Kristin and Jen Try Every Trader Joe’s Frozen Dessert • Ladylike

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  1. I’m French and American. It’s a disgrace to call frozen macarons French delicacies.

    French deserts are delicious so…yeah

  2. Kristen: I don't like chocolate ice cream

    Jen: takes deep personal offense

    Kristen: I like chocolate desserts though

    Jen: Sjjsjdjejjdjdjjdj WHAT

  3. They don't sell trader Joe's in my country. That why I had no idea it existed until I clicked onto this video :')

  4. make tutorial videos of howbto be each one of you, especially jen, looking forward to a video of how to be jen!

  5. Christen: the 2 main ingredients are raspberries sugar and blueberries.
    Me: ummm I thought you said the 2! Main ingredients!?

  6. Jen:Sorry France your tarte aux fruits was disappointing
    Kristin:I don’t think France made this investigates
    Also Kristin:oh it does say product of France

  7. Kristin: I think chocolate ice cream is the worsed flavor of ice cream.
    Jen: I think you are saying really horrible, hurtful, mean things to me.
    Me: Jen… Same tho. I love chocolate ice cream, and hate vanilla ice cream.

  8. I'm with Kristin on chocolate ice cream… it just does not taste like chocolate. It's weird. Give me any other chocolate dessert, but not chocolate ice cream.

  9. 6:37 it is french and as a french person, OMG this accent 😂 (Ps: Bordeaux is a city so it's "Cannelés from Bordeaux" translated in English)

  10. "I think you are saying really horrible hurtful things to me right now!!!"

    When my mom says let's go for a walk😂😂😂😂

  11. 7:44 Jen said Mocha center "mochi center" 😂😂 So what Jen mean " Theres a mochi center inside a mochi…"

  12. Bitches, my fellow snakes 🐍, I dreamt a few nights ago that I was murdered at a movie theater by my EX . Screw that! I don’t have an EX. Although, he was my former crush. He was jealous that I was with someone else. That I CUDDLED someone else.

  13. I’ve been going through a break up and literally watching your guys videos cheers me up so much especially when I start to over think, not only you but the whole ladylike squad ❤️

  14. Ah I remember when I used to live in New York I would always buy the ny style cheesecake

    I love everything they are eating

    OMG the tiny cones are my LIFE

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