Learn Digital Marketing in Just 5 Minutes a Day

My name is Neil Patel and I help companies
generate more revenue through digital marketing. Entrepreneur Magazine said I was the number
one marketer in the world, and they also said I created one of the hundred most brilliant
companies. I started my first website at the age of 16. I took all the money that I earned from working
in an amusement park and I paid a marketing firm. The marketing firm provided no results and
I quickly learned that I wasn’t alone. Out of my frustration and from being broke
I had no choice but to learn marketing. My first client was a power supply manufacturer. I helped them generate another $25 million
in sales and from that point I realized the power of marketing. I helped everyone that I could and I built
my reputation by being honest and over-delivering. I’ve helped companies like Google, NBC, Viacom,
General Motors, eBay but nothing’s more satisfying than helping small business owners succeed. I founded four multimillion dollar companies
and I’ve learned all the mistakes that you should avoid. I’ve written about them on Forbes, Entrepreneur,
Inc, Fast Company, and even on my own blogs. It’s so awesome to know that collages from
all around the world are teaching my material in their classrooms. Over the years I’ve received awards from the
President of the United States, the House of Representatives, and the United Nations. People believe marketing is expensive and
difficult. Fortunately that’s not true. There is a formula, even if you don’t have
a technical bone in your body, you can get results. And my mission is to share this formula with

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