How to pick a stock by Smart Trader of NSE Intraday Trick and tip

guys welcome back to smart trader and hope you guys watch my previous video but I thought you guys how to do daily three percent so I had many questions asking how to choose the stocks or and how hot went to enter a stop so therefore have i’m going to show 1-click today how to choose the stock and went to the stock so if i say rented to the stalk you can enter into any stock at any point of the time for example 915-930 ten o’clock 11 o’clock one o’clock two o’clock so whatever time is not a problem so all you need to do is get the money control app downloaded from place so I know most of you guys will be using it so open this refresh shed at the current point of time watch the market sensex and nifty i know you will be creating a nifty 50 so watch Nifty Fifty the market is green so therefore choose today go for by its the market is red go towards cell ok the basic thing which I want to tell you the formula is if it’s green by if it said go to what cell so how to the stop so if i go to nifty 50 and if you want the stocks reference so you can see as bi is a stock which is the top now if it was sell you need to click here so bharti infratel was inter- so if at this time the market is green therefore we are going to work by so SBS at the top for example and show you the life morning nine o’clock or 930 you have seen the stock to the border stock around to 59.7 and you put a point three percent around let me say on 85 90 95 self so you would have hit the target by now ok so simple and the stock went I but we do not care no greedy all we need is 0.3 person as a toll is going to give three percent of your capital guys so this is how we can choose so there’s a reason why is stock is in the top gainers so therefore it will continue its motion at least 2.5 2.7% up in any market condition so in this situation you can put a point three person and hit your target i will just do this training within 1 p.m. and don’t do about it because most of the news comes after 2pm therefore your stocks may fall admitting the direction so finish our trading between i would say the safest is ten o’clock the one o’clock here the fluctuations will be very low so it won’t go to opposite direction it will continue its own direction and it will give you minimum minimum 0.3% that is a three-person a free capital so that this is how you guys can choose your stocks so if you have any questions put down in the comments and ask questions later in the previous video and for the people who have not watched my previous video please click the link given in the end of this video click and watch so that you’ll get to know why i am saying how to be cut stock and about 0.3 person technique ok do subscribe to share do like and promote my channel and wait for my next video I’m going to tell you one more trick how to easily make money and how to calculate and make it a business and make it a daily income thank you

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  1. based on your approach risk reward is 1:3 so in one month if u r wrong by 5 times you would be in loss .Not sure how it will be profitable consistantly.Did you test your strategy for a longer time frame .

  2. +Smart Trader
    Nice Video Brother!
    i my self made 3% yesterday with your strategy,
    but i want to know what i can do if market is moving near previous closing price.
    Example 12/01/2017 Nifty Close: 8407.20 and today moving b/w (8405-8410)

  3. hai paul u r showing in mobile app through money control app but i am unable to do in mob i want to do in laptop pls refer me in which site i can watch in my laptop pls

  4. Bro, can u plz Enable " Show touches" option on ur dat we'll be able to see wher u r selecting any options…BTW ur videos H3LPED me a lot…thanks for uploading…

  5. Thanks for your videos bro ! I am a beginner. I am watching step by step videos in your channel. I have 1 doubt. You told that we have to choose top stock to trade, but what is the winning percentage as per your experience. for example : if we trade for 20 days in a month, how many trades we can win with this strategy ? I hope you reply . thanks

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