How to Profit from Trading Penny Stocks Online

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  1. you should put a free trial of 30 days or maybe a couple of weeks for people that are considering to subscribe to your page

  2. Hey Peter. First, I want to say I have spent the last two weeks watching your videos and i gotta say they were very well done. I'm a pretty skeptical person and am very aware of all the B.S. out there but you seem like a pretty decent and genuine guy. I could be completely wrong but hey. I've worked long hard hours in the construction business for over twenty years and have been trying to find another source of income because the money I'm making just isn't enough to give my family what they deserve. So I'm gonna take the leap with you and give it a shot. $200 bucks isn't gonna break me so what the hell.

    Oh, and by the way, I left a not so nice comment on a different video. So, no hard feelings. Hope my B.S. meter is working. (:

  3. Can you make a video about your beginner years?

    Did you go to college? If so what did you study? When did you start trading stocks? How long did it take for you to become profitable? How long did it take to reach a liveable salary from trading?

  4. Hey Peter, I've been watching your vids for about week now, and I gotta say it's really refreshing to see that there's someone genuine left out there, or at the very least that's what's projected through your vids… Thank You, for that!

  5. Hello Peter. I'm a subscriber to your channel. I'm about 70% done reading your book Penny stocks for dummies. I'm really enjoying it so far. I just happened to look at one of your stock pics from February 2016 posted on your website (KOPN) and I'm wondering how you calculated the operating cash flow ratio. Where did you get the "cash flow from operations" from? The current liabilities value I got it from the balance sheet. I looked for it there but didn't find it. Then I looked at the cash flow sheet and the closest thing I found was total cash flows from operating activities but the issue is that all these values are negative for 2013,2014 and 2015

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