[LIVE] Day Trading | I Lost $1,300! (Day Trader Truth: Loses Happen)

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  1. I would honestly buy your course but I only have 670 but I watch all your videos just waiting on the course to go on sale. Not to interested in the pay as you go model

  2. Clay first of all thanks for posting this video it takes a lot of courage on your behalf to post this video. A lot of day Traders only post their wins, but they won't necessarily post there losers. Much credit to you my friend thumbs up don't worry you'll get that money back and then some. Like you said it happens and it's part of the game I'm pretty sure you learned your lesson we all should learn from our mistakes and just move forward.

  3. That was a crazy mover. Losses happen and it's annoying 😡 sometimes but it's part of the game. The next move is to bounce back bro.

  4. I got squeezed in ROKU a couple days ago. I absolutely feel your pain. But I’m certain you’ll make that back in a hurry

  5. You can just hear the emotion in your breathing sounds just like i do when a trade is moving too fast for me to digest lol. Good trade man i got whooped today as well.

  6. This is why I like watching your channel Clay. There is nothing fake about it. You show the good and not so good trades. Thanks

  7. These days people think that after watching a few YouTube videos they suddenly become professional day trades. If that is the case why do only 5 to 10% of trades make it in the market?

  8. It takes courage showing a loser. The profit and loss doesn’t dictate a good or bad trade; sticking to the plan does! Great trade Clay.

  9. Clay, just curious, don't you think indicators and moving averages are somewhat useless since they just use information from the candles? They are just taking information from the candlesticks, so it is redundant information.

  10. every strategy and every trader have big red day even he have 25 five years experience…take your loss and prepare for next day stick to ur plan and strategy..

  11. Any trader who only posts winning videos is FOS. I don't like how your videos don't have any reasoning or rationale behind the trades though, which is why I rarely watch. For example, why choose 50.45 to open a short position? By that point it has broke through the MA and one could argue that you want to be long and adding, the opposite of what you're doing. Without thoughts behind your moves, not much can be learned from your videos. Hopefully your paid content is more educational.

  12. Appreciate the transparency. In too early with too much size. Could have been much worse. Lesser experienced traders might have let this run and ended up blowing up. Nice discipline on cutting it.

  13. Hello Clay. I am from Europe. Can u trade CFD in America ( Forex market ), if not how can u parcipate in Forex market from America if you can at all ? Thank you.

  14. Armchair Analysis: Bad trade. Too much volume (200k+) in this one, WTH were you thinking??? Why would you short a bullish move like this!!!!! Ok done.

  15. Why do you not go over to Warrior Trading and get in on all the action with low float stocks.

    Is it too risky for you? The volatility is there.

  16. If it doesn’t come back no problem that’s why I trade small trades but prices are fluctuating anyway so chances are bound to come back my way.
    That’s just my thoughts thank you.

  17. Can I ask why you don't use stop losses? Also what your plan was shorting into a big momentum move?

    Thanks for sharing this regardless. Takes a lot of guts.

  18. even though the title gives it away, I was wishing you would get all out around 51.19. You even said it was stubborn, totally avoidable loss. I will tell you why it was avoidable: You got in too early into the move and it was surprisingly strong, I would have gladly got out even. I know, woulda could shoulda and hindsight millionaire, hate to see you lose man.

  19. This is what happens when you add more size when losing….and not when winning…. Claytrader AKA "Martingale master" …not today…

  20. I mean you know what you’re doing but I’ve always been of the mindset that whatever pattern was forming in prematket can’t be trusted at the open. Gl man

  21. Not saying nothing negative but if it opening on a stock like that goes on a a red day and begins on a red day guarantee you it's going to flop up to a hell of a spike I've been lucky a couple times I made $1,000 maybe $2,000 on a big old mover like that and let me be surprised to tell you even though the Market opens up in a 9 hour if you see a stop that guarantees you that it's in a bear Market once it opens up it's going to it's going to Flatline for the first I don't know 5 10 minutes I would actually I would buy a long on that 4 bull market and sell it in between peeps like portions of it and you can easily make that back depending on how much money you can invest like there was a day about a year ago that I bought in to shop when it was in a short position for the first 15 minutes I thought that I was going to lose out of a long position I get this I turned around and I bought two thousand shares and I made a quick $1,900 after commissions see every stock you can't sort but on the same side if it goes up in premarket or if it goes up and opening Market there's opportunities for both sides of that so therefore if it goes on a bear Market once Market opens up I can guarantee you that you could get a 5-10 50% return if you know what you're doing Plus if it goes right into bull market and then falls down into bear Market you can actually profit on both ends and it's not that hard it's finding your intern Point and finding your quick exit point once you have your strategy set out you can make Cox and decent money doing that I don't have a train account right now because my last one I blew it up and I don't have the funds to reopen but I'm also looking for a stock scanner in a stock screener and I'm proud to delete in the process of reopening a stock trading account because right now I don't have the funds

  22. Ive always appreciated the authenticity with your trades. You share the highs and the lows, risks and rewards. Doubtful others would share the loss with us.

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