How to set Stoploss by Smart Trader of NSE Intraday trading Trick and Tip Strategy

hey guys welcome back to smart trader hope you guys enjoyed my previous video and hope it was useful for most of them and hope many tried paper trading with my techniques and trips so thank you so much for subscribing to my channel liking and putting a lot of suggestions and I have taken your auditions and I’m working on those videos for you guys and as you have seen my video on three-person how to make three percent daily income from intraday trading and how to because stock so you have seen both the videos and now I’ll tell you guys how to put a stop loss for this creating ok it’s very very important guy stop loss is very very important for the ones who have not watched my previous video you can watch my two videos that is how to make three percent daily income every day and how to be good stock for it i have mentioned that links in the end of this video and need to watch that and also subscribe to my channel for more videos so coming to the stop-loss part guys stop loss is very very important what about the Prophet the person you’re doing everyday your hard-earned money whatever you’re doing can we go off in one day because not of novels of your problem maybe there’s some bad news in the market for the news comes up unexpected thing happens and everything goes boom so that’s the reason we need to keep a stoploss I would hundred-person i would say you you need a stop loss for this dick tip so that you will be successful creator earning good money and the stop loss would be I would such as the stop-loss should be one person of a stock for example 28 amo doesn’t the top for example i choose the stock trading so for 70.6 fight so obviously the simple calculation in 21 / hundreds of 4.7 replace would be my stop loss that is nothing bad my stop loss would be for 7.65 for 70.6 5-4 points and this around this would be my stop long you probably noticed ok i will be white had one person 2414 then there’s nothing but guys apartment after capture hope you remember my dad invented in my birthing video I know you’re losing a 10-person that is your stop loss i would see why i would say the logic behind using one person stop loss so any stock which is the top which is trading in the day height for example that I was the highest in the whole NSE so that’s the reason he stopped and simply the stop will not come down that easy as for my experience in creating yes maximum it will come two point four percent down 2.5 person down max max points expose about that it then again he bounces back pump to hit your point three person and you’ll get a target but there are exceptional days yes there is a southern news that’s a sudden bad news for the country someone attacked someone somewhere something happened some announcement by the politicians something happens automatically people it goes by people’s behavior people think that something bad news and people tend to sell of the stars something happens in the market and automated your stocks fall in between a second it may fall 23 person down any stock for example banking sectors psu banks fault very faster in order to avoid those stuff that’s a bad day i would say in a month it’ll be of one day guys it will just be one day such they will happen to anybody any good trader the situation will happen so therefore what you need to do is you need to set up a stoploss so you need to set up one person stop-loss only in this rare case this one person stop loss will trigger guys and you will lose ten percent of the capital one particular day in a month if you have a bad luck ok rest you will have to be present every day enjoy that money so what happens you sure happy to accept the fact you’re losing 10-person yes you lost in person you should be happy that our people nothing okay i don’t want to lose 10 person okay fine that’s it as in people who lose one of the hundred percent capital within three days they lose twenty percent in one day they’ll study person in one day when they lose eighty percent of the money because they don’t give stop-loss getting ok my money went and after sometime whole of your money goes so therefore this edition for my trick as keep ten person that is one percent of the stock that is ten percent of capital ok so if you lose ten purse and don’t feel back you can gain it within three to four sessions ok the person three percent free person and you can finish it up so relax don’t panic and this will come only once in a month that you if you’re unlucky and every stop wont have every time news and ok so hope you guys that understood by one person one person master guys not keep stop loss before point I person it will trigger soon sometime so one person is very much it won’t hurt so easily once in a month may hit it may not hit all depends on your lock for that particular day so but if it hurts also do not worry you can recover this entry trading sessions of for trading session pointy pointy pointy so you can finish it up by so don’t need to worry your capital is with two so you’re just having a capital with you so Allah and in my next video I’ll be telling you guys a trick where went to trade and we’re not Trey to be on the safer end even you may not your stop loss of ten percent of one person will not touch i have your auditions for that went to trade and when not to trade so please watch my next video also which is going to come up and please like this video and put your suggestions what you feel and decide these are as ripe as per my calculations and these are working 99.9 person for me and this is the main secret guys how I make money daily and my capital remains same even though I lose once in a one day a month if I lose it again within three days guys sometime I do trades in a day and I covered up in two days also so hope you guys hope this works out for you guys hope you guys have a clear watch my other videos also in the end description and description given and try to relate all any doubts come back on a comment we all I here to help you guys and let’s all discussed and have a safe trading the main motto years to have safe creating and just profit no loss is sorry and I don’t like losses is just profit all I noise profit and I want you guys to know only profit so if you guys have the same thinking and if you guys think when you want to be a successful trader pleased to do the paper trading with these techniques don’t blind by blindly believe me always do paper trading for 23 days if you think this is helpful for you if you’re able to follow the rules what i am saying and definitely then go for like trading be successful and please do share your experience of comments or whatever it is please share and by helping you guys out or whatever it is please share please do like and subscribe to my channel for my next video which is going to come and for future videos thank you how great day all the best god bless

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  1. Appreciate for educating people with your approaches / videos .
    If your risk return ratio is 2 : 1 as you taken in this video the overall return is not fair I suppose.Say if you trade 20 days a month with a profit to loss ratio of 7 : 3 ,the overall profit would be flat considering the haircut (brokerages), isn't it ?

  2. hai paul mostly ur showing in yur video with mobile ien that ur showing money control in with 3 strips orange clr but in pc how to find or pls mention whole link or site nam money or money or or net

  3. awesome bro ill start following you.. am very new to this please helpme out if possible. am impressed on your video's

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