Interview de Jens KLATT, Trader et Analyste chez JFD Brokers: Analyse Marchés, Outils, Indicateurs

so my daily work it is like covering the market open edex covering the market open also in the US markets so these are the short webinars I do and then on a daily basis I do the morning meeting the so called morning meeting in German and in English and so people have an idea of how I see the markets not just from a research perspective but also in terms of what potential trading ideas do I have so I’m also managing clients money and so I have an opinion on the market and my opinion on the market is what I present on those webinars on a daily basis you have a strong experience of the financial markets what are the main point that you look for is it technical analysis from the montar analysis both it’s a combination of both Plus on top of that the sentiment so I usually look at how the market is positioned not just in terms of retail traders but also in terms of the big speculators commitment of traders report for example so to give you an idea right now for example there is a heavy short exposure in the market in British pound pound sterling on a broad scale so what I usually do is I look for potential trigger events like Teresa may I’m calling for a snap election and may I see for example on a big time frame your GBP a potential head shoulder formation and on top of that there’s the sentiment extreme if I combine all those three I consider to be short your GBP for example and then based on technical points i’ll formulate a setup and a go for it now okay if we talk about analysis we had many events those Muncie’s like Trump election break seeds okay the European the French election affect the European markets but no the risk passed we see that the variety is really low and the index is hourly I what do you think and which analysis can you do of this market so you’re basically asking what I am sure it or not equities right now so I think right now we have to be patient a little more so I’d say until probably late summer somewhere in July August probably and I think from a statistical standpoint then we have a quite good chance to see big moves in the market for whatever reason I don’t know so there will be a trigger no one right now is thinking about I think for example you could say okay the Chinese markets are somehow getting volatile again and that’s one of the reasons potential triggers why equities here in Germany or in in in France or in the UK in the u.s. becoming more volatile the thing is that I don’t see such events to be the trigger at all since many do expect this on the other hand we have to say even if those events we know them market is it’s not buying insurance right now so if such an event hits and there’s a potential trigger which could lead to a huge sell-off since the mark is not prepared for this so to put all this together I think we need to be a patient little more let’s say two two-and-a-half meet once for example or especially two and a half months and then there’s a good chance that we get to see each kind of risk off move in the markets so that’s what I’m right now waiting for – okay last thing about the central banks in USA the rates I in Europe we still have a big quantitative easing or I mean the some york and central bank buy a lot of and bring a lot of money on the markets do you think it can affect and create fear the fact that we change of cycle we had a cycle with low rate because of 2008 crisis no is finished and the rate increased what do you think I would that I definitely think this could also trigger volatility definitely I’m so in the u.s. the thing is that if the fat rises hike mm hikes rates too high or too fast too high I think there’s a chance that we get to see a huge deal ever aging since we know that market is highly leveraged right now if you look at the nice leverage for example I think here in Europe I’m not sure whether they çb really can hike rates before ending the QE program I think they’re rumors right now in the markets not just that I think that but rumors that the that there will be some kind of taper if you want we had already some kind of taper with the ECB reducing their as a purchase per month from 80 to 60 billion but to be honest I don’t think that this will happen very soon since there’s lots of difficulties in the credit market still for example in Italy for example and now with macro in France for example being the new president I think he has a neoliberal list I think one might say Mac who he come build a new party so we don’t know exactly but for sure is liberal is poor European and pro-business sure and so with this in mind I think the ECB has also some trouble probably to hike rates too soon too high or in general hiking rates so if there’s a trigger I could imagine it to come from the US markets so there’s also this loan crisis in the automobile sector if I remember right so there are several potential catalysts not sure if they will be the catalyst but if you if you look at it consider them low volatility I think we have plenty of good reasons to to to expect bigger moves to come if it’s hiking rates if it’s instability of the financial market since China if it’s kind of tsunami hitting I don’t know the UK and brexit will not come because there will be some kind of of help from there from the eurozone or something I don’t know but I’m very sure that them right quite soon will be have will see bigger moves in the market okay and you say that you do daily work and you do technical analysis what are the tools or indicators that you look for super and resistance do you sue indicators support resistance yes sure in Germany we call it mark technic so it’s very similar to to the theory so I’m not kind of big fan of indicators like RSI or MACD or slow so classic and sometimes I look at it since I know that many people who watch me who listen to what I have to say look at those indicators but all in all it’s not part of my trading as already sadness it’s usually a combination of fundamental analysis so big trigger events not small events like retail sales or something right now this is not not a big topic but like monetary policy decisions and employment situation for example and then the sentiment has already set retail a sentiment also commitment of traders report and if I look at technical unless and usually it’s very simple so to be honest its support resistance it’s based on a higher high sell low so as an uptrend I go home and lower highs lower lows and I go short it’s in it’s in downtrend but I’m not really a kind of channels I’m looking for or a kind of that no not at all okay if we want to look at your work we can go on JFD website we can also go on the YouTube channels wells exactly yeah exactly and then on my website but I don’t think that to so many French people were probably profit from this since it’s mainly in in German so about on the YouTube channel from from JFD there is also the research in English so if you are interested I am highly recommended and much appreciate it if you if you join the morning meeting and and if you have any questions just shoot them over so mail Twitter whatever you want I’m definitely there Thank You Yangs for you and to us thank you

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