[LIVE] Day Trading | How To Make $150 Per Hour (Working From Home)

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  1. This is my first of your live trading videos that I've watched so you've probably explained this somewhere else, but why do you always do 500 shares at a time?

  2. This shit only works if you’re lucky enough to save up bulk money. 99.999999% of the people watching this have never seen $25000 all at once, let alone have it to leave in a brokerage account and still have enough to trade with and eat food and pay rent. You probably need around $50,000 to even THINK about this shit and prob $100,000+ to make it anywhere near this guys level. Normal people would be making a few bucks a couple times a week (bc the system is set up to keep the poor man out of trading and let the more well off people trade as much as they’d like) I like clay and he teaches legit shit. I just get scared I’ll never make enough money to even try this shit.

  3. Hello Clay, I'm a bartender with an interest in learning to make a few hundred or more a week trading…. here's the question; are you scared of bear markets or can you continue to make money in a bear 🐻 market or even another Crash, like in 2008?

  4. Awesome job man! Day trading is the key to financial independence. Do you ever day trade options? I have had great successor far with it!

  5. I just realized after so long that making a $100 a day is major compared to people who can’t make anything it’s humbling as a trader if you can make anything everyday pat yourself on the back

  6. Just curious how much you were risking in these trades? Also, why do you put orders in for 9.01 and 9.51? I ask because I was always told its better to buy at whole or half numbers ie: 9.00 or 9.50 because the sellers tell their brokers , more times than not, to sell at whole vs. odd change number.

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