How To Short Sell Penny Stocks

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  1. I saw you on the Steve Harvey show here on YouTube and wanted to learn all I can from you. I’m new to anything related to the stock market and was wanting to know if you offer any DVD’s or videos off of your website for people like me. I have the investing for dummies book, but I think that I’d rather learn from you! Thank you for your time!!

  2. Awesome expert explanations. . Thanks for sharing.! That's why. You guys. Need to buy dvd and books. Watch and read it, so that you understand this game. .

  3. That is an insane thought! Just found out what short selling is, and the possibility of going super negative! Great way to really sell "cutting your losses fast"!

  4. Wow Tim Ive been asking you this question for a long time. Great that you have share this info with us. Please do a video executing a short, would love to see one so as many of us.

  5. Love these videos Tim! The no holes barred honesty! You are the man, thanks for all you do to help the “little” guys!!!

  6. I just search your name. I watched you at Wallstreet warrior documentary. You and Ross Cameron can turn a small amount of trading capital into millions. You two just break the conservative trading approach that the market teach.

  7. Since this video is directed towards beginners then it's important to say that Robinhood is fine on executions. I think issues arise when you have a large size, but no beginner will have to worry about that. You cannot short on Robinhood, but it is great for going long and should be recommended for all beginners because there are no fees.

  8. I made 50.000 this week feddy you are a genius I own my investment with you man…kindly notify me here or Instagram on more guidance for higher trade

  9. Hi Tim, I have recently come across your story ( making money while in school) while doing research on google and found your channel here on YouTube. You seem pretty responsive seeing comments in this section, so I will ask you directly here. How does one become your student?? Cordially.

  10. 4:50 – I'm aware you should cut losses quickly and intelligently so you don't dig yourself in a hole.
    But for argument sake, let's say you now owe that $95K, what happens if you decide to stay in the trade instead of closing it? Will they still come after you?

  11. I'm a novice, and I've only started watching your video lessons in the past week. By mid/end June I hope to have learnt enough and have the confidence to actually start trading with tiny positions (Tell me if that sounds too soon…). When that time comes, would anyone recommend a rookie to even attempt short-selling since it's more advanced than buying? I guess I could just practice using fantasy cash first…

  12. How do you short sell something that has no market or liquidity? I am not being sarcastic, I am seriously​ seeking an answer to this question.

  13. I simply want profitability, does not mater if​ I am making basis points or rips, Profit is profit!

  14. This could be a silly question… if you are short selling, but it goes up like you said in your example, can't you just wait for it to come back down? Or is there a time limit?

  15. Its actually the first time I heard something about Penny Stocks and maybe Im retarded but where comes to money from if Im betting short ? Lets say there is a company called "ABC" and 1 Stock is 10$ and I go short for 10 Stocks and the Stock falls to 5$ I would make 50$ but who is paying 50$ to me?

    Going long makes sense for me (you buy stocks from the ABC company at 10$ and you sell it when they are at 20$ (for example) and you get the money from the guy who buys it at a higher price)

  16. Oh my gosh Tim, u scared us 😱😂😂 I would say the stocks can't go that so fast unless Idiots gotta hold it from $5 -> $100 or they short sell into a momentum stock!

  17. Hey Tim.

    So in essence, short selling is about borrowing shares from your broker, selling it when its at the top, and buying it back when it is at the bottom – is this correct?

    And after you have made that profit, you pass back those shares to your broker?

    Sorry noob here.

    Still learning.

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