How to Trade Gold – Advanced Strategies That Work

hello welcome back this is Scott
Schubert and in this video I am going to reveal my deepest most advanced secrets
on how to trade gold and this video is only for the people who watch my
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already know that the way to trade gold is to develop a skill of recognizing
trends elections impulsive price action corrective price action and then
developing the rare skill of identifying the turning points where a trend is
ending where a correction is ending by now you should have realized that this
is true and you should have been able to prove that it’s true by seeing it on
charts let me know in the comments below if you have realized that that’s true
okay so some of the biggest most profound breakthroughs that I have had
in learning how to trade gold have happened just within the last couple of
years and the first thing that I would share is that I used to look at gold
kind of as an afterthought if there was dollar news for the US
dollar and then I would just look and see what direction therefore would gold
go based on my analysis of the US dollar now let me describe how this
breakthrough begin to happen I started to look at silver as a comparison to
gold and here is another secret that was shared with me and that I have been
observing to be true and that is that whenever there is an impulsive movement
starting on silver that later gold will follow that impulsive movement so we
have begun to notice that silver leads the way and then gold follows sometimes
by 15 minutes or even an hour later really in time
the silver is moving ahead of gold and then they both move in the same
direction okay the next big observation that gave
me a big breakthrough is to just notice that the patterns on gold and silver are
not the same yet they are correlated and by correlated what we really mean is in
general that they’re moving up and down at the same time but the patterns that
they’re making are not the same so the next big thing that caused a huge
breakthrough for me was accomplished through the help of using demo accounts
for my primary charting software this has been kind of the situation for
several years even though I’ve been using ecig note and motive wave which
are paid programs that are standalone that don’t come from
broker the funny thing is at the moment I keep coming back to metatrader5
because it has additional timeframes which if you don’t know why these are
critical you can find that out maybe in some of my other videos certainly in our
live training sessions every day I have had to explain from time to time why is
it that I would recommend that you use a demo account for your primary charting
software and the reason is because I would not choose a broker based on
having metatrader5 and most of the good brokers that you might choose don’t have
many 305 and I have often wondered if they’re just gonna discontinue
metatrader5 I’ve often wondered if if Metatrader is just gonna go out of
business which seems like they should but that’s another story
anyway metatrader5 is a free software and has the additional time frames which
these become very very critical once you learn how to read financial markets so
the next thing is that one of my highest level advanced strategies is what I call
comparing soil ad pairs and by comparing correlated pairs if you know how to read
patterns sometimes insights are really easy to get once you compare different
pairs together one of them the pattern may be wildly distorted and you can’t
make it out you put the other correlated pair next to it and you can go oh oh
okay now I see now I see what that pattern is you look at three four five
different correlated pairs you go okay now now I see what all of these pairs
are more or less doing in their pattern so one day I was actually looking at
silver and I noticed that all the silver pairs had
the exact same pattern on the same timeframe almost perfect and almost
exactly the same so what does that tell us
well that told me that the pattern was caused by Shelton it wasn’t caused by
the other currency so you know here’s the reason why using this particular
demo account has been a tremendous help to me if you look at gold against the
dollar you’re really missing a big part of the picture because you need to some
pair that to gold against the Euro goal against the euro I have found to be the
number one clearest of all the gold pairs next to that gold against the
Swiss gold against the pound gold against the Aussie so I have several
other gold pairs besides just gold against the dollar and that gives you a
tremendous insight into what gold is doing so one of the first things that I
realized long ago is that if you’re looking to enter a trade on gold if you
just look at silver on the same timeframe you may get some additional
insight even though they’re not making the same pattern if silver comes to a
point where it’s going to turn down then gold will also come to a point where
it’s going to turn down right now and always if I compare gold against the
dollar and I examine the pattern that is making see seeing this pattern here and
all like for instance here all these series of three wave patterns in a
correction slanting up in this pattern which sometimes could be an ending
diagonal could be a corrective triangle and if I compare these waves and the
details of this pattern and then compare it to the same pattern on gold
against the euro I may get new insight from the clarity
of this pattern in fact even right now I think if you look at the daily timeframe
