[LIVE] Day Trading | $400 in 35 Minutes

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  1. Great video as always, i enjoy watching these live trades alot! i also wanted to ask you, because you are able to buy such large amounts of shares from a stock, your account equity must be large.(right?, i might be wrong) In order to do that did you start off with a much smaller amount and made much less profits and have it accumulate over time or did you use different strategies to gain higher percentages.

  2. it would be nice to learn how to get started from the beginning. Step by step instructions for example, like software, websites, etc.

  3. I'm starting to invest on Robinhood over a month. It's a new thing for me. So when is the good time to change to platform that you are using ?

  4. oh man ITCI @ $25.467 currently. Good thing you moved on. lol should have kept those BYND shares as that is at $127.25 ouchhh. If you had just held those $500 shares that would be a $20,225 gain.

  5. as having to use a margin account instead of a cash account in order to make these small price actions count, my question is how different is the stock market in terms of movement, cause in this video I see a high lot size 43500 Dollars and ur reiceving 400 dollars so howucb exactly do they differ (btw im not trying to say your wrong, just asking out of curiosity)

  6. @ClayTrader Can you post some advice on the best way to switch between brokers? I want to switch from Robinhood to Webull. Only thing I can think of is to sell everything and transfer the cash. Is there a better way?

  7. Clay, awesome trading. Have you ever learned about how to identify fractals? They would tremendously help your style of trading on candlesticks. Great job here!

  8. Hey bro always dig the videos. Very knowledgeable and good to see a trader sharing your thoughts live.
    If I could ask maybe as you trade live would you be willing to explain a little on how you go about reading lvl 2 and the though process that carries over to make your entries and exits.

  9. Out of all the thousands of videos I've been watching on day trading Clay, Yours are definitely the best. I would absolutely really enjoy taking your course, but I just can't afford it, bro. But please keep the videos coming, I'm still learning a lot from you, it's all slowly coming together, I'm just waiting for that day to come when I have that AH HA!!! Moment, and it all just clicks lol. Anyways, Thanks again ✌️🏿

  10. Am confused everybody showing something big but I don't know whom to follow I need help I blown my forex account and I can't afford for membership anyone who is honest successful trader plz help me need to make some pips.

  11. Hey Clay….In your chat room are you on the mic calling your trades helping people? Ie. can we hear your commentary if we joined your room like you are giving in the live trading videos?

  12. This is probably dumb but I'm confused. I saw your video about the 3 day trade rule but I've seen several of your recent live day trading videos. Am I missing something? I'm new to all this.

  13. You go kinda fast. I want to know more about placing orders, buying and selling. Shorting, etc. I feel like I’m missing something

  14. Hey man, quick question if you see this. If I'm just using fidelity to trade, im always behind a bit with stock prices. They update slow along with the slower process of buying / selling. What is the thing called in the top right of your screen that is just constantly updating. How can I view something like that without Lightspeed? Thank you.

  15. I think it would be a great video Idea of you analyzing the things you do in one of these kinds of videos. Most important things happen so quickly. I, as a beginner, even though understand what most things on the screen mean I still can't catch exactly what you are doing since day trading is very quick and rapid in your videos and in general. So having you analyze this kind of a video at a slower pace and show what you are doing during those swift moments.

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