[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $850 in 5 Minutes ($1,190 in Total)

All right, it’s Clay at ClayTrader.com. I’m gonna try a unique thing. I’ve done this before. But the market just closed. However, there are some really
interesting earnings plays out there today, especially ROKU. So I’m gonna do some calculations here and I’ll be back before
the earnings are out. All right, earnings are out and I have my first 500
shares down there at 120. I hope I didn’t just miss it ’cause it went down as low as 121. So again, 120, first entry point. We’ll see if it can work
its way down there again because I was in a little
bit of a rush at the start. The market is now closed. ROKU just released their earnings so I’m trying to capture some earnings. I’ve already traded on the day. I’ve got 328 on ROKU throughout
the course of the day. So that’s where that win is coming from. But again, the markets are now closed and I am looking to try to capture an after hours trade here. So again, seeing if it
can work its way down to that 120 mark. Let’s see if it can pullback
just a little bit more. I realize $2 seems far
off, but with earnings, might not be that far off at all. All right, there we go. Key break is still gonna be that 121 mark. There it is. Ah, it stopped at 120.01? All right, well. I’ll go to 119 then. That may be. If you’re not familiar
with my screen, right there low is 120.01. Hindsight, shame on me,
I should’ve probably been at 120.05. So that’s nobody’s fault but my own. So we’ll see if it can
work its way down there. And another one I was looking
at to potentially trade, still got a ways to go before
I’d be interested in it. Watching SQ too. I’m watching it on parts on
the screen that you can’t see. So I’m thinking this one
wants to get upwards. So I’m at 123.57 now. like I said, I think it
wants to get up above 124. There it goes. So out there for, I’m not sure
what the math is on that was. I’ll have to go back and redo it. But now up 715. And would I have held that for… One… Can it get the breakdown through 120? So like I said, yeah,
I’m not that good at math so I’m not quite sure
what that actually was. But yeah, this area right down here is definitely holding strong. The question becomes can it get… And real quick, if you didn’t know, I bought 500 at 123.57. Like I said, I had a really good feeling it’d get over 124, which it did. So I was able to sell at 124.34. And I would do the math now, but I’m trying to figure out if this thing wants to make a move
down through 120 or not. And lots of size there, there we go. So let’s get at 119. So there’s the break. Good, I’m at 119. Nice, in for my first 500. Let’s go to 117 for my next 500. And also 116 for another 500. So let’s see if this
thing wants to bounce. Being relatively stubborn
right now at 119. Again, my sell order’s at 119.95. So I’m out there now
up, just shy of 1,200. So if this wants to pullback, I am waiting and ready
at, well at this point, I’ll just go with 116 for my first, or my next first entry point. Like I said, I’d like more than 500. So again, the math what did
I, started off at like $350? I’m sure the math will
probably be in the title. But 350 so I’ve made, I
don’t know what I’ve made, but now I’m up just shy of 1,200. Buy yeah, if this thing, I’d love to see some more bloodshed on it. So if it can get down to
116, that would be great. I will pause the video for now though since we’re kind of in a little bit of a holding pattern here. But I’m certainly not gonna
be forcing anything now. I mean, closing out the day. And like I said, I’ve been, I don’t even think I
paused the video, have I? I can’t remember now. So I’ve been at it, what? Approximately six-ish
minutes, give or take? So six minutes and we’ll
call it, I don’t know, $800? No, more than that. Point being I’m very happy with my amount per hour. And I’m trying to commentate and think. I wanna try to play a bounce here, but clearly a lot of downwards
pressure on this one. And now it’s bouncing back upwards. But honestly, I think I’m
just gonna wrap it up. So $1,200 on the day. Once more, just to
reiterate if you’re newer. The market’s closed. And then, if you have the right broker which is known as a direct access broker which is what Light Speed is, who I use, then yeah, you’re able to trade before the market officially
opens at 9:30 a.m. Eastern, and then after the market closes
at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. So I was doing all this at 4:00 p.m. Well I guess you have
the times right there. Of course, in military time so subtract out 12 and you can see. And this is all this is a lot in Eastern. So yeah, this was just right
after the market closed. And some good trading there. So again, up $1,200 now on the day. And I made that, I’m
just gonna call it $800 for the sake of this. Like I said, I’ll do
the math in the video. But $800 in five-ish minutes. I will take it. And actually, I am gonna
pause at this point because watch me end the video and then this thing gets
another beautiful move to the downside where I
could’ve captured another trade. So I will pause and let’s
see if we can get a breakdown to the downside. All right, well it
hasn’t really done much, so I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this up. Before you go though, a
final request on my part. First off, if you enjoyed the video, if you would like me to keep making these then two things, please
hit that like button and then leave a comment down below. Those two little things
really go a long way in just communicating to me, “Hey Clay, “thank you for taking time
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decide to subscribe. But if you are interested and
a lot of people aren’t aware, but I do offer a private community. So you have all the details up there. And really the question for this that you need to ask yourself is do I believe that the service, do I believe that the
community can help me make more than $8.25 per week? Because with that plan right there, $99 for the three months, that’s what it breaks
down to, $8.25 per week. So if you believe that the investment you making of the service can help you make more
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nothing else though, just hit that like button,
leave me a comment. And that’ll just communicate
to me most effectively that my time is not being
wasted by doing these videos. So thank you for hanging out. And yeah, I’ll take it. I’m pretty sure I did the math right. And I think it was $850
in about six-ish minutes. So I’m happy with that and
thanks again for watching and I appreciate all your support, and especially if you
could hit that like button. First off, thanks so much for
watching the entire video. Real quick, before you go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training,
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a pitfall for many traders. I’ll explain it all though, including how to avoid the
pitfall that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key when you hear it sounds way too good to
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this truly is a live event. If you have any questions, let me know. If not, I’ll be seeing you soon.

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  1. First comment! LOL as though that means anything haha congrats on being a successful Trader and YouTube personality clay! You're the man I don't comment much but I watch a lot of your videos. Keep up the good work. Your style is fun to watch!

  2. Here I am, proud to be consistently making like 2$ day trading with $1k, and clay posts videos of him making $850 in five minutes. XD
    So excited for the day I can quit my job and day trade full time~

    Keep up the great content, Clay!

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  7. Hi Clay,
    I have also started off a month back in trading by using Etoro.
    Quick question, what application/broker app are you using in this video?

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  11. Are you started off your trading videos with stocks that you borrow from your broker, or are you doing more long trading because it looks like you just trying to re buy at a lower price which I would assume is to give back to the broker…. please help

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