[LIVE] Day Trading | How To Make $325 Trading Stocks (In Only 6 Minutes)

(intensifying swooshes) Hey, it’s Clay at ClayTrader.com. This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up here in 10 minutes so let’s see what happens. I have an order 46.45 here. IRBT all of a sudden gettin’ quite crazy so let’s see if we can get up through 46. So there’s the break. And 46.45 is that ideal entry point. I mean quite the rocket there. So can it get up above 46 again? I will keep an eye on it. Okay, I moved my order up to 46.85. Okay I got those. Let’s go up to 47.45. And let’s see and it already
actually gave me some so I have 142 shares left. Have my next order at 47.45. So again if you’re not
familiar with my screen down here where it’s showing yellow. Well was yellow now it’s green. So $150 there. But if this upward move wants to continue then I will be ready at 47.45. So very nice move there, I’m glad I got that loaded to the chatroom. (mumbles) here. So let’s see if this move wants to keep on chuggin’ along. Again ready for my next 500 at 47.45, so key break gonna be up
there through the 47 mark. So I’ll keep a close eye on it. Okay goin’ for the break. There is the break. Okay, in there and out again for, I’m gonna stop talking now, 47.95. So there was another
score so I am up now $325 and I don’t know let’s see, 9:36 a.m. So six minutes in of $325, but let’s see if we can get another
continuing move up to 47.95. So 47.95 next first entry point. So we’ll see if it can work its way. See it got up as high
as 47.69 on that move. Okay and if you’re not
familiar with my screen, right there I’m looking at the high that it’s gone so far. All right I will go ahead and pause and if it looks like it’s gonna make a movement up to that 47.95 mark, I’ll get the video rollin’. But yeah six minutes
in, $325 I’ll take it. Okay makin’ a move here, nice. In, wait. Oh did I just, totally screwed up there. All right well, took a loss there ’cause I, of $5 ’cause I
got in but my order was off. And I meant to put an order in, a cover at 47.70 where I’d be out right now for a profit but somehow I, yeah, I’ll have to scroll back and re-watch it. ‘Cause I’m not sure what happened. But something changed
and I shorted at 47.95 and then I got out at 47.96 so a $5 loss but I meant to have a
cover order in at 47.70. So yeah I’m not quite sure
where I went wrong there but that’s the one benefit
of these live trades. I can go back and see how
I screwed things up so. Well that’s a bummer, that
should’ve been another 150 bucks or so in my pocket. And instead I’m, I lost $5. Well that’s what I get
for not double checking. So lesson there in there for everybody, learn from my stupidity. Make sure you double check before. As obvious as that is,
apparently it’s not that obvious. But again, next order at 48.45. So let’s see if the price can get back up above that 48 break. Okay, the break of 48. So in there at 48.45. Or to 48.95. And 49.45. So let’s see what this wants to do here. Seein’ if it wants to pull back or not. I don’t know if I’m
gettin’ too greedy sittin’ there at 48.10. But I wanna let that order sit out there for a little while longer. See now things are slowin’
down here a little bit so it’s not quite as
volatile as what it was. Let’s see if we can get up there to 48.95. So again 48.95 for my next allotment. All right I will go ahead and pause and if it looks like I’m either going to be able to get out
or add to the position then I’ll get the video
rollin’ again at that point. Okay, lookin’ like potentially gonna be able to get those 95s it’s. It’s approaching that area up there. But not quite there yet. There we go, I’m gettin’ some fills there. It gave me 55, 55 of the 500 I wanted. So this one’s gettin’ a
little irritating now. That green line currently represents where my profits would be. So now I have 555 shares. So now it’s pullin’ back. All right so 555, 48. Let’s just see if this
thing wants to roll over. Again, 555 shares with an
average of basically 49.50. All right I’m gonna go ahead and pause ’cause this one’s gettin’ not nearly as, I wish it would just kinda move in one direction or another. I’ll keep you posted. All right got the break. I’m gonna try for some here at 49 oh, there we go, got those. Got those there. So now my, let me actually
just get an order out there. Now my average is 1600 shares at 48.87. So I have orders out
there at 49.35 and 49.45. So I can move this line up here. Meaning basically if the
price hits that green line, I am making money. Oh wow, all right. So I just got out there. So let’s see here. I have 555 shares left. So let’s see if this thing wants to roll over some more here. All right all out there,
sloppy sloppy trade. Still up, I still made money on it but I was, so about $58 but yeah, there is no doubt about
it, extremely sloppy but figured you know
what, let’s just get out and we can start the
process all over again. So 49.75 next. First entry point, so
let’s see if it can get up there to 49.75 and
we’ll just start anew. So started off the day very very clean. Those first couple of
trades were just beautiful. Then things got sloppy there. Still walked away with money. But not nearly of clearance. So I suppose from an
educational standpoint that’s good ’cause now you can see how yeah it’s amazing how things can change goin’ from just quick quick, beautiful, in, out and then
you get something like that. Which it was still profitable but it took a little bit more work. I have an order at 61.25 on TER whether or not it gets down there, we’ll see. All right, I apologize. I got filled at 61.15 here on TER, the thing just shot down
in the blink of an eye so I wasn’t able to get a fill on it. But just took me out there for $100. I’m gonna keep an eye on
it and I’d be interested if this thing can break down below 61. But yeah, quick $100 there, made that. And I don’t know, we’ll call it 30 seconds so I’m happy with that. All right well I’m gonna go
ahead and wrap things up. I have been a little distracted. Haven’t done much, but last trade I made was right there, so slightly
over an hour end of the day. So we’ll call it an hour and 15 minutes, so hour and 15 minutes,
$477, I will take it. Before I go though, a final few things. First off, if you enjoyed these videos, the easiest way to communicate hey Clay, please keep makin’ these is to hit that Like button and then leave a comment down below that goes a long way in showing me that I’m not wasting my time with these videos. If you are interested in learning more about charts, how to use
charts to build strategies and such, go to ClayTrader.com. I offer what’s called the
Trading Freedom Pathway program where I teach you all about
everything from points A to Z or if you’re just lookin’ for a community to join. If you wanna trade alongside
me and other quality traders I do offer a private community. So again you can find out more information on that at ClayTrader.com. But at the end of the day
if you just simply enjoy watching any of these
videos, that’s great. Hit that Like button,
leave a comment below and also check out the channel. Lots of other great videos, so hopefully you decide to subscribe but
thank you for hangin’ out and yeah an hour and 10 minutes, $477. I will take it, and not many other places in the world where you can get that sort of return on your time. So take care and I’ll see
you back for the next video. First off, thanks so much for
watchin’ the entire video. Real quick before you
go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web
class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you wanna call it. But it will be me live
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into our DNA as humans makin’ it very easy to use. But in a cruel way, this becomes
a pitfall for many traders. I’ll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall
that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key when you hear it sounds way too good to be true but it’s not and I’ll
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