Live Day Trading: How to Make $1,000 in 5 Minutes

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  1. The fact that he can go from -5000 to +1000 shows that he can trade successfully without losing his mind. Most newbies would have crapped themselves and froze.

  2. So many things here…..first of all you say to remember this is only a $25 stock not a $150 stock. WRONG! The fact is it was moving like a $250 stock. The high/low of the day within a couple minutes was $23/$28. That's a $5 spread. So while it was a relatively cheap stock, it moves like an expensive stock. Also, what on earth do you mean these were "unrealized losses" so pay them no mind? The fact is you were down nearly $6000 and you claim you would have continues to average in if it would've continued against you. Are you really saying to pay no mind to the fact that within another 2 or 3 minutes you could've been down 12k or more doesn't mean anything since it wasn't actually realized? It seems you have absolutely no exit strategy when you're wrong. Your plan is to double down until your right. Here's the bottom line: at what price would you have exited the position had it continued against you, and what would your loss have been considering that you say you would have continued to accumulate ?

  3. Very cool. Everyone keeps talking about risk vs reward, but no one is taking about win / loose frequency. Claytrader’s strategy has an extremely high win rate when properly implemented. Your win rate will depend on your skill level, but I could see loosing $10,000 or even $30,000 once every 100 trades as acceptable if you pulled $1,000 out the other 99 times out of 100.

  4. I think you’re very experienced and a good trader cause obviously you’re ultimately profitable. However, this kind of trading really is like 90 percent playing the volatility and letting that bale you out and maybe the other ten percent is charting.

  5. Clay, not trying to hate I’m just genuinely curious. Averaging down is a strategy most people are familiar with, and it sounded like that would have been your game plan if things really turned south. If you continued to average down, were you expecting a bounce at the top moving average and planned to sell slightly over that?

  6. Hey man just wanted you to know how much i have learned from your videos and now i have a much better understanding of how the market works. ps- And when i see videos like these i actually know what is going on 😀

  7. Look how options are priced, higher probabilities means more risk than profit many options traders use the same type of approach in a way

  8. What gets me the most.. I read comments and do not see anyone following up with evidence of a successful trade of the same stock during the same timeframe, yet try to point out inconsistencies in your trading strategy, etc.

    Well played and thanks for the video Clay.

  9. Oh btw I made 2 trades DCIX probably the same day you did, 2 losers 100shares each time, 3.50 points and 1.7 or so, iam happy with those losers bc if trade go my way I would prfit a lot more than that. At point in time I really thought could go to 50-60 if trap enough short sellers. Btom line iam still very happy even I lose total roughly 500.

  10. You are down $5000! Not exactly a great endorsement. What risk management would allow this kind of losses and not stop you out?

  11. Thank you for sharing these live trades. We enjoy them.
    Are you selling on the ask or bid? I assume selling on the ask is priority, bid is second and if all else fails do a market sell for an emergency bailout?

  12. LOL Building a position and is a total strategy and a good one – its got to go down before it goes up….it is called "coming in". Creation of the higher time period price bar.

  13. That was a well managed trade, Forget the dollar amounts, pay attention to "Easing into position". Notice he didn't buy 2500 shares immediately. Notice he didn't sell once he was red. He managed his risk well in a short amount of time. Most new traders lose money for minutes, days, and months before they recoup their initial investment. I know, I was one.

  14. I think the key takeaway from this vid is that time is money. Money can be reproduced. Time is coming, here, then gone.

  15. Hell ya man! Down $5,600 in a few minutes but who cares because this is not my core income. The subs keep me sane otherwise I'd bang my head against the wall to stop trading the open like this and show off making$1,000. This is buy and hope strategy.

  16. A lot of people bashing him don't really have much experience but this is catching a falling knife and not a high percentage strategy

  17. I watched the entire video and I understand what you were saying about unrealized gains etc. Its just for newer trades seeing such volatility is scary. Personally I would have placed an LMT order in at the 23.00 which was the previous resistance. It bounced off it nicely. No hate this love your videos and every one has their own swagger when it comes to trading.

  18. Love these videos, still learning. Currently using Robinhood app but may move to ThinkOrSwim paper trading. Robinhood is just too limited and almost impossible to day trade with.

  19. Not patient enough on this trade. You said it's going up without you, should have listened to yourself and waited for the dip. Looks like you FOMOed.

  20. love watching your trade style Clay, not a very common trade style as most people trade break downs and break outs but you are the master of pull backs. Keep the videos coming

  21. Hi Clay. Can you please tell me what brokerage do you use, Do you really have to have like a million dollar to start on the stock as the TD ameritrade representative was telling me.

  22. Why don't you just keep the video rolling and edit it after? Then you don't have to worry about pausing the video. One less thing to think about while trading….

