How To Trade Gold – What Really Works

hi I’m Scott Schubert and today I’m
going to show you exactly how to trade gold and I don’t mean go down to this
firm and here you can buy somebody ins I mean how do you actually trade gold
entering and exiting going long or short being able to consistently identify
turning points on any timeframe and have it work out so let’s get started with
that right now if you know someone who may benefit from watching this video
just share it to them directly so that they can get the benefit from this and
find out exactly how to trade gold as I’m about to show you right now more and
more in my own trading I love trading gold and am often
considering just trading it exclusively because it’s really very reliable and
responds very well to the skill of being able to identify turning points which I
show in all the rest of my videos so how do I actually trade gold and get these
incredible results I’m showing you right now and it’s very important that you
keep an open mind and notice if you start to reject what I’m saying because
if that’s what’s happening your subconscious mind may be programmed to
reject the truth because what I’m showing you is true and if you really
want to know how to trade gold this is actually how you do it so how do you do
it the way that you do it is to learn the skill of reading chart patterns on
all time frames now if you’ve been involved in trading you may have come
across all different kinds of trading methods and trading strategies and you
can try all of them sometimes they will work and sometimes they will not that’s
true of every trading strategy but if you come across something that
sistent Lee works a high percentage of the time you know that you have
discovered something and you could have discovered something true about
financial markets so that’s what this is all based on is the ability to read
financial markets and discover what’s true about financial markets in terms of
the visual shapes that they make as they’re moving along making what seems
to be sometimes chaotic unpredictable movements but in the end it all has a
certain type of pattern behavior that can be recognized not every bit of it
but if you are very selective about why you enter trays and you only enter a
trade when you can clearly identify what is happening then you will get excellent
results so this has been going on for a long time this relationship that I have
with gold so what you do is you learn to read chart patterns on all time frames
and then the second thing is you learn to identify turning points which are the
end of a trend and the end of a correction there are many people in the
industry who believe that that’s not possible to do that’s great I love to
hear that but it is possible to do and if you would like to know how to do it I
will show you right now so the first thing you do is you go to even the
monthly timeframe and you read this pattern now in order to read this
pattern you would have to have invested a lot of time and practice in reading
patterns it’s probably making a correction to this trend this is clearly
a trend over here on the monthly and this is probably a correction on this
side of the chart you know people have different long-term views about gold and
maybe it’s just going up forever and even if this is an ABC whether it’s an
ABC or there’s a one two three and hold on for a second I apologize if I said a
B see or one-two-three and there may be
some people out there who take offense to that but if you really want to know
what financial markets do you have to look at a chart and you have to agree
that what it did here is exactly what financial markets do you can’t deny what
financial markets do if you keep on denying and say it didn’t do that it
didn’t do what’s on this chart that would be insane so you don’t want to go
down the route of insanity you want to be able to look at this chart and know
that that is true that the market did what’s on this chart so I’m just
describing what the market actually did whatever turns I use I could look on
here and say well the chaos theory says this or if I said something else support
and resistance or something else the market did this and if you can see it
then you can trade so what’s doing right now is forming the shape of a trend and
for a long time I have considered this to be the shape of a 1-2-3 even if this
is making a C it’s a 1-2-3 of c2 to get further into that you would have to have
some background in Elliott Wave science which I say science because it’s not a
theory because this is what mark markets do markets did this what’s on this chart
and we’re just describing what it did and it did this right here – so the
first thing you want to do is to learn to recognize where there’s impulsive
price action and where there’s corrective price action and if you can
do that you can identify the end of a trend or the end of a correction I can
show you how to do it I probably would not be able to show you how to do it in
one YouTube video and it takes some time and practice but you can learn how to do
it and I will show you as much as I can in this one video right now so I’m gonna
go from the monthly down to the weekly now I see this 1 2 3 and it’s still
going up but in in the past back here we identified this point as a place to go
long and that was a fantastic day it was a fantastic trade and we
identified one specific point right there where we went on and sometimes I
