21 Replies to “Lesson 12: Long Term VS Short Term Forex Trading”

  1. What I like about 8 hour charts in TradingView is that each candle roughly corresponds to each global trading session: Europe, New York, and Asia.

  2. Great video.
    Greetings from Mexico, my take on this: I've been on a demo account for about 4 months now and trade on the 15min or below charts.
    I get an overall scope of the trend on the larger time frames e.g. 1W, 1D, 4H. My reason to trade lower time charts is that I'm setting myself up to real life situations, meaning that since I will only be able to afford to trade $2,000 dlls I can only afford lower time charts with smaller lot sizes.
    If I go up to a higher time chart, I will not be able to afford the margin or the spread derived from the retracements from higher time frames or bigger lot sizes.
    Also I limit the amount of indicators, I mainly use the TDI (Traders Dinamic Indicator) which couples the RSI and an overall market sentiment trend.
    The overall results have gotten me on average $300 – $400 dlls (that a descent amount in Mexico) per week on 4 to 5 trades per day, on which I try to aim for at least 12 pips on a 1.0 lot size. I've blown my account, and yes it has been time consuming and demanding but I've gotten better. My plan is to grow the earnings and place trades with bigger lots.

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  4. easy or hard is not important… the only thing that matters is being disciplined enough to stick with the gameplan after taking 10 straight losses and still firing like a well synchronized machine.

    People who do this for a living know exactly what I mean

  5. i'm a scalper and correct me if i'm wrong but i make more money this way and i love to look at charts i can see a trade st up in matters of minutes and another trade and another.i'm in love with this. lets say you make a trade from 0 to 10, you just made 10, while i make a trade from 0 to 5, it came down from 2 went to 6 another trade, from 6 came down to 4 went to 8, another trade,from 8 down to 6 went to 10, i have made 17. i guess it's a lot's of work but money can't be that easy

  6. People who can live off of trading candles are just…really good and have a lot of grit because they miss a lot of information concerning actual price action.

  7. Sort of goes against what I have paid to be taught. Three time frames High to set the curve, intermediate to detect the trend, and low to set the trade within the trend.

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  9. I currently swing/position trade options/stocks because I have a to 9 to 5. It fits my lifestyle and is less stressful for me. But I am a patient person. For impatient people, position trading is stressful.

    Day trading takes more monitoring that just isn't possible right now for me with a job that requires focus. But once I finally can go full time as a trader I am sure I will make plenty of day trades particularly with futures….I'd rather daytrade futures over stocks. Most stocks make most of their gains within minutes upon the opening so you need to had already been holding it the day before. In contrast futures move most during the NYC trading session. And you can actually make a lot of money buying in the morning and selling before close.

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