Koi in 300 Gallon Stock Tank Pond; Butterfly Koi

These are some great looking koi! It was
great to see the 300 gallon stock tank rolling up the driveway. I couldn’t wait
to get my hands on it and get it set up. I raised it on cinder blocks and a 2 by 6
frame you can see there. Also added a spigot for easy water removal. After the
cleanup and test-fit it was time to start adding the water and man 300
gallons of water it seemed like it took for days but it gave me time to set up
the fluval FX6. Man, that thing’s a monster filter. I
added some extra ceramic disc and some Fluval ammonia remover chips. There’s
an extra bag from My Aquarium Box, hashtag free shout out. I was concerned
that maybe an overflow could occur with an outdoor tank due to rain so I drilled
an overflow hole. Started a small culture of dwarf water lettuce and duck weed and
did some handiwork there to make sure that the intake and outtake for the
filter hoses would work out. I hope you like that simple application there of
ingenuity. So far it’s working out just fine. And, then just in time for Father’s
Day a new bag a beautiful butterfly koi from Next Day Koi. These guys are
gorgeous, I’m not kidding! We bought these on their what you see is what you get
sale price with free shipping that they run every so often. I recommend everybody
check out Next Day Koi. I floated these guys and the pond has now been set up
for about three days and some existing koi that we were keeping had already
been introduced to the pond. So here’s a top view of these guys from the bag as
they were opened and I’m gonna let you enjoy some cool music as I introduced
these to the tank and give you some close-up shots. The last step but certainly not the
least was to add safety netting to keep the koi from jumping out and the
numerous predators around here from getting in. Some of these photos and
short video clips were taken within feet of the pond itself . So we’ve got Bald
Eagles,Yyellow-crowned Night-Heron, deer, Great Blue Heron and their babies, Osprey,
which man I love to watch these guys but I don’t want to watch them eat my koi,
Kingfishers and not to mention some other raccoons and possums and otters. So,
we’re gonna have to be really careful maybe even add a few additional features.
Well that’s it for this one. So long. I’d like to thank you for tuning in and
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