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– Hello everyone, my name is Katie Carson and I am the Duchess of
Suds here at Royalty Soaps. Welcome back to the channel. This video has been two
months in the making and I am so excited to share it with you. This is one of my favorite
projects I have ever done. This video is also sponsored by Wix. Wix is an online platform that lets you build your website from scratch. They have fully customizable templates, easy social media integration, and very affordable price plans. So, when they reached out to me and wanted to collab, I knew exactly what I wanted to do,
because I had been talking with my friend Kasey, who is launching his online webstore. He was shopping around,
hadn’t quite picked who he was gonna choose
to host and provide, and I was like, bingo,
ya girl got ya covered! As you guys probably know,
I’ve been an entrepreneur for a really long time, ever
since I was 17 years old, and I’m 25 now, and
during that entire time, I’ve never had a close friend of mine start a business, so it’s
been kind of a lonely journey. So, what Kasey knows is that
I’m building him a website, and we talked about it,
and I put it all together, but what he doesn’t know is that Wix is actually giving him a
business premium website on their platform for a year for free. And web hosting for a year for free when you are first starting a business is a really big deal, because
you are trying to find the best deal possible everywhere because capital is often
stretched to the limit. So, once again, thanks to Wix
for sponsoring this video, and hey, if you guys
need a blog, a website, a personal portfolio, sign up for Wix using the link right down here. There will also be this link down in the description box for you guys. So, without further ado, let’s meet Kasey. Also, be sure to stay
tuned to the very end because I’m giving away two $50 gift cards for the Royalty Soap Shop
for the September release that you get to use before
anyone else enters the shop. You don’t wanna miss that opportunity. Stay tuned to the end. Kasey Tackett, it is so
good to have you here at Royalty Soaps. – It is so good to be here,
Katie, thanks for having me. – Absolutely! So, I’m just gonna ask
you a few quick questions. – Okay. – Where are you currently working? – I currently work at Apple. (gasping) – Do you like your job? – I do.
– You do? – I do, I used to bartend
and I used to work in the service industry
for a lot of years, which is a very enabling environment. And so, it went from sending
people out the door like, hope you get home safe, bro,
to hey, let me help you. Like, I can provide a service that means something to somebody, so in that way, I love my job. – So what made you wanna
start Tackett Foods? – So, I love to eat.
– Cool. – And I love people.
– Awesome. – And that’s pretty
much as simple as it is. – All right. – Eating is something that everybody does. – Yeah. – And that I do more than everybody, so. (laughing) I started to make salsa
for my peeps at Apple. Thanks, guys. And the more that I realized
they weren’t just telling me they liked it because to be nice, and I could tell that
people liked this stuff, so the more I made it, they would pay me, you know, just for the ingredients. And then I realized, oh
man, I can eat all the time. – Truly a dream come true! – I can eat for a living! Once that dawned on me, I got after it, so I started purchasing the tools, the equipment, and eventually, I want to build that community. And I’ve had some people come back with amazing stories of, like, “Hey, I haven’t talked to my mom in years, “and we were sitting around the table “eating your salsa the other day.” I was like, hey, what? – Super awesome. – Infiltrated their home with my salsa! – So, when’s the Tackett
Foods launch date? – September first. – That’s right, which also happens to be the exact same day this video
is going live, all right! That wasn’t planned at all! – Never! – So, to get ready for the
launch of Tackett Foods, we gotta get you a website, man, we gotta get you a website. What’s important for you in a website? – I would like to be able to order the thing I want to order. Minimalist, right? Like, if I want salsa and
I go to a website for salsa and I can’t find the salsa, I’m upset. – Okay, salsa on the homepage, got it. (laughing) I’m really, really excited
to do your website now. I think you’ve given me
enough vision and direction to make it simple, and yet a lot of leeway so I can play with it and make it fun. So, we will see Kasey
back in about two weeks, and I will show you your website. Hopefully you like it, and
it’s gonna be super fun. – I’m really excited. – All right! My kids are in the bed,
so let’s build a website. Kasey gave me a lot of
room to use my imagination, but the two things that he specified he really wanted on this website was ease of navigation,
and a very clean outline. In this part of the video,
I’m gonna be focusing on three main things, and all of them have to do with design. If you wanna get down
into the nitty gritty of website building, such
as how to accept payments, how to set up shipping parameters, how to mess with your Google SEO, Wix has such a tutorial style interface that anything I could
tell you on this topic is gonna be superfluous. They’ve already done such a good job. They’ve got a little