have showed this on charts before and people have said you’re just pointing
something at something in hindsight and obviously that’s ridiculous because when
I did this trade in our live sessions and I then I recorded it and put a video
up of this happening I was not doing it in hindsight right so let’s just forget
that whole the idea because it’s totally false and if you say that I’m doing this
in hindsight you’re just actually trying to deny what’s true you’re trying to
push away what’s true and not learn what markets do so that you won’t be able to
make money so make sure that if that’s what you’re doing we’re gonna work on
your your subconscious blocks because that’s what causes that to happen causes
it to happen in a lot of people they could be sitting there right now trying
to say something negative as I’m showing you how to trade and make money for the
rest of your life it should be very positive and you should be very happy
about it so we identified this point this is the end of a correction and I
could show you exactly how to identify an end of a correction that’s a whole
nother subject it would take several videos to show you all the details of
how to identify the end of a correction but you can see right here this is the
end of a correction and that’s what we got enta fide and that’s where you’d
want to enter is it true do you now realize that it’s true that identifying
the end of a correction is the most profitable strategy for ever entering a
trade is not possible to get more profit than buying identifying the end of a
correction think about that for a minute hopefully most of you don’t have to
think about that for very long you instantly realize that that is true and
if you instantly realize that’s true we can move forward to refining that skill
but a lot of people go no at the end of a correction isn’t a place to enter and
for that I have to slap you I’d have to stick it in your face I do you know can
you see it can you see it can see do you know it’s true do you know it’s true or
you know that it’s true hopefully if you know that it’s true
then we could just move forward with how could you do that
then next step I go to the daily and I see a pattern if you can’t see the
pattern if you don’t know what patterns are then you would be at a disadvantage
but if you can learn to recognize patterns man these the this is why I
love gold is because it is fantastic for identifying pattern turning points and
we’ve been doing it over and over right specifically on the point where it’s
moving where it’s turning so we identified this point right here and I
realize that this is in the past and I’m pointing at it in hindsight so saying
that I’m doing that in hindsight won’t cause that trade in the past to have
been done in hindsight and we have that all recorded as well now if you look at
this point right here we identified that point on the very moment and the very
day to go along why because that was the end of a correction so that showed the
next movement up on the daily and we have a recording of us looking at this
in our live session where right at that moment everyone in the room said wow
gold has formed a turn on the daily YZ I looked at it and there I could see oh it
has turn on the daily and it was right at one specific point and what an
excellent day that was but for the people who could not identify that they
wouldn’t know that and they would think well you know they don’t know how to
identify turning points or what a pattern is so then they’re just
constantly at a loss of what to do but this is not about trading on the monthly
or trading on the daily something like that it’s about identifying the all
turning points on any financial instrument including gold on any time
frame so from there I would drop down to the 12 hour and to the eight hour and
but the whole time I’m imprinting in my mind and seeing a pattern that is
communicating to me something that is just like reading a language it’s just
like seeing a letter of an alphabet or reading a sentence and all of this can
become that way for you to if you just invest a little bit of time and effort
into practicing and getting used to seeing the patterns that markets make so
I’ve been looking at these patterns every day of my life for many years and
now I can read them and you don’t have to invest years to be able to read these
patterns you can learn to do it almost instantaneously but it still will take
some practice in some time this point right here I mean I know that I’m just
pointing at it in the past but that was earlier this week and I identified that
specific point on multiple time frames this is a four hour but it’s on the four
hour and the one hour or I identified this as a turning point and knew that
the that goal was going to go up and continue the uptrend right from that
very point let me show you what it looks like on the one hour photograph this in
your mind as I jump to the one hour there it is you still have that
photograph on there now you see this shape do you see this shape for some
people you would instantaneously be able to recognize this point right here as a
turning point but for other people it might take a little bit of practice and
some time and guidance guidance every day with repetition over and although
you start to get this this point right here I mean for someone who knows
patterns you would instantly recognize this is a 3-way pattern down this is the
