Korean NIGHT MARKET Food Tour in Seoul South Korea!

YES! Here you go my friend. ICE CREAM, TURKISH ICE CREAM. GRAB IT IF YOU CAN. I know oh- come on come on come on come on hold it hOLD IT Mike: I can finish that Ica Cream guy: Not now on Christmas. Mike: Ahh.. Mike: Oh Ohh! Ice Cream Guy: Hurry up, Hurry up…Grab the ice cream come on grab the ice cream! Annyeonghaseyo from myeongdong here in Seoul, this a really cool area. This area has got a ton of little food stalls. Shops I mean, it’s so vibrant. It’s around nine o’clock at night right now on a Monday and it’s still so vibrant. This is literally a korean night market and of course if there’s a night market There’s got to be night market food. This woman is roasting Ginkgo nuts. Which is really interesting because I remember Seeing these in college in the original form they will fall from a tree that we call poop tree because it will stink so bad. I never had these nuts before I’m always curious what they taste like. It’s almost like a little grape. It tastes kinda like corn. Like a massive corn kernel. It’s a little bitter, doesn’t smell like poop anymore. Hmm… I don’t know how I feel ’bout this It still tastes good but… I don’t think I can eat too much of ’em. This is kinda like those stalls you see in taiwan where they cook the steaks and blow torches. But here they sauté in some kind of sauce over bean sprouts. [oh] gamsahamnida. look at this [oh] smells you know that smells like That’s worcestershire sauce. Let’s try this. That’s awesome [OHHHHH], the bean sprouts are a great idea. Nice crunch with the tenderness of the beef. Mmmmmmm there’s some pepper on [top] a Little bit of herbs. It’s almost like a pepper crusted mini steak. I mean it wasn’t cheap. This is six six thousand won so about six dollars. The ginkgo nuts was five dollars in won five bucks for all those nuts. I would definitely spend an extra buck and get this. But this thing is a freshly made mochi and what’s inside of this interesting looking a little character here? is a fresh strawberry that’s crazy well look at this alright. This is adorable. It’s like a bunny like a upset bunny here it is. Here’s the mochi. Take a look. It’s shape of course like the strawberry you can see the little strawberry sticking out here. Sorry sticking over my mouth mmM. That’s good. Oh that’s really nice strawberry nice and fresh. The Mochi I think has red bean inside. Mm-Hmm So that just sticks all around your mouth wow. It’s really fresh. I never had a fresh food inside of Mochi before, but this thing. Wow, this is awesome. Because mochi is really sweet the texture is very sticky so the strawberry inside gives a nice juice nice crunch as really good only 250 *won* I think it’s worth it these are spicy galbi meatballs. And they’re heavy wow This thing is really heavy. I’m surprised this stick can support this thing *Coughs* That’s spicy! Whoa, you definitely need more of this white sauce that thing [oh] Man this thing just jump off the stick and roundhouse me in the face I didn’t think this was that good. When I took the first bite but The more you chew it the more this flavour comes out and the spiciness of this thing comes out. That’s really spicy. I don’t think most people can really take this. I mean I can take it I like it but I can tell for most people. This is a little too much also Also I was kind of expecting something that was all meat. It’s not, it’s mixed with rice cakes That’s why the texture is so chewy. Wow I’m about to breathe fire right now I can literally breathe on something and that thing will light up. I’ll show you guys what’s on the inside. There’s pork, and you can see the chili peppers on the inside. I don’t think these are simple jalapeños these are really spicy peppers. I’m always able to find some sort of cheese products in these night markets and this is uh grilled halloumi cheese with rice cakes and condensed milk Like medium fried cheese with rice cakes with condensed milk on top. Now I know this is really bad for me Ahh! Tastes really good. The cheese is salty with a crispy shell. Mixes really well with the sweet condensed milk. The rice cake, I don’t even usually like rice cake. Oh My God, I guarantee you. This is so bad for you. I can feel this thing sitting in my stomach and taking up residency probably for the next 10 years. But I can’t put it down. It’s so delicious. I feel like I’m committing some sort of crime eating here. I just want to like go somewhere and hide my face because this tastes so good and it’s so sinfully bad. I don’t know what to do. It has some kind of weird control over me. I don’t like it. I feel weak. [oh], whatever I’m on vacation. More asians doing the Asian squat. This is one of the most famous tea shops in seoul Green tea shops everything is about green tea. I’m gonna buy some gifts for friends and then buy some tea for myself. This is a green tea cheese tiramisu. It is made from cloud and might fly away, if I don’t keep it down. That thing is amazing This is