[LIVE] Day Trading | The Ups and Downs of Being a Day Trader

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  1. Watching live trades is always great, I have bad habits of not closing trades. How you remain so calm is inspirational. Thanks Clay

  2. Interesting video, but how did you know the stock was going to halt a few seconds before it actually happened? Or was your level 2 just a little delayed?

  3. Painful loss, but definitely a smart choice to get out. "Maybe this thing blasts off to $9…" Very next trading day was down 50%. Always gotta consider the risk/reward!

  4. I'm getting close to $2k from a $500 account 3 weeks ago thanks to $NIO, $ACB, $PRTO/TARA, $ADSX and $INPX, I'm definitely on the UPS right now. Don't know what a DOWN or a RED DAY even is yet. And to think I almost sell $NIO at a loss because of the bears on Stocktwits… The scumbags were getting me scared when there was a nasty pullback to $3.98 but I still rode that shit all the way to $4.40 from $4.09. 🤑

  5. As I review the return on my 401k and the lousy .01 cent interest my bank can afford per month, I realize we are sheep.
    I followed Clay and made several swing trades with a 110% yield. It is possible!
    Yes failures happen but nothing changes if you don't try!
    spend $100 and see if you can double it in a month or two!
    Webull rocks!

  6. @Clay Trader why are u showing old trades that is not a good way to show ur trading style it is all fake guys i can see it

  7. Hey Clay I have noticed over time you have changed up your trading or at least what you post on you tube. I remember that you always went for $50 wins at a time. What changed ? Just adaptation ? Curious Thanks

  8. Clay, are you using any indicators on this one? How about pivots or something like that? I am glad this worked for you man!

  9. I am looking to get into day trading, but I also want to have dividend stock portfolio as well so when I retire I will still have passive income coming in what are your thoughts?

  10. Hi Claytrader can someone in Africa trade on this?and if so can you give a step by step beginner process on how to trade?

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