there’s goals against the euro and notice this pattern does this look like
a trend and does this last part kind of look like either a triangle correction
slanting up or an ending diagonal in a trend then we compare that to the same
timeframe on gold against the dollar if you’re watching this every day and
comparing them back and forth together there will be many days when doing that
will give you new insight that you did not have if you were just only looking
at gold versus the dollar man the old days of only looking at gold versus the
dollar our history for me because I would never only look at gold versus the
dollar in fact I may trust the patterns on gold versus the dollar a lot less
than I would trust the patterns on gold against the euro and all the other
currencies when you compare them together always comparing those even to
silver against the same currencies but knowing now that silver has completely
deviated from the pattern that gold is making and it is still related you can
see the relationship to how they’re related but they’re not the same
so before you analyze gold you can look at on each time frame gold against the
euro gold against the pound compare the same pattern over the different time
frames compare them together on different time frames compare this
pattern to what you have now on the other goal pairs check with gold against
the ISIL look how clear it is at this time against the
Ozzy this might give us even additional insight what is it doing well you can
tell if you’re if you know how to read patterns you may be able to tell what
this pattern is currently doing and then when you get to gold versus the Ozzy
maybe it is more clear maybe it is less clear goal against the Swiss look at
that pattern notice how it’s different notice how it’s the same then look at
gold against the dollar so this is what I’m doing
continually constantly not just on gold but on all Forex currency pairs this is
actually how I trade is first I search for clarity second I compare correlated
pairs always go to all timeframes longer to shorter if you know how to read
patterns and you have gained experience and learning how to read patterns that
financial markets continually make these things will become more and more clear
to you to where you can look at charts and understand what is doing and very
likely understand what the next turn would be and what the next entry would
be and what the criteria for the next entry would be and when you do that you
can look at what the rest of the world is doing and laughs you might actually
want to cry because of compassion that you have for other people but it won’t
bother you at all that the rest of the world determined to do something
completely different that has nothing to do with reading the market knowing when
it’s turning any of the normal things that you would think would be the most
important things the rest of the world they’re not looking at that and that’s
just fine isn’t it the more you learn to read charts the more you will become
very very confident and happy with your ability to do that and that’s why a few
people are always very happy and appreciative when I’m showing them some
of these things it could give you more insight and could make you able to have
that skill that is extremely valuable the skill of being able to identify
turning points and and know when to enter trades and know when to exit
trades it’s extremely valuable so in the last video I showed you how to trade
goal and it requires developing the skill that I’m describing in this video
and the best way to develop that skill is to enroll in our training and our
live trading sessions that we have every day and every day receive more and more
guidance and repetition to help you to master that skill has there ever been
anyone who just mastered the skill of trading by themselves instantly without
any guidance and repetition I don’t know I suppose there could be someone
somewhere in the world that that happened to but in general for most
people the guidance and repetition are the things that help them and enable
them to actually achieve this level of mastery wouldn’t that make sense
so then when you combine that with what I’m describing in this video of
comparing gold against all the other currencies first you must master the
ability to read patterns and to identify turning points and second you will
refine that skill by comparing these correlated pairs it is like opening a
new door it is like unveiling the secret or unveiling a higher level of how to
solve a puzzle when you didn’t have the right pieces
now you will have the right pieces that you can compare together and immediately
to a conclusion now I see what gold is doing now I know what the next trade
will be that’s what’s happening with me constantly every day because of this
first of all because of developing the skill of reading charts reading patterns
and identifying turning points and second of all by mastering this skill of
comparing correlated pairs together so once again when you go through this
video for about the third time let me know which part of this you would like
me to further explain in the next video and meanwhile if you really want to know
what works in trading and how to trade gold just go to trading mastermind comm
and begin by signing up for our free series of training videos that will help
you to get started let me know in the comments below how this is changing your
ability to trade even right now and until the next time remember to trade
deliberately and live your life deliberately as well

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