Ichimoku Cloud Trader Overview

Hi there, traders, this is Brad Gilbert. Now
I want to give you an overview all about Ichimoku Cloud Trader, this is by far
and away the best tool that we’ve developed, it allows you to take
advantage of the Ichimoku Cloud, okay and with very little trading knowledge for
that matter. Okay so let me just sort of give you bit of a description, if you
aren’t familiar with the Ichimoku Cloud, it trades, or behaves just like trendlines, except it has two sides to it, so the currency is coming down from above
the cloud, the first level of the cloud acts as support, and then you’ve got the
second level of support on the bottom part of the line. Same likewise if
it’s coming from below the line, the top, or the bottom of the cloud is the first
level of resistance and the top of the cloud is the second level of resistance.
Now when the currency itself is inside the cloud, well the top acts as resistance
the bottom acts as support and you can actually rangetrade the actual cloud
itself, right, so this look at the range, the break, and the false break trading
strategies ready to go with this, now as I said you don’t need a lot of knowledge
to work it. Now one of the most common strategies is you know, and you’ve seen it a lot on your charts, when Dollar Yen goes for a big run, usually you’re at work,
you’re out enjoying your day, you can’t sit in front of the screens all day, so
all you have to do is simply set the Ichimoku Trader up for a break trading
strategy to take advantage of these potential opportunities, all right, and
what you find is, you’re going to make more money by not being in front of the screens than you ever have before, now let me just show you how easy this is to put on,
and I think this is one of the keys to the actual tool being extremely
successful, is actually that ease of use. Now I’ve already at the default setting it’s Break – Break, that’s probably the most common strategy that we can put on the
market, now you can adjust your break settings, say whether it’s a seven points
you hit okay, and once I’ve done that I know I have two orders pending in the
market, I have a break trade on the top line of the cloud, another break trade on
the bottom line. So what that means is I’ll be by above the first
the cloud and above the second, the top of the cloud as well, now you might be
thinking “Well how do I know exactly where I’m going to be placing my orders?” Well
this is where we spent a lot of time to make sure traders were comfortable
with the settings we’ve added an extra indicator which pulls up a couple
of dotted lines that shows you exactly where your orders are going to be set,
okay and once you’ve seen the visual side of it you may decide to change
those levels and you can simply go in, adjust those levels. But that’s not all,
you can actually place two strategies on every chart, whether it’s a range, a break
or a false break, on the upper and lower sides of the cloud right, so it captures
everything, every strategy that you can think of is actually captured in the
actual the tool itself, but then once again this isn’t, I don’t think that’s
the best feature of it, basically you come back to your currencies, and say
you’re ready to go to work for the day, and you can see the Dollar Yen’s got a bit
of a build up, in this situation we could potentially see a break for the topside,
so what I would do is, you know as I said this doesn’t take very long, because I
already have the settings in place, I’ve come across to each of the Yen
crosses, I can simply double click on the indicator and all the orders the break
trades are set for all these orders and there’s nothing else for me to do okay, the
only thing actually for me to do is, go about my day, relax, all the
management tools behind this are already in place, if you want to double check
where your orders are set, you can simply come back through, double click on the indicator, double click on the indicator itself, and
that will show you exactly where your orders are going to be set, and that’s it.
So, like the amount of time that you’re going to save by using this tool and
activating it, as I said, you’re gonna save, your lifestyle is going to improve,
you’re going to make more money through the trading opportunities and all your
positions are managed, so as I said, once you’ve come inside the expert advisor,
this is the good part about it – too what we do is, make sure that you can
actually set your take profit levels, there’s a split profit facility as well,
so you can actually take some of the cash off the table early, you’ve got your
stop-loss, you’ve got a bunch of trailing stop losses there as well, so as soon as
your position starts to move in the cash, you can start to adjust your stops, so
basically, when you do have a trade in play, you don’t get caught out by you
know, it going say 20 points in the cash for instance, this situation here where
you’ve got a break trade at the downside, once it’s sort of 50, or you can actually
set the levels yourself, 20 points in the cash your order is moved to break-even,
you know, 40 points in the cash, your take profit is moved to 20 points in the
cash etc, so you can actually set the trailing stops, adjustment stops, you can
partial take profit and actually set all the different strategies as well and
besides that, you can actually set it on say 7 or 8 different Yen and Yen
crosspairs in about 20 seconds, it’s the best tool we’ve got. If you have any
questions, give us a call or send us an email and [email protected]
and we hope you enjoy using the Ichimoku Cloud. Cheerio

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  1. What does the cloud actually represent? I watch all you trader's talk about this cloud. As a new trader, what does it actually represent? Above and below doesn't mean much at this point.

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