30 Replies to “Limitless- Buying Opportunity for a Day Trader”

  1. Learn the stock market while you are still young. You will make mistakes. But at least you’ll know what to watch out for when you’re older.

  2. I've tried Modafinil and Provigil but it didn't work for me. Although I will say if Concerta/Ritalin works (or Addreall XR but it gave me very bad withdrawal), they're not joking when they say you will be cleaning (guy or girl) and get SHIT done. I've made some mean ass spreadsheet at work just from Concerta alone lol. You can hyperfocus but also you have to be careful especially with your appetite as it'll make you less hungry which people think it's good but you'll crash if you don't at least snack during the day and watch your caloric intake. Now if you're not into meds but want something like 5-Hour energy, take mix of Vitamin C, B6, B12 ORAL methycobalamin (avoid cyanocobalamin) on an empty stomach with folate (not folic acid) and add little bit of caffeine for any energy boost. Cleanse your liver with Vitamin C (1,000-2,000mg) which you can get bulk in powder from Amazon with 1,800-2,400mg of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) a day but do drink enough water. NAC will seriously prevent any cold/flu. I haven't got sick since last October and I have kids that's had cold multiple times already. NAC does WANDERS for your mental health along with anything related to pain including fibromyalgia and other serious health. The list is so big I don't know why it's not being talked about. Of all the supplements and natural herbs and whatnot, NAC is an amino acid and from what I've researched at least there are no side effects but don't go overload either. If you have upset stomach or anything related to digestion, take oregano oil capsules (if you can't do liquid). GAIA is awesome brand for that. Works better than Pepto IMO. And if you haven't already of course quality multi Vitamins with enough Vitamin C (2,000 mg for adults) but do take it on a full stomach as Vitamin C can upset some peoples' stomach. NAC helps also to counteract that. Vitamin D also is essential especially if you don't work outside or work in the office or especially if you work the night shift. Yes you can eat healthy and help with various focus and energy levels which people should focus on first but also some of us (if not many of us) need that kick from time to time to get things done 😉 Good luck!

  3. So you borrowed $100k like a week ago from a criminal and now you made $2mil in record time and all of a sudden you forget to pay the man back? I know it's a movie and there needs to be a storyline of struggle, but if the drug made him as smart as they're showing, surely he'd remember to tie up that dangerous loose end.

  4. The edited his eyes to make them pop! And he sat in sun to get tan he thinks he’s hott shit but ….he’s not he even brags about his eyes in that movie were he’s a druggy and assault with his wife cheating with old man .

  5. Modafinil is the closest thing to this. Too bad it gives me really high anxiety and I can't get a good nights sleep with it at all.

  6. I don't care how good the pills are. It can improve all your physiological and neurological functions like 300% but you can only make a computer go so fast lmao. Why do movies always do this? The super genius' computer (who has the same free and open access library computer as everyone else in the office) can run a million times faster because… he's smarter? It's just funny to me. Still a good movie tho. Maybe it's a metaphor for how big pharma can save lives. My quality of life was basically 0 before I started taking painkillers. There's some parallels.

  7. If this was real life instead of going to stocks the character in the movie would go into forex.

  8. I still dont get why the police weren't automatically called when the russians were trying to break into his steel bunker on the top floor and how they even got past the lobby remains a mystery to me.

  9. As a daytrader he wouldn’t even be concerned with stuff like that, in day trading you trade the ticker, not the company. MAYBE if he was swing trading he might be concerned with that

  10. can anyone explain 0:29 so the CEO was indicted that means the stock is going to go down likely right? and he's buying it but his reasoning is "not for the big fat defense contract he bribed his way into, that's still on, should be announced next week"…. first of all what is a defense contract. and how does this affect the stock? he's buying so i'm guessing that he's anticipating the stock to go up? how does a defense contract push the price up?

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