How to Make Malaysian Prawn Stock

Hi guys, Jackie M again and sorry about all
the noise. I’m in my commercial kitchen, I’ve got Noah in a playpen over there but I just
want to show you a couple of techniques while I’m here today. And one of them is how to
make your own prawn stock, very easy so check it out. Oh, there you go. Don’t ever throw out your
prawn shells again. Use it to make your own prawn stock that you can then use in a whole
bunch of different recipes. Things like Ipor Sar Hor Fun, Penang Hokkien Mee, Singapore
Hokkien Mee, that sort of stuff. So, don’t forget to hit Like if you like this video
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channel. And also check out for other recipes and tips. Thanks guys! I’ll
catch you next time.

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