21 Replies to “Lesson 6.1: What is swap in forex trading?”

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  3. Rob why dont you get syri to conduct take the next lecture i found her to be far more informative and presentable
    Sexy even?

  4. Hey Rob…
    Can you give me any reliable broker where am not gonna earn any interest, and commission.
    I mean interest free commission free and swap free broker account
    Hope you understand why am asking.

  5. Hi I have a few Qs and looking forward for a reply.
    1. Would like to know which is the charge interest and pay interest? I can see in the swap section a negative and possitve numbers.
    2.When you say charge does that mean Im being paid an interest or paying?
    3. Does interest means commission on whose side? Me or the liquidity provider?

    From 3:26 to 4:01 can anyone elaborate it for me a little more? I don't clearly understand it. Im sorry Im not really good at undertanding English finance terms or words. Im a filipino and would like to deeper understand forex. Thank you in advance for anyone who will reply and help me. I will really appreciate it. 🙂

  6. im a beginner so I dont understand much about it, but if you buy ausjpy and you earn interest (if im right), on what timeframe do you earn that 5.75% interest?

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