[LIVE] Day Trading | $1,900 Losing Trade. Ugh! (Day Trader Truths…)

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  1. I watched to the end…very educational to see you manage the long/short side of price movement. I appreciated watching you flip from long to short. I have watched many of your videos and I wondered how you would manage a price movement that really goes against you. I think your strategy usually depends on limit orders and reversals, which I think is a great way to manage emotions because while the price is moving against your initial allotments you are still optimistic at opening new positions. Then when the price reverses you take gains. I think you show great ability to see resistance and support levels.

  2. this is complete nonsense. you are just gambling. i used to be a day trader and keep losing. i am now an investor and i have less stress and i am actually making money now. trading doesn't work, it is already prove that 95% of traders lose money and the remaining 5% make less than mininum wage. its obvious claytrader makes money by selling courses and not actually by trading becaus his trading sucks as shown in this video.

  3. How the hell do you survive as a day trader ?

    No offense, but looking at your chart and comparing it to mine for that same day, there were clear signals that is was dipping , why did you buy more instead of switching all to a short position ? This is for roku.

  4. Awesome job switching bias long to short and making up some… appreciate your live videos – as real as it gets

  5. Buy a falling market. Reverse and short at higher trade size. Lol. There is no money management. Only luck. Damn. I mist be doing something wrong.

  6. I know I'm going to make a fool of myself but my nightly adventures on YouTube have got me watching day trading videos. How do you have negative shares in stock. My brain doesn't understand how that works. Do you owe for the borrowed shares unless you buy some back to even out or did you start with some already. How long do you have to get the shares back etc.
    Edit: or am I reading these backwards

  7. At the beginning of the video you are trading with about 4500 shares at a price of lets say 134 a share that comes down to over 600k. Do you have that 600k or do you margine these shares or is there another way?

  8. Hey take your time…. as much that is allowed. Like your videos, just discovered yesterday. Still a little shaky on what’s going on but, I don’t mind. Eventually in my sleep 😴 it will click and I will let you know 😂

  9. Made it till end. Question for Clay:
    What would be the lesson for the day if you were to look back and analyze it now?

  10. I wish to ask you smth, i'm forex trader but i dunno a lot about stocks atm.I wanna ask what is some average amount of capital for you to endure this volatility while having money management at the same time?Would 100k be enough for that?
    Cheers and all the best.

  11. Why don't you always say whether your long or short? I can't always tell. On your 2nd round after losing a thousand I didn't know what position you had. C'mon.

  12. This is exactly what it looks like when they say "small wins add up." Wow, felt like I was rooting for the underdog at a game watching you come back 🤣. I made it to the end though admittedly I did consider skipping forward a few times to see if you finished in the green.

  13. I made it. I am just beginning my journey into the world of trading. I've yet to make any trades as I"m trying to learn so I appreciate these kinds of videos.

  14. I made it, I'm at the end. You probably get this all the time but could you tell me the program you are using here? I went to your website but I don't know what this type of thing is called.

  15. im just trying to learn tbis stuff.. can you set a limit where it will automatically sell or buy when it gets to a certain price you want or do you have to click buy or sell manually? because that thing move so fast if i have to do it manually, ill prolly miss the margin i want.

  16. So lets be a little realistic here. He bought 500 shares at 136 if I am reading this correctly that gets you $68k. 1,900 loss is 2%. This is why I quickly learned to focus on percent moves vs money moves because my internal human bias would make me want to make a rash move seeing this play out lol. Oh it is actually more so 1500 at 136 so that is $204k. 0.09% is the loss.

  17. Just to confirm so I have a better understanding. When you purchased the stock at the beginning of the video for 136$ for 500 shares, that mean you were in 68k. Right?

  18. Made it.  Didn't understand a thing.  Not putting a penny into this until I have a much better understanding.  Thanks for the info and vids.  Much appreciated.

  19. I made it to the end. Chart were just a step ahead today. You'll probably make that lost 5 times over on Monday. Your videos are great!!

  20. Hate when that happens! Market probably spike up in those 5 mins. I’m out of a trade if it goes against me within 2-3 mins 💥 On to the next one! I’m a scalper very fast at the speed of light in and out.

  21. The whole point of trading is to buy low and sell high right? I feel like I get confused when I watch because it seems like he buys high sells when it dips

  22. I made it till end..
    can you tell me how much buying power do you need to make the transaction you did in this video. I mean how much you deposited. nice work on roku btw 🙂

  23. Quick question for anyone watching. I just want to clarify something. In the beginning of the video, Clay buys 500 shares of ROKU at $136 or so per share. Is that right? Also, that would mean that within that trade he invested close to (500 x 136) $68k. Right? And then he bought another 500 shares. So, a total of almost $130k ?! Someone let me know if I'm calculating this right or if Im interpreting the video correctly.

  24. i am rly dont understand how people watch this bullshit from people who any skill on forex..people you dont see , this person is like a gambler ? 🙂 lul

  25. Isnt the objective to buy low and sell high? When I look at your buy-in and see the price go down, how do you end up getting a profit m

  26. More long videos please. Im at the end! I love watching these as i fall asleep but your outro clip is hella loud, can you turn the the volume for the end clip please? thx lol

  27. I should take from this the tenacity of traders, no matter how bad it starts you can always comeback. If you play your cards right that is.

  28. Made it. Good to see you post losing days too since then we can see how to know when we're wrong and take the loss or reverse the position.

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