cold drip tea. I’ve heard of cold drip coffee never cold drip tea but This thing is awesome. It’s like drinking Holy tea, Elixir, it’s probably one of the most refreshing tasty teas I’ve ever had. Like just a small sip That awesome green tea flavour just goes everywhere. I’ve been eyeing this baby since I walked into this area I gotta have one it looks like a pizza bowl kind of thing it has a whole egg on top and a Pastry on the bottom and this thing is hefty. It’s very dense. It’s not light. If I throw this and hit someone it’s gonna cause some injuries. It smells like a sweet cake on the bottom and the egg on top smells like it has a sugar glaze on it. Kinda looks like humpty dumpty. Now we know what happened after he fell off the wall. Hmm…ohh! it’s good so those bottom is like a little sweet cake This egg on top has a sugar glaze on it, so it’s a little sweet but the egg itself is a bit salty so when you take a bite sweet on top sweet on bottom Little salty in the middle and this egg is cooked to the point where the Middle is so tender, but the top has a little charred skin. I really love to yolk this yolk has some texture to it. It’s really awesome Mmm. It’s kind of like eating a very flavourful perfectly cooked fried egg on top of corn bread. Wow this is awesome. This is definitely a must try if you ever come here. This might be one of the best things I got tonight. Salty egg yolk I love salty egg yolk So this is really cool. I see this a lot in the US. They toast a waffle Into the shape of a fish and they have fillings on the inside. This is a very Korean thing check it out. Here’s my fish. And I never seen this before, they put an ice cream, scoop of ice cream inside the fish’s mouth and a honeycomb on top. So this thing’s got What looks like vanilla ice cream? Matcha Powder and honey. Try this. That’s really sweet. Wow. That’s really sweet. I want to take a bite of the fish itself, so I’m gonna have to kind of make out with this fish a little bit. Excuse me You got to take a bite with the waffle otherwise I feel like it’s gonna be too sweet, and waffle itself is not that sweet. Personally I think the honeycomb is sort of an overkill. That’s really sweet I mean the waffles nice, nice and toasty, crispy. The rest, especially this honeycomb thing Overly sweet this looks really interesting. I saw this on Facebook where uh someone was making these really quick This is a thin pancake with lettuce and what looks like really thin brisket on the inside and an egg on top. And on top they had these really thin what looks like Onion skins, but they’re actually fish this is, this is fish. [They’re called Bonito flakes 🙂 ] That’s crazy. whoa so Something looks really interesting. I’m pretty sure this is Japanese dish. I don’t think this is a Korean dish, but you know what I’m gonna try this. It’s barbecue sauce that they put on this. The pancake um, on the bottom it looks pretty crispy, but it’s a little soggy. Oh, no. This is not bad. I think my favourite part about this is the eggs. I’m going to try a piece with the egg yolk. Yeah, the best part about this definitely the eggs. Cooked perfectly, so tender. The pancake itself It’s a lil soggy and uh it is not as thin as it seems and the thin little layer of brisket they put in here. I can’t really even find it. So that doesn’t really play a big role in this dish. You know what does matter? It’s the fish skin on top because this dish does lack a little texture without the thin layers of fish on top. It’s just soggy. It’s just kind of chewy and soggy and overly sweet, but with it on top. It gives a little chew It’s definitely not what I expected. I didn’t think they’d add actual barbecue sauce in this. To me, it doesn’t taste bad, but it’s a little overly sweet, and I feel like this will be better if it had more meat. But then I’m a meat guy so AH here’s the brisket I found a piece of the brisket. You can’t really taste it it really kind of just dissolves with the other ingredients. The only thing I can really taste I gotta say is these little fish jerky things on top. Again, it’s not bad, also doesn’t stand out. Well that wraps up my little tour of myeongdong like I said, it’s a night market. It’s got fun little food stalls. It’s got merchants. It’s got cool little stores all along the way. I loved it This was really awesome. It’s a nice cool night perfect night for a nice stroll. And I love taking a stroll in areas. And there’s nothing better at least for me taking a nice leisurely stroll around a bunch of food stalls. and that’s really the best way to eat because you get to exercise and eat at the same time and at the end of the Night it cancels each other out. Then, you can just go back to your hotel and go to bed Okay, you can’t really do that, but I’m stuffed and that was a really awesome experience. So if you guys are ever in Seoul, definitely check this area out make sure you bring cash. Thanks for watching everybody. See ya!

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