been trading currencies for almost 2years…now im venturing into stocks and im having a challenge in understanding how to buy the shares especially on thinkorswim…please if you may referemce a book for me to read or do a video
    Thank you so much for your great cotent each time i have something to learn….

  11. Awesome video! I think too many beginners try to trade penny stocks and lose large percentages of their portfolio. Slow and steady is the way to go. I love your videos. Keep up the great content.

  12. Common who would like to trade on a beach, all that tinny sand going under your laptop keys, scratching the monitor, maybe a seagull attacking you while traying to take a position, ohh Jeez pure nightmare 😁

  13. Wonderful, can you make a video about leverage and if its a good thing to use leverage for large cap stocks like Tradenet

  14. Simply put, if you trade penny stocks with a small account you will only get destroyed from the emotions that come with it. Why can some youtubers do it? Well, they have large funds to backup. It's not the same concept of trading with a small account and being poor asf.

  15. Hello HT always informative and educational I like ur jokes and ur new trading studio i am pushing LIKE button hard lol Have an aloha week

  16. I was wondering if you could include your opinion about Market orders and Limit orders in your next video? I would like to know if you think there is any psychology behind gurus suggesting using limit orders only, I think trying to type in a specific price during volatility and get a fill at that specific price is very difficult and I think you can wind up leaving money on the table because you're distracted by trying to get your specific price, it can also be deadly for an account if the trade is going against you. Please include your thoughts on the types of orders in your next video. Thank you

  17. great videos , any of your videos show the types of orders you use on tos I like bracket orders with avg trading range , but I am very new to trading

  18. True, messing with penny stock feeling like defusing a bombs, high risk high reward. Can't understand why people dislike this video.

  19. I'm actually getting better at penny stocks as a beginner trader, it's just a different style as a trader. I enjoy the volatility if you have a plan in place for every penny stock trade you get better and profit. We all lose in the markets so that's not a surprise but knowing how to lose will keep you from blowing your account and it's just a journey. I always think 90% of traders lose so I can understand a lot of traders if that makes sense but good video! Just dont be blindsided by strategies guys!

  20. You sound very anti Tim Sykes…..lol 🙂 me too. keep up the good work. LIKED…. I've been trading X GE and SPXL making more money than trading XNET BIMI etc. good video to help noobs

  21. Thanks again Humbled Trader. I enjoy your humour. I needed to watch this last night. I started on my own in mid-Sept after watching a friend over the summer earn money using the (STT) platform. When I got on my own the market had changed. This is my third STT-Trial version and I am working with well under 1k. Because of this I found myself chasing FCEL yesterday, even though I did NOT buy. It was hair pulling to say the least. Meanwhile if I had been paying attention I could have purchased a few shares of CNST. I'm using my scanner differently, trying and capture stocks that are moving ( Greater than 5% in five minutes regardless of the price. 🙂 ( To answer your above question, I had learned over July and part of Aug to trade small float stocks. However the market changes like you said, and I need to be adjusting. 🙂 Thanks again. Sorry for the long winded comment.

  22. Questions:
    1) How small does the "Share Float" have to be for a stock to be considered a "low float" stock; with respect to the authorized shares … In terms of percentage … Like under 30%?
    ( So a company with 10 million authorized shares selling for $10 each would have a market cap of $100 million. if it also had a Share Float of 3 million ~ 30% it would be a low float?)

    2) Likewise with high short interest; above what percentage does the "Short Float" have to be before it's considered high?

  23. In 2018 I was trading a small account and I bought 10 share s of NTES when it was over $300. And it just trended higher. I was stunned by how much I made with only 10 shares. So, it can be done. So, I is true that you can grow a small account with penny stocks, but, it is not the only way.

  24. Hi so I’m currently with questrade but thinking of switching because I’m not a fan of the commissions. Would you recommend td Waterhouse for charts and executions?

  25. Don't forget megacap/index-ETF options!!!!!!!!!! You can literally start with $5. Though I think it's better to start with $500 and probably have a max 6% risk per trade, will generate more statistics on that in the coming months. In the future I'm going to investigate micro e-mini futures and such, once I've made enough progress with the options. I believe those can be done with a small account too, but probably not as small.

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