last section of the three ways one two three four five divergence compression
end of a wave five turning-point regular thing that you see every day of your
life and every day of your life it continues to follow through so that you
know that that’s true about Marcus is not my opinion it’s not
my opinion that the market turned there that’s a scientific fact and it’s a
scientific fact that I identified that as a turning point and it could be a
scientific fact that you could identify that as a turning point as well we’re
not talking about anyone’s opinion about how to trade or anything is nothing that
could generate any argument there’s nothing that you can argue about that is
a turning point either you recognize it or you didn’t from that point the market
went up if you entered there you got profit if you did something other than
that you didn’t get profit or you didn’t get as much then right after that it
turned again right here so then it turned right here I exited my long after
entering right here so I’m showing you how to trade go and you should be
getting some ideas right now that there’s no way you could trade gold
better than this I don’t think is it possible how could you trade gold better
than that and then how is it that you would do this how can you do this I’m
telling you right now I’m actually revealing to you exactly how you do it
but there may be a little bit more to it that you would have to learn from
practice right so if you don’t master how to trade gold by watching one video
well don’t get discouraged because you may want to invest some time and effort
into learning something when you consider how valuable it can be to you
so then it formed this correction and then we identified the end of this
correction again for another long entry and we’ve been doing that all the way
back back as far as you can go for several years all on gold every time
there’s a turning point if you look at a chart and you see a turning point
what do you recognize it has a turning point anyway some people might look at
this and just see a bunch of chaos but that’s okay some people can look at this
and see complete order and pattern and that’s what I see when I look on here I
see complete order and pattern maybe not absolutely complete
you know it’s got its own little organic twist to the variations of patterns that
are continually forming on all financial instruments but this one if I go to the
30 minute maybe even the 15 minutes you will see that this is a correction in an
uptrend and then you can see that this is an in of a correction you might not
be able to recognize that if you don’t know how to identify ends of Corrections
you might be getting in all over the place and trying many different times
for each correction if you don’t really know how to do it but you can learn how
to do it that part we have proven so this was identified as an end of a
correction so how do you trade gold if you want to get profit you learn to
identify impulsive movements and you learn how to identify what is a trend
and what is the shape of a trend and I can show you all of this stuff because
we have live trading sessions every day because for most people if you want to
learn how to trade it requires that you immerse yourself into it and have
repetition and guidance over a long period of time while you’re practicing
you could try to practice it on your own and see what happens but it is far
superior to do it together as a group and to have guidance and repetition
every day do you understand now even if it’s just a little bit and you have just
made some breakthrough and progress to discovering what’s true about how to
trade gold how to trade any financial market and in this video have you
discovered more about what’s true about the market because it’s on the chart
it’s not me saying something this is on the chart what I’m talking about that
you would need to discover what’s true that’s on the chart look at the chart
and discover what’s true and when you do discover what’s true it will be this
method that I’m showing you how to identify the end of a
action how to identify the end of a trend that’s true about markets and when
you gain that skill no one can take it away from you you will always have it
and it’s worth every minute every every day or hour of anguish and frustration
that you may have to go through during the process of learning it is worth
every minute of it keep up your motivation
don’t let anyone discourage you if you’re learning this particular skill
that I’m telling you right now how to identify the end of a trend how to
identify the end of a correction if anyone ever tries to deserve you don’t
fall for it keep on being positive and keep on pushing forward no matter what
happens if you blow five accounts five live accounts keep on comeback fund
another account and keep practicing it hopefully you would never have to do
that if you’re surrounded by other people who are guiding you in helping
you along your way so if you want to know more about what really works in
trading just go to trading mastermind com and you don’t have to buy anything
because we have a free series of training and videos that you can use to
get started and to help you to discover what’s really true about markets and
what really works in training I look forward to seeing you in the next video
and remember to trade deliberately and live your life deliberately as well you

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