[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $1,100 Online (In Only 17 Minutes)

Hey, it’s Clay at ClayTrader.com. This’ll be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my
trades as they unfold live. Market opens up in 15 minutes. Actually, already took
one trade here on GIL which is what I’m still
watching right now. So I’m up 135 on the day already. Market, like I said,
officially opens at 9:30. If you’re not familiar,
the market’s actually got what would be called premarket, which means you can do trading
before the market officially opens at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time. But not all brokerages offer that. So depending on what broker you use, you may not have the opportunity to actually participate
in the premarket trading, but the broker I use, being that they are a
direct access broker, Lightspeed being the name, they do allow for premarket trading. So that’s what I mean by premarket. So up $135. And we’ll see what happens
as the day plays out. So I’ll see you back in about 15 minutes. All right, I have an order at 23.95. GIL really coming to life here. Market opens up in less than five minutes. So maybe I’ll get filled
right before the open. But I’ll keep a close eye on it. Markets are open. Had my order at 24.25 ’cause I wanna see how this
one actually trades now with quote-unquote, normal volume in it, now that, like I said, the
markets are officially open. So we’ll see if it can break
up through that $24 mark. Again, first entry point up here at 24.25, represented by that green line there. So there’s the break. There’s the fill and out, wow. (laughs) Was in and out within literally seconds. So you can scroll back and rewatch it. But yeah, in and out within seconds. Next first order at 24.45. Wow, what a move that was. Well good, I’m excited
I caught that on video, just how fast the markets can move. So that is micro-scalping right there. Now of course, in hindsight
I look like an idiot for not holding. But unfortunately, this
is not a trade simulator, this is real trading so I don’t
know what’s going to happen. Had I known that was gonna happen, I woulda probably held, but. Let’s see, what is that down there? Just in case the price all of sudden flushes to the downside, I’m gonna get an order to buy at 22.75. So have an order to short at 24.45 or an order to buy at 22.75. We’ll see what happens. All right, well all of a sudden the price jumped right back up there like that. So still looking to get filled at 24.45. So I’ll let the video run here. Let’s see if it can get up there. All right, well I don’t
like how it was pausing, so let’s go to 24.75. So 24.75, next first entry point. Trying to show this one some respect because as it’s demonstrated, it can move very, very
quickly and in a hurry so I’d rather err on the side of caution. But 24.74, next entry point. So let’s see if it can
work its way up there. Okay, it’s going for a
potential break of 24.50. And back down it goes. All right, I’ll pause. All right, working its way back up there. There’s the break. Oh and it stopped at 24.72. Well, time to go to 24.95. Yeah, so if you’re not
familiar with my screen, right there, you can see the highs. And it stopped at 24.72. So three cents shy of where I wanted in. But let’s give it a try up at 24.95. Oh, and it stopped there. I’m not gonna give up on it quite yet. Well, literally want
up there and hit 24.95, but I didn’t get any shares. So a good example of why nailing the top’s not necessarily a good thing. ‘Cause yeah, I definitely
nailed the top there, but I got no shares. So this one’s getting pretty
tricky, but all right. Have an order at 25.35 now. Looking for a fast movement up above 25. So 25, a round number’s
definitely gonna be a key break. And back down it goes. Okay, once again, working
its way up to a potentially a break of 25. Definitely a lot of selling
here at 24.90 though. There’s no doubt about that. I’m not quite willing to commit, but I’m maybe trying get short
here around the 24.90 mark. Like I said, not wiling
to totally go there yet, but the price is definitely
struggling around that area. But I feel best right
now, still up at 25.35. But yeah, from watching
the Level IIs here, definitely something
going on around 24.90. But can it break up through 25? That’s the key break right now. It’s gonna go for it. There’s the break. Went up and hit as high as 25.25. So I’m in for my opening allotment. Let’s see, 25.75 for my next allotment. Let’s go to 25.20. So again, my next allotment is at 25.75. Go for some up there at 25.85 also. So we’ll see if it wants
to work it’s way up just a little bit more and
fill me at the 75 mark. So if the price hits
that green line there, that represents my current profit area. Let’s just do this now. Move this green line up to… So now if the price hits the green line there,
that has me in the green. So we’re trying for shares at 25.85, and then 25.95. It’s trying to get up there at 85. Oh, come on. So what does this one wanna do. There we go, got those at 85. Nice, got those at, okay, let me get some
more orders out there and stop talking for a second. So have some orders out
there at 26.25, 26.35. So now if the price can pullback here to the green line there,
I am making money. Let’s try for some at 26.15. Well it doesn’t wanna get me, there we go. Okay, so good, got those,
got those, excellent. So it gave me 100 at… Wait a second, no. 25.85 is where I wanna buy. So let’s see. If the price can now get
down to that green line, I will be in the green. And going to 26.45, 26.55, 26.65. All right, it’s pulling back here. Again, if it hits that green line, then that represents me being in the green. Gonna go ahead and get some there at, well try to get some at 25. There we go. So now, right there is representing where I’d like to see
the price pullback to. We’re already at 12 minutes. Right, well this is gonna a
little bit longer of a video. Oh nice, okay. Let me see if I can get
some up around there, good. Okay, good. Let me now adjust this line. So just scattering out some buy orders. So if the price can get down to the green line there, then
I am going to be starting to reap some profits. Again, price has got a pullback
there to that green line. I mean, nothing’s gonna go straight up. So at 6,000 shares right now. Let’s see if the price can get down there. Like I said, hit that green line. It’s making a move. It’s trying. All right, what I’ll do for now, nope, I’ll keep it going. But let’s see, like I said, can the price hit that green line? It does not wanna go down there, does it? It keeps stopping right there. Can it hit the green line? It’s trying. There we go. So I’m gonna start to
loosen up the position here. So I have 1,100 shares left. So now what I’m gonna