checklist on the side, and if you’ve done
everything on that checklist, you’re literally ready to launch. Almost all of the
comments and the questions that I get on website building have to do with design, so that’s gonna be our primary focus today. Let’s create your first site. So, we’re gonna click on that button, and then they immediately ask you what kind of website
do you want to create? The only reason they’re asking you this is so that they can throw at you the templates they think
you’re gonna like best right off the bat. So, I’m gonna go with online store because I wanna see things
that are e-commerce integrated. Now we can see all of the templates for online stores, and
already, I just love them. The makeup store one is so pretty. That being said, all the ones
they’re throwing at me here are not what I’m gonna be using for Kasey. These are things I personally am drawn to, but that’s not his brand, so we’re gonna go to
food and drinks for him. I can see, just based on
what they’ve thrown at me, one that I know is gonna
be perfect for him, and that’s the Gourmet Food Shop. Got a little bit of that modern man, traditional yet minimal thing going on, so we’re gonna click on this
and click the edit button, and then they’re gonna start
loading up our website. Okay, so now we’re in
the Wix website editor, and I’m just gonna take
a look at the front page. And once again, I’m kind of thinking about what Kasey is going to want to see. The homepage is very important. It is the first place
that any of your customers are going to see. This is like a first
impression, if you will. The first thing I’m gonna change is this background image,
because even though it’s very crisp, and very clean, and asparagus is delicious,
Kasey makes salsa, and that doesn’t go. So, I’m gonna change this
image by clicking on it and pressing Change Images, and then it was originally a slider, but I’m just gonna make
it one stable image, so I’m gonna delete all of them, and ten I’m gonna add images, and we’re gonna search. Now, I could upload my
own, but I don’t have one, so instead we’re gonna explore. We’re gonna go to Media from Wix, which is free photos that
you can use on your website. Anybody can use them. I’m scrolling down a little bit, and I have found the
one, Grilled Vegetables. It’s got fire in the
back, it’s got that nice red color in this pepper. It sets a mood for the website, and that’s a purposeful decision to do with your online store, especially if you have handmade products. You need to be giving people
a feel and an experience. I’m gonna add it to the
gallery, and then done. Oh yes, now see, that looks a lot better. That’s a lot more salsa-fied. I also really like this
picture in the middle. It’s not too much, but
we’re gonna have to change a few things to fit his
brand a little better. So, the first thing to
go is this Good to Eat. And then, I’m gonna upload his logo. You want your logo to be one of the first things that people see. Okay, we’ve got the Tackett logo uploaded. We’re gonna add that to page,
and there we go, right there. So, just gonna resize it by drawing it in. Some of this is personal preference. It’s very much personal preference. How big your logo is in the middle, that’s something that you get to pick. I think this looks nice,
so that’s what I’m doing. So, the next thing that
we’re gonna mess with is this textbox down here, and we’re gonna put Community Flavored. I love the sound of typing. Mr. Piggy has to go. I like that it’s illustrated,
so I’m gonna look for an image similar to this,
but maybe a vegetable. (laughing) Now, I found this
tomato, and this is where we can talk about branding
and fitting your theme. The tomato looks good, and while a tomato would accurately express Kasey’s brand, because tomato, salsa, duh, we’re not gonna use watercolor. Kasey’s brand just isn’t as
delicate as watercolor is. It’s sorta rough around the edges. You can tell by his logo it’s got kind of like a ripped look to it. Now, this tomato, it’s black and white, it’s not too frilly,
it’s a lot more simple. There you go, that’s more like it! At this point, I’m
pretty gosh darn pleased with this header. I think it is looking pretty good. Easy to read, Tackett, Community Flavored, tomato, Start Shopping, that’s it. So now we’re gonna work on
the header and the menu. Now, this is gonna be
on every single page, but once again, it’s on the homepage and it’s important to
get the homepage right. I’m gonna remove some of these options because he doesn’t need all this stuff. If he wanted to, Kasey could make his entire website one page. So, I’ve clicked on it,
I’m gonna manage the menu, so I’m not gonna change any of the fonts or anything like that,
I’m just gonna remove some of the things. So, the Find Us page, we’re going to hide. We have a Home page, an About
page, and a Product page. Easy to navigate and very simple. All right, so now, we’ve got a
good looking navigation menu, and now we’re gonna start
working on the products, these three guys right here. So, we’re gonna go to the
dashboard at this point to manage our products,
and here’s the little virtual checklist I was
talking about, right here. So, the first thing they want us to do, of course, is to add a product, so that’s what we’re gonna do. So, here’s all the
