Impractical Jokers – My Stock Market Advisor

Ray, Joe, have a seat pal All right, Ray,
so, I’ll give you an overview of basically how it is, this financial plan
that’s right for you. Keep saying “shtock market.” Shtock, shtock. We talk a lot about
the shtock market, shtocks in general. I don’t know if you own any shtocks, dividends,
bonds, shtocks. We talk about all that. You want to probably
try to keep down the amount of credit-card debt
you’re in. Very smart. You want a negative balance
on all your credit cards. You want a negative balance on
all your credit cards, actually. I always send in extra money
every month. I always send in extra money. When people ask me
about my credit score… So that when somebody asks me
about my credit score… …I tell them those bitches
owe me money, son. …I’m like, “Those bitches
owe me money, son.” [ Laughter ] What do you do now? Security guard. Security guard. Great. Turn around and look at
the shelf behind you, bud. I had a book back here that — Oh. Q: It’s a wet jock strap
drying behind his head. [ Laughing ] You’re here
for financial planning. Sorry, I accidentally
left my jock strap out. -I was drying the sweat out.
-I was drying it out. Murr:
Put it on the desk. Ah. [ Laughter ] Talk to me about your
retirement a little bit. Paint me a picture
of what you think your retirement would be like. -I think to enjoy life.
-Now close your eyes. Nice, warm, like Florida maybe,
in the Caribbean or something? Yeah, yeah, margarita in your hand. Sal: Get carried away. No shirt on, just taking in
those sun rays. It’s nice.
That’s it, baby. Maybe you’re in a hammock. Fresh coconut. Sal: Maybe I’m rubbing
some lotion on you. Maybe, you know, I’m rubbing
some lotion on you. No, I’m sorry. I got caught up.
I got caught up. I’m kidding. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to
have another meeting with me? I would say about an 8. An 8? That high. Great. -8.
-It’s a dead tie. Wow, buddy! Shtocks.

75 Replies to “Impractical Jokers – My Stock Market Advisor”

  1. Even though Joe was being a bit weird, he seems like someone that would legit be a financial advisor. Plus he seems pretty solid guy to guy. Not surprised the dude gave him an 8.

  2. The Rothschild family is a group of Jewish globalists trying to push their Zionist agenda and take over the world. Fight back! Stop them!

  3. Smart move cutting himself off and saying “just kidding I got carried away” because that makes it impossible for the other jokers to squeeze in something more embarrassing. Granted, they still could, but it would break the flow.

  4. This one was on all three of u guys…..that negetive credit score thing….. That sound pretty impressive when it came out of joes mouth…. Not surprised he got an 8

  5. If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  6. One thing I don't like about impractical jokers is "A MAN IN A DRESS." if only you knew what they're really trying to promote with their Zionist pedophiliac agendas.

  7. Jason has a story with my cousin and they went to Chicago and vomited on black people since they hate Trump. Oh wait. They were the MAGA hats who attacked Jussie Smollet

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