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In this guide I will show you how to remove pre-installed applications on your Nokia 8110 4G without losing official updates. Let’s go into the “Development” category, in the “Customizations” / “Tweaks and Tricks” section From the index you can select the change you prefer. “Remove pre-installed applications” First of all we need to get temporary ROOT privileges, which do not interrupt official updates. To do this we can easily install the TELNETD application with OmniSD We enable debugging:
* # * # 3 3 2 8 4 # * # * Let’s go to the B-HACKERS STORE, and download the application from the “NET-TOOLS” category TELNETD will start a server with root privileges offline I have already removed the playable demos and Twitter, now I want to remove …. …. “Notes” and the link to “YouTube”, as I can install the app from the official Store and from the B-HACKERS STORE …. …. or simply use the browser to do this. We can proceed with the commands Let’s copy the “webapps.json” file from our user partition to the SD card: “adb shell” “busybox telnet localhost” now we are ROOT users “cp / data / local / webapps / webapps.json / sdcard /” To copy it to my HOME folder on my computer I will open another terminal, so as not to lose the ROOT shell adb pull /sdcard/webapps.json Let’s go see the file Here are all the applications installed on the phone. All we have to do is replace “false” with “true” in the “removable” parameter of the application we want to remove Remember these menus well, they contain only “Move” and two options to display the application menu. After this change the “Uninstall” item will also appear 4. we use adb to insert the webapps.json file in the temporary directory “/ data / local / tmp” “adb push webapps.json / data / local / tmp” I return to my root shell which I previously left open so as not to lose privileges we enter the folder:
“cd / data / local / webapps” create a backup webapps.json file:
“cp webapps.json webapps.json_bak” copy and paste the command:
“rm webapps.json && cp / data / local / tmp / webapps.json. & chmod 600 webapps.json && chown root: root webapps.json
” check permissions:
“ls -la webapps.json” if everything went well, a message like this should appear, obviously with a different date we can restart the phone (“exit”, “exit”) Remember these menus with only three entries … when you restart you will see a fourth one! “adb reboot” Visit the BANANAHACKERS website and subscribe to my channel for further updates! JOIN THE REVOLUTION! STAY TUNED !!

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  1. unwatchable videos all of yours , great effort but your videos make me wonna throw the phone out of the window

  2. I cant push modded copy of webapps.json on /data/local/tmp. It said files not availabe. What should i do? Im using Windows btw…..

  3. Here the HINDI VERSION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LGHaTBrgyY
    Channel Hax0101 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC49fZuQUGex11FdEilIBx0w

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