products that they have. These are mock products. They even have a couple of them on sale. So, I’m gonna select all
of them, they’re gone. They’re gone! Now, I have probably made over 600 individual product pages, and I’ve found that the best way to go about this is to start at the top and
work your way to the bottom, because if you’re hopping around just adding stuff willy nilly, it’s gonna be a lot more confusing and you’re gonna feel half done. The first product that
I’m gonna put in for Kasey is the Combo times three, and then we’re going
to add a product image. They are so important to get right. If you guys would like
me to do an entire video on how I take my product photos, I would be happy to show you guys how to shoot it on an iPhone. The basics for product photography, don’t use artificial
light unless you have to and unless that is your brand. But if you’re going for like of a more handcrafted, sort of natural vibe, and you have natural
backgrounds and stuff, try to use natural light if you can. So, I’m gonna grab his description, so I’m gonna place that in, and here’s how I typically like to set up the description. Now, this is a personal preference. It’s not something that you have to do. So, for me personally, I like to do, like, a flavor profile or
something of that nature, especially if you have lots of variants of the same type of product. For salsa, that would be
lots of different flavors. It’s all salsa. For me, that would be lots
of different fragrances. It’s all soap. If you have a product like that, distinguishing it immediately from all the others right off the bat is the way to go. So, you go down, he’s talking about, like, introductory level of heat. This is probably the spiciest one of all of the salsas that he has. And then the next thing that I always list and what he’s chosen to
list as well is the weight. People want to know how big
is this thing that I’m buying, and then how do I use it. So, he has gone full
out for this how to use. For soap, I just said, you know, like, hey, you could cut it in half
if it’s a little too big, they should last you about
this long, blah, blah, blah. And then always, if you’re selling things that have ingredients, list that on each individual product page,
because that’s gonna help customers out a lot,
especially if they have allergies. You want to let them know right away if this is a product that they’re even gonna be able to use. Perfect, scrolling right along. I don’t personally like
additional info sections on every single product page. If people want to read your return policy, your instructions, that sort of a thing, make it its own specialized page that they can go look
at if they wanna see it, because the vast majority of people are not gonna wanna look at that and they don’t care. Now, for inventory and shipping. You have to track your inventory and it’s very convenient
to do it on your website, so I’m gonna turn that on, and then I’m gonna change
his inventory to one and he can change it to
whatever it is later on. Now I’m gonna put the weight in. This is 1.5 pounds shippable weight. That’s what I typically
like to put on these things, because you have to account for your wrap that you have to put
around it, your box itself. So, what I always
recommend doing is going, taking your product, packing it all up, and then weighing that box. That’s what you need to put as
your weight on your website. So, we’re gonna save her right up. So, I’m on the homepage,
I’m gonna scroll down and you can see all the
products are gone, oh no! It’s because I deleted them. I selected the one on the very right ’cause I’m gonna go mild, medium, hot. We’re gonna go to settings,
and then it’s gonna ask me to choose a product. So, here it is, the combo times
three that we already made. Perfect. So, at this point, we
have discussed a template for your website, how I do design, how to make your own product pages, and we’ve talked about
how to do a homepage and make a very cohesive navigation menu. Okay, so here’s Kasey’s actual website, not the mock-up that I was doing before, and as you can see right here,
six out of seven complete. There’s a few things that I
still need to get from him, like his About page, so those
are left blank for right now. But other than that,
we’re looking really good, and each one of the product
pages is really amazing. Another good thing to note about making your product description very easy to understand and easy to read is use bold text and italic text. That is a great way to
make something stand out. As you can se, the
ingredients, they’re italic, so that kinda helps break up the monotony of all of these words. If you go up here to products, we have his current selection. That’s all been loaded in. Once again, this Tackett
Foods and his Instagram have been plugged in on every single page. So that’s it for the design portion of this website video. I’m really excited about it. I think it’s got a very
clean, minimal aesthetic while also having a lot of character and a lot of flavor, as it were. And if you guys have
any questions on design when it comes to websites,
please leave ’em down below. I’ll get to as many as I can. This has been one of the most stress-free website building
experiences I have ever had, if not the most stress-free. Okay, let’s go show Kasey! We’ve back, and I’ve finished the website. – Hey, thanks.
