Korea to support settlement of 6th industrialization

South Korea has been pouring its efforts into
revving up the nation’s agriculture sector. Authorities are actively supporting the so-called
“sixth industrialization,” which is expected to take the farming industry to the next level. Kim Mok-yeon has more. A business under the National Agricultural
Cooperative Federation in Gyeonggi-do province, makes use of some 1,000 tons of rice harvested
from some 120 farms in the area to produce and export rice cakes every year. -PIP
“The rice cakes use rice harvested by local farmers, who are very satisfied and proud
of the system. The system is also effective in increasing
farm incomes” Another mushroom farm has seen its income
hike after holding various educational and hands-on experience programs that promoted
the benefits of consuming mushrooms. All of these efforts belong to the sixth industrialization
of rural agricultural resources, referring to the mixture of processing, experience and
tourism in the primary industry. This aims to increase farm incomes, maintain
rural society and revitalize local economies. The Rural Development Administration said
that the profit of some 500 farms that adopted the 6th industrialization increased by 21
percent and that it created more than 3,800 jobs. “We will continue to support regional specialty
products and increase the number of processing centers in line with the sixth industrialization.” The latest efforts to mix creativity and technology
in farming is expected to not only lighten up the industry but also open new areas of
expertise. Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

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