[LIVE] Day Trading | My Tesla ($TSLA) Stock Trade Mess Up

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  1. I've got a commission question. When does light speed take their money? at the end of the month? does it add it to your winning or losing trade?

  2. May I ask how much do you have in the stocks. also what program do you use. I have around 2000 to trade what would be my starting point.

  3. Hey, can I ask what your p & l ratio is and your win rate %. I can't see how you can make money with .15c wins because 1 loss could be .50c and wipe out 3 to 4 trades. Can you explain to please?

  4. I can't wait for the Tesla hype to pop. I'm gonna ride that train right into the station. Market cap bigger than Ford and GM combined? Yeah, right….

    Might earn enough to buy me a Tesla. Though, I'm more a V12 man.

  5. There are no wealthy day traders, look at the statistics. Go long on your favorite companies. Day trading will make you broke, happened to me during the tech boom. Look, Tesla is 640 now. If you bought a bunch that day, and held it, you would have made good money. Buy 100K of Tesla, hold for 5 years and get rich. Example: when Tesla had its Q4 earnings call, after hours with 600 shares I made 25K in 25 minutes on its way up, after 1-1/2 hours I was up close to 40K. By the way I bought those shares at 180 per share last year. Holding long is way less work. Geez, you work so hard for a few hundred bucks.

  6. I think paying clay's lessons are money well spent because people can learn from his messed up trades than fake big shots that claim they never made mistakes and only made money.

  7. when it brakes 500 Dollar everything is possible… 6days later TSLA 880 Dollar ^^

    thats what i like about trading, but only traded with sims, yet. 🙂

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