M1 Finance : How To Buy Specific Stocks Using M1 Finance

hello everyone and thanks for tuning
into the financial industrial Channel my name is Brent and today we’re gonna be
going over on m1 finance how to target specific stocks with your equity going
into the market say you’re gonna be depositing some $300 into the market on
Monday how can you put that equity toward specific stocks within your
portfolio so if you are brand-new to the channel I do make stock market personal
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subscribing and let’s go ahead and get into it so you may be asking yourself
why are you adding more money into the market you’re already down for the year
negative four point zero one percent well when you’re negative in your
portfolio that’s when you’re getting everything at a discount
what is your plan over the long term how long are you going to be invested in the
market me and my wife we’re barely hitting in our 30s you know we’re very
early 30s my wife’s not even thirty we have until 60 to take advantage of this
Roth IRA at fifteen and a half it becomes 100% tax-free how long do we
plan on living after we hit 60 an additional twenty thirty years so we’re
looking between 40 to 60 years of just having money grow within this portfolio
growing inside our Roth IRA and after 60 everything in here the capital gains
those dividends that are getting paid out to you that’s all going to be 100%
tax-free so even if you know we had this volatility day to day week to week month
to month over the long term if you’re investing and solid companies such as
you know if we’re looking down the list here we have triple M Apple AT&T we have
you know Cisco caterpillar General Mills Johnson & Johnson JPMorgan Kellogg’s
kimberly-clark now a lot of these names you’ll recognizes we’re kind of going
down the list these are solid companies over the long term some of them may
fizzle but at the same time we’re gonna be
checking our portfolio you know I like to look at my portfolio every month I go
over my stocks you know and I do my reviews at the end of the year whether
that company has moved up or down what’s their changed for the Eric over their
yearly their quarterly reports you know go over their quarterly reports on the
quarter routes are coming out but normally at the end of the year I will
take a look at that stock and kind of go over its fundamentals again
and whether it’s worth keeping it in my portfolio over the long term or if it
needs to be removed and added you know we replaced with another one now curling
we are building up our base right now just due to the way that the market
volatility has gone over the short term I made a video five stocks on buying in
December 2018 linked in the top right corner it goes over 5 stocks I’m going
to be adding which our Cardinal health Consolidated Edison General Mills
Kellogg’s and Triple M so if you want to check out that video I go over why I’m
going to be investing in specific stocks and now in this video in order to target
specific stocks with equity now every Monday I have another video going over
my plan for 2018 on how I want to average into my wife’s Roth IRA for the
end of 2018 at the beginning of 2018 I pumped it with that $5,500 to get her a
good base that was targeted towards 2017 now the market did dip here in February
March timeframe and on the market dipped and that would have been a great time to
buy some more shares buy back into the market but at that time I also created
my own business my own business separate from my wife’s Roth IRA I created my
real estate business so there in this time I was going to a transition myself
you know setting up my business so we weren’t really pumping a whole lot of
money to the market during this time now as the markets began to kind of fall
apart you know hedge fund managers and such began pulling equity out of these
tech stocks and Facebook Google you know the Spang stock started the tumble when
we started going into the negative I started pumping up more money into the
market because we were in the negative we were taking advantage of that sale
you know right now we’re getting stocks at a discount we’re buying them cheaper
than we were able to earlier in the year we’re getting higher yield on costs
which is gonna be paying off us higher dividends which will bias more shares of
those dividends at a cheaper price so I don’t want to ramble on too much the
whole point of the video I wanted a target specific stock so I added six new
stocks the Roth IRA you know as you’ve seen here the only additional one that I
haven’t covered in one of my videos is s/o which is the Southern Company this
is a utility company here so in order to target specific stocks I had three
hundred and thirty dollars every single week go
until the end of 2018 that’ll max out the Roth IRA now let me go ahead and
bust out my handy-dandy calculator so we are going to be putting three hundred
and thirty dollars into the market on Monday plus we just got paid out some
dividends this week of $2.13 so that’s three hundred and thirty two dollars and
thirteen cents we’re gonna be adding to six positions within our portfolio you
know we have one two three four five six okay so on I want I want to equally
distribute that cash between those stocks so here if we want to contribute
it towards all six of these socks we’ll put in $5,500 I’m sorry 555 dollars and
35 cents so in order to target specific stocks all I got to do is click on it go
to my buy sell I’ll have it load up fifty 5.35 and
there we are we just take continue we hit okay and
it’s going to go ahead and mark it as pending now we go ahead and go back to
our portfolio we can now see that we have a pending buy and sell there but
it’s a buy so we go on next to the next one here 55 35 is what we’re doing we go
ahead and click buy sell go ahead and Target that 55:35 we go ahead and hit
continue and confirm and all we’re going to be doing is doing the exact same
process for the remaining stock so if you have specific stocks that you feel
already good value by you’re going to be holding them for the long term then you
could add them into your m1 finance portfolio and you want to fund them