  23. hey clay since I'm going through CTU learning about MA's, charts, etc.
    why would you make this move when you have the 50 ma under the 200 ma I was thinking this is risky and not a good move at all. from my point of view obviously. I would of instead try to go short

  24. Do you just set yourself up with like a .10 stop on each trade? Your trades just stop out by taking profit.. each trade? I assume this is all automated hot keys.

  25. Love the videos! Now the complainers can't say "why should I trust you you never show your trades" blah blah blah!

    Now you can say "here some trades Nancy" now do you trust me?!" Not that you care whether or not they trust you.

    Anyways here's your proof! There did it for yous!

  26. Someone do the math…if you leverage your money, say 25k x 4x leverage, make 1% per day, and you reinvest your earnings long til you double your money? 1% per day with 4day leverage is not too shabby!

  27. Hey Clay, Ive been watching some of your videos, and educating myself a little bit to understand more about this world of trading. I feel proud to say that I watched this video a few months ago and, in comparison, now I could keep it up with "what was happening"… Still, I wonder if you could recommend me some sort of software I could use to apply technical strategies but with "paper money". I've seen some products, but not as detailed as yours obviously. Thanks!

  28. What happened to DCIX exactly? I'm showing just 3 years ago it was selling for $120,000 PER SHARE and now it's around $3 per share….

  29. Newbie here but am confused by something. When asked what platform you use, you refer us to your link, which I see is very beneficial. However, you recommend on that page for everyone to go through a broker. If you are making these trades yourself online, you are not going through a broker, right?

  30. I wanna be honest here. I'm a fan but I'd like to criticize here. Please take my honest criticism here and I'd really like to see your reply. You have a website with courses and training material, however, I doubt if someone sees the way you traded like this become interested in your Innercircle neither the courses. Put yourself in my shoes for a moment, please. If you were here and was watching me trade like this, would you wanted me to be your instructor or teach you trading!? IMO, It was a lucky trade, I can't even call this a trade! You got lucky at some point and you basically escaped. Everybody knows adding to the size of a loss position is wrong. Ain't this a principle. What if it was gone to 10K loss. Would you have added more!? Buying 1K more and on and on? If you have millions and millions then perhaps you don't care but it ain't the way to trade IMO. BTW, the title is misleading. You should not have "HOW" in the title, cause you are not saying or showing how. You just demonstrating a trade. When the loss passes from a certain range then there is no difference between unrealized or realized. Again if it was going from -5K to -6K and to -10K then I'm sure you have a cap on the loss too. At some point, you would have closed the position and the unrealized become realized loss. Cheers.

  31. oooofta, from 0:55 till 1:00 in the vid, I don't think I've ever seen a bid collapse that fast on a $25 stock. Crazy! Nicely done sir.

  32. I come from future and Diana Containerships Inc DCIX right now is @1.95usd, you are using more than 60k , that is why you easily get 1k .

  33. Talking about his losses, the only people that get hurt on a roller coaster are the ones that jump off. Words of Dave Ramsey

  34. I use Meta trader platform, is it right to begin with Forex market and with MT4 platform to become after 2 years as good trader? please answer me

  35. Clay I"m new to this and was wondering who do you use to buy and sell as your broker, little I understand of how this works you got nerves of steel, I want to one day be like you.

  36. 1.) Can you elaborate on the key differences between ‘averaging down’ and ‘building a position?’
    2.) What was your exit strategy here should this have continued to move against you? How big of a position are you willing to build here before cutting a loss? Seeing -$10,000? -$15,000? -$30,000?

  37. Fascinating.
    My issue with all this though is that if you're killing the game day trading why are you selling courses on how to do it?
    Why not just make the money that way?
    If you want to help people just help them, sides you don't need the money you're winning in that game.
    Why take the focus off a money making career to focus on a lesser one.
    I guess I just said I don't believe it.

  38. DCIX is now worth .87 . im sure there are some people watching this who invested in DCIX longterm and are no where to be found lol

  39. when trading you buy a certain amount of stock for say $20K the only thing that is being risked after that investment is the amount of money per stock that moves up or down. this isnt gambling its basic math. 200 shares for $20 = $4k initial investment sell for $20.20 at 200 shares you made $40 sell for $19.80 you lost $40 not all $4000

  40. I'm a new trader. What brokerage app is this? Is it possible to make TD think or swim update volume changes this quickly? Is it even possible to buy and sell this fast in think or swim? LAST Q: how much are your transaction fees? you are makine 25 dollars per short sell but assuming your round trips cost 10-14$, i imagine that cuts into your profits.

  41. Averaging down is an interesting way to trade. I’d only be comfortable doing that with a strong chart and/or good market direction but we each have our own system and looks like you’re doing alright!

  42. Yo crazy omg, it was moving so fast! 😨😨 especially you didn't use hot keys, But good battle tho!

  43. Well i dont Know Which Strategy were you using?But Yes Really Loved the Trade.
    Just wanted to ask whether is that a 2 Min Chart and Which MA's are you using?

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