Jolly Arts® -The Worldwide Marketplace for Women

Hi Neneh, could you tell our crowd something about Jolly
Arts in much better English than mine, please? I would love to. Jolly Arts is an online platform for
women and we present … … products from manufacturing companies
worldwide. I hope that … women from all over the world get to see it and
click on them and order the products without having the help of a middle man, that
would just bring extra costs to the product. It’s our way of bringing the small man up there,
into a worldwide marketplace, so that his products can be bought fairly.
We want to deal with fair trade here. We work from home offices at the moment and
we are hoping to do that also in the future, because it is better for the planet. We are trying
to go green without have to use energy to drive .. … to the office and come back home every day. We are working with long term unemployed people
that have the ability to get their work done but … do not have the opportunity to get a job. So we need funding right now for the project and
we are hoping that you help us as … … much as you can. We also accept donations.
Please be a part of it to make a dream come true and to achieve what we have planned. At the end of the day we are going to
help the smaller man to get there. Please support us.

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