specifically with this you know you don’t want to have m1 finance sort of
invest for you right away you know they might end up hitting some thirteen
fifteen stocks to invest in and it said you want to get these kind of funded up
so what you’re going to be wanting to do is sort of target those specific stocks
and just kind of fund them you know kind of get on the base so this is just gonna
get me a nice little solid $5,500 base into each one of these stocks now one
thing you may notice woops 5535 is that each of these stocks they’re not you
know they’re worth more than a 5500 such as Triple M
educated at a hundred and eighty six dollars and 80 cents and just in the
last trade day it went down point nine five percent so you’re on m1 finance
you’re able to buy partial shares which is one of the best things I like about
m1 finance aside from them allowing you to have a Roth IRA you know Roth IRA
that retirement account that’s one of the best features they have partial
shares free trades that’s just you know gravy extra gravy on the turkey so you
know Thanksgiving reference there okay so now we’ve confirmed all of our
activity we now have let’s go back to our portfolio we now have these six
stocks targeted as currently having no equity in them
but they are coal set to have some sort of a buy sell and we all know that’s a
sell now our portfolio now shows that your portfolio has estimated trades so I
can go ahead and click in here and I can go ahead and see that currently you know
these six stocks are targeted because I only have two dollars and sixteen cents
with in this portfolio it’s going to put thirty six cents towards each one of
these stocks now on Monday I also put in three hundred and thirty dollars so
that’s what’s going to be added to this you know in addition three hundred and
thirty dollars which is going to be pumping each of these specific stocks
was fifty five hundred dollars and thirty-five cents worth of equity and
you know instead of trying to tie in these specific stocks and buying them
when they’re low or when they’re high these are all training near their
52-week lows so if we look at them this over the year on you know Consolidated
Edison I think I have to go into the specific stock itself to get that graph
information but here you can see as of back in November 2017 this stock was
trading at eighty eight dollars and ninety two cents now utilities have been
hammered recently as they have quite a bit of debt and with rising rates
stronger dollar that’s been hammering these Cano and hammering these utility
companies but you can see that this company for the most part it’s been sort
of I mean out here at bottom doubt at 70
$1.39 now it does trend kind of sideways here right now it’s a could fall again
further as interest rates continue to rise but we don’t really know that and
if it does happen over the long term you can see here back and yeah November 2013
you know just the five-year trend here it’s been moving positive for the most
time there are instances here from January 2015 until you know nearly a
year later where it was basically flat and then we had a nice little growth
there it came back rechecked its highs and then peaked at again so over the
long term you’re gonna have these instances where it does dip its gonna go
recover it may dip again but if you’re investing for the next 20 30 40 50 years
and you’re buying these stocks those stocks are paying you at a dividend
those dividends are buying you more shares for free basically which are
going to be paying you more dividends and it just compounds that’s the power
of companion you’re getting compound you’re getting an appreciation and
compounding on your total equity also your dividends are buying you more
dividend stocks which is paying you out more so that’s compounded as well and
it’s let’s see there’s another metric there as far as how you’re kind of
getting it triple hit but I can’t think of it right now oh you have your stocks
that increase their dividends every single year as well so I have all of
these on a spreadsheet where most of all this new all these new ones here that
have added into the portfolio they’ve all grown their dividend for more than
ten years at a time so back in 2008 when the economy crashed all of these stocks
continued to pay a dividend some of them did I believe Kellogg’s had started
paying a dividend back in 2000 and what was it 2007 someone run there so they
don’t have history prior to there but they did payout during the recession so
13 years ago is when Kellogg’s weekend paying out dividends so I was 2005
anyways that is all I did want to cover in my
video if you guys have any questions about anything that was covered in the
video or you know anything you’d like to have covered in the future let me know
in the comment section below I always appreciate all your guys’s comments and
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the top might you know my recommended top six books as far as real estate
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my properties but anyways that is all for this video if you guys did like the
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thank you all for tuning in I will see you next time half great day bye

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  2. Brent isn't it better to let m1 automatically invest for you ? Or you're buying specific stock on the dip and don't auto interest?

  3. Just found out utx is officially splitting into 3 companies do u know what impact that will have on those who have it in m1 finance. I heard people say when honeywell spun off their shares of the new companies were automatically sold ,any info on this would help
    Thanks ,your the m1 guru

  4. if you buy individual stocks, it will AUTO re balance according to your pie ratios. so once you have to much of a stock over your % it will re balance it down ???

  5. So if you buy stocks when the market dips on M1’s platform it’s letting you taking advantage of buying a discount for long term Growth like any other online broker right ?

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