– You’re so welcome. – I’m so stoked! – All right, you ready to see? – Yes.
– Here we go! – Wow, dude, that is legitimate. – How do you like the fire? – I love it. – Actually a stock photo from Wix. Yeah. Your three products that you’re launching are right here on the homepage,
so ease of navigation. They will be able to find that salsa. – It’s like we talked about it! – Just like we talked about! – This is so simple. – Yeah, it’s really, really– – It’s so straightforward. – It’s so straightforward,
but if you click on any one of the products, it’ll take you to all of the details about them. – Let’s click on this one. You got the description right underneath. – Go to View Cart. – This is hands down the cleanest website I think I’ve ever used. – Really?
– Yeah. – And I’m not even a professional! (laughing) – I mean, this is exactly what I want my customers to see. – Perfect. – Just, hey, like, you want salsa? Here it is, I’m not trying
to complicate your life. – So, Wix knows it’s a huge undertaking to start a small business. There’s so much that goes
into it behind the scenes. It’s you keeping shipping
materials in your house, and you cooking all the
things in your kitchen, not a commercial kitchen. – Truth. – So, they know all this,
and because they are trying to support small businesses and help them off the ground, they’re actually giving you an entire year of their premium business plan for free. – You’re serious? – Yeah, I’m for real, for real. – This right here that
we’ve been talking about? – Yeah, for free for a whole year. – Are you serious?
– Yeah! – You’re serious? – Yes, I’m so, I would not lie about something like this. That’d be so mean. – Thank you! – You’re so welcome!
– Thank you, Wix! For the record, I mean, I don’t know what your background is in web design. – Nothing! – But this looks really good. – So, Tackett Foods,
where can they find you? – Quite obviously, tackettfoods.com, and I think we’re gonna try and do one event a month where I can sell the salsa to you guys, but
also just bring some games, so you guys can meet me, you
can see what we’re about. – Thanks for joining us on Royalty Soaps and good luck with Tackett Foods. – Thank you, Katie! – Yeah! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If you did, please give
it a big thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, leave us a comment down below. Be sure to check out the
Tackett Foods website. And here’s another
little surprise for Kasey he doesn’t know that I’m putting in. If you make an order on
the Tackett Foods website within the next 48 hours
of this video going live, you will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the Royalty Soaps shop
for the September release, and you get to shop
before anybody else does. That means, you want that shampoo bar? You got that shampoo bar! But you’re only entered to win if you make an order from Tackett Foods in the next 48 hours. And you know what? I’ll double the offer. I’ll give away two $50 gift cards. That means there’s gonna be two winners. This was the most incredible sponsorship I have ever done. It was so much fun, it was amazing to have another person involved with it and getting to collab in this way. Wix is incredible, I cannot
recommend them enough. And seriously, the most
customizable templates. Like, I can’t get away from that. So, one more time, if you need a website, if you need a personal blog, if you need somewhere to
put all of your pictures to show people who may want to buy them, Wix is the platform for you, and I will link it down below and right here on the screen, magically appearing right
now for your convenience. If you have an website building questions, particularly about design, don’t forget to leave ’em down below. I’ll try to get to as many as I can. Kenny may answer some as well, because he’s the one who helps me with my website building and devers for Royalty Soaps most of the time. And we will see you guys very soon, so until next time, have
an absolutely royal day, and bye for now! (cheerful music)

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