Is Oliver Velez A Risky Trader?

24 Replies to “Is Oliver Velez A Risky Trader?”

  1. So it’s comparable to a batting average in baseball; getting many singles and doubles with the occasional home run?

  2. You are one of the best teachers of trading in the industry and really enjoy your videos and especially periscope. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of you trading in real time. One thing that really stands out however is that you do not add nor exit your trades the same way that you teach your traders often times, or at least what I have seen. I get you being more of a scalper, but do you have traders that trade for you where you take no issue with them scalping if you were reviewing there trades? The reason I ask is that like yourself, I have been around other seven figure traders who also scalp with size and curious if you would ever encourage one of your traders to employ that methodology if doing it successfully and their believing "it suits my personality…." Thanks.

  3. You are incredibly professional in your trades, in the way of editing your videos. This lesson today was wonderful. I loved her. Thanks Oliver. May the heavens always bless you

  4. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait he's not done yet BOOM! $9,006 In your face hater LMFAO…. Loved it! P.s I watched the last 74sec at least 10x's bahahahahaha

  5. Thanks! Great video Oliver. Well explained on why accuracy is so important. Very cool ending to the video – nice work!

  6. Wow Oliver thats incredible, how you scalp the market!! My brain explode with the reverse ratio, Just insane! Thanks master for share wisdom every day! Your changing people's life! Your the best!

  7. really thank you very much, people usually say "quee but your operation does not even have a good ratio look where you have your MLPT and your three impulses gave half the distance that is a bad ratio". thanks for being my mentor for life

  8. How does one condition themselves to feel comfortable Shorting vs going Long?
    Can you do a Video on your opinion on which is more profitable and how to change the mindset into feeling comfortable Shorting stocks.
    I know many prefer going Long only, but I see many successful professional traders Shorting much more often than going Long.

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