How to Navigate & Search the First Book Marketplace

Welcome to the First Book Marketplace,
First Book’s hub of resources for educators serving kids in need. As you
can see First Book provides more than books. We offer a wide variety of
products and resources that will be great for your program. While you can
browse the First Book Marketplace without logging in, you cannot access our
free resources or make any purchases without first signing in. Clicking Login
to Shop at the top right hand corner of the web page will allow you to provide
your screen name and password to access all the resources on the site. Once
logged in you will be redirected to your dashboard. We’ll take an in-depth look at
the dashboard in another tutorial video. Browsing the First Book Marketplace is
easy when you hover over any topic in the blue navigation bar, a drop down menu
will appear with a list of sample items from that category. Hover over books and
you’ll see how the category is broken down into general themes. We list topics
that we know are popular among the First Book community of educators like
diversity and character development. In addition to genre and age group, the
featured section holds First Book staff suggestions and favorites like the
Stories For All Project. Each topic breaks down in the same way. Hover over
supplies and you’ll find school supplies, audio books, art kits, and backpacks. Under
technology, you’ll find hardware like tablets and laptops. Under digital
learning, you’ll find software like the Opening Books app. Activities is where
you’ll find things like craft kits, puzzles, and costumes. Our basic needs
section is where you’ll find winter coats, dental care, non-perishable food,
and more. In free resources, you’ll find supplemental materials to support
learning like activities paired with book titles. Every resource in this
section is free to you as a member of the First Book community of educators. We’ll explore this section further in a separate video. If you’re looking for a
specific product, you can perform a search for it in the search bar located
on the upper right of the webpage. Type anything in this box. Once you begin to type in your search, you’ll see suggestions based on your
keywords populate below the search bar. You can search the entire Marketplace
from here. You can either click on the suggested selection to go straight to a
product page or press ENTER to see all search results. On the left hand side of
the search result page, you’ll find more ways to sort your results so you can
find exactly what you’re looking for. Here we see category age groups, price,
language, and product type. Click any of the highlighted links to further narrow
your search. To broaden the search, click on the X next to your filter or click
the clear all link. If you have any more questions, please click the FAQ link
located at the bottom of the First Book Marketplace website or contact us at
[email protected]

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