do is put a stop-loss in for the remaining at 26, no. I have 1,100 left. So I’m gonna put a
stop-loss in right there. So now it’s not a matter
of if I make money, but how much money am I gonna make. And I’m out there. So to explain that last
part, so up $1,100 now. But to explain that last part,
I had 1,100 shares short. So the idea here was that this thing could’ve kept on rolling
further and further downwards. And at that point, who knows how much
those final 1,100 shares would’ve been worth? I mean, theoretically, they
could’ve been worth thousands upon thousands of dollars had the price continued to pullback. So I was in the spot to be
in not, if I make money, but how much money am I gonna make? But as you saw, it just
decided to bounce back up and it took me out. But I did have those
1,100 remaining shares and I was positioned in a spot that had it continued to rollover, that would’ve been a
very, very nice payday. Let’s it is 9:47. So let’s, 17 minutes in, $1,100. I’m not a greedy savage. I’m more than happy with
$1,100 in 17 minutes of quote-unquote work. But let’s see what else I can find. Okay, well I missed some of it, but I’ll go with 380. So once again, a quick move happened. And went up to 26.70 and filled me 380 shares that I wanted. So let’s just make this an
even 400 I can work with. Again, wanted 500, but it only gave me, so wanted 500 only gave me 380. So we’ll see. Honestly, I’m thinking
about just hopping out. This is kind of silly right
now at, well, there we go. So out there. So I don’t even know what
the math on that one was, but so now I’m up 1,156. And actually, I am gonna wrap things up. Well, I take that back, I’m lying. Because if we do get
a breakout, I wanna… So if it does get up to
26.99, I would be interested. So if it gets up there while
I close things out here, then yeah, maybe we’ll have another… But for context sake,
it is a Friday right now when I’m doing this recording. It is 9:58. So just about 30 minutes into the day, I’m up, like I said, 1,156. So 1,156 in 30 minutes on a Friday, I’m more than happy with that. So I think I’m just
gonna call it a weekend, unless, like I said,
the price gets up there. So and I’ll just wrap things up, but if you do enjoy those videos and you would like me to keep making them, then the easiest way to
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and subscribe to the channel. Also leave a comment down below. What is one of your favorite setups? Let me know that, and I wanna
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a little bit bigger size, and then when the price
goes in your favor, you can make it work for ya. So these are some of my favorite setups. So let me know in the
comment section down below. If you are interested
in trading alongside me and other traders, then you can go to ClayTrader.com. I offer a live chatroom there that has a newsletter. You get an interactive chatroom with me and other traders. And then finally, if you’re
interested in learning how to trade with charts
and technical analysis and all that good stuff, then, I’m gonna adjust that. ‘Cause remember the last time it broke, it want up to that 25 round number. So let’s see if we can get up to 27.25. So there’s the break. Come on. Oh, look at where it’s stopping. (sighs) That’s probably the signal. I’ll try it one more time at 45. So let’s see if it wants
to get up to 45 or not. But like I said, I offer what’s called the Trading Freedom Pathway program at ClayTrader.com. So check that out. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use charts to build a strategy that works for you. And right now, I’m putting
myself in position. So I guess I kind of lied, ’cause let’s see if it can get up to 45. So it’s trying. Once again, hit a high of 44. Hit a high of 44. So I’m not gonna let this thing… I’ll go to 65. But yeah, this one, I mean you
just witnessed it once again, literally going right up to
my order and just stopping. Okay, going for maybe a break of 50. There it is. This is ridiculous. Hit 27.65, did not fill me. I mean, I’m glad I’m
kind of capturing this ’cause this one just enjoys… It’ll go city. So let’s try 27.85. And 27.85. You know what, let’s do this because it’s always done a… It likes those round numbers. So let me put an order up there at 95 in. That’s it I’m not gonna move that one. I will let it fill me regardless because I like that initial entry point. So I will pause. Wow, this is the longest
video I’ve done in awhile, over 20 minutes. That’s okay, I know some of
you like the long videos, so here you go. All right, this one’s starting to look a little bit top-heavy here. So we’re gonna try for some at 27.45. All right, well this is just
getting stupid at this point. So I am officially
wrapping things up here. Thank you for watching. I apologize for the last couple minutes. But I figured, you know,
knowing how it works, had I would’ve just ended the video, I’m sure I’ve would’ve gotten filled. But I decided to let the
video run and here we are. But again, if you enjoyed the video, just hit that Like button,
subscribe to the channel. Again, leave me a comment down below. What is some of your
favorite strategy to use? And yeah, I’m curious to hear that. And if you have any
questions about the community and the training program I offer, feel free to let me know. Thanks, take care, and I’ll
see you back for the next. First off, thanks so much for
watching the entire video. Real quick, before you go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training,
workshop, online event, whatever you wanna call it, but it will be me, live, revealing to you what I’ve discovered that has
allowed me to transform myself from being an employee
to being my own boss. Including how I had only one losing day out of 73 days in total. I’m going to cover three
keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency
within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive type of way. The second key is super awesome, because it, quite literally, is wired into our DNA as humans, making it very easy to use. But in a cruel way, this becomes
a pitfall for many traders. I’ll explain it all though, including how to avoid the
pitfall that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key when you hear it sounds way too good to
be true, but it’s not, and I’ll show you how it all works. Then at the end, I open it up for a question and answer session that is, again, totally live. Even if you can’t make the live session, please still sign up
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this truly is a live event. If you have any questions, let me know. If not, I’ll be seeing you soon.

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