M1 FINANCE VS ROBINHOOD 📈 Which Stock Market Investing Platform Is The Best?

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  1. I personally love Robin Hood because it's free. I think it's great for people who have less than $10,000 in the stock market.

  2. As a user of both I can honestly say M1 Finance takes the cake here as they offer the DRIP system & offer partial shares. Reinventing those dividends come a long way & as for Robinhoods future updates it seems to be more of an app for day traders in the upcoming future.

  3. I asked for a Marijuana stock video……. ignored….. well Tilray just doubled and cronos group is up 30% Aurora Cannabis is up 20%…..October 17th full legalization in Canada. Coca Cola seeking to partner up with Aurora. Beverage deals are being established………………And you ignore C'Mon Ryan!!!

  4. What I like about Robinhood is that It makes you want to save up for that whole share Price, Meaning the dividend will always be larger in the long run if you keep re-investing your dividends… I don't want to settle for Micro dividends – I want the whole cash PAYMENT… PLUS Trading options are better for value investing,cause you can make money on -up-down-and sideways markets.. IMO

  5. Very informative. Especially for someone outside of the US who's not familiar with these platforms. Cheers Ryan!

  6. Gonna give m1 a shot this week. Robinhood emailed me last night stating that they're gonna discontinue offering a buying opportunity of a certain stock im invested in due to high volume demand.

    Lol that's after me being sceptical of negative comments on their fb page.

    Love your page. It's always good timing and after watching your videos you have very little to no questions left.

  7. As Always you are awesome! I try to implement what I can in my own passive income journey. Thank you for everything you put out!

  8. Hey ryan, great video! I haven't used M1 before and I currently use Robinhood for investing in dividend stocks. I was thinking about switching to M1 but from what I've heard, it sounds like M1 will sell off shares to maintain the pie percentages and activate taxable events. Is this correct or does it only balance the pie with new capital deposited and dividends?

  9. My name is Henry Samuel, I am from Nigeria, pls I wanna know if I can invest in any of both platforms from Nigeria, thank you

  10. Personally I use both but like Robinhood a tad bit better…. Probable because I've used it longer and am more used to it but both are great brokerages and either one is a perfect starting point into the world of investing.

  11. I prefer M1 because of the partial shares and DRIP. I use Robinhood for global stocks and short term shares buy. Ironically, I currently have a bigger return on Robinhood.

  12. Great video Ryan! I love M1 Finance for it's fractional shares and the option to open a Roth IRA account. I love Robinhood for access to global stocks.

  13. Ryan, I have an idea that you might like for a new video for you. “Which part of the stock market is speculation and why it’s so dangerous compared to investing”. I feel like there are a lot of people out there going after huge returns (e.g. day trading or chasing reverse splits), and don’t even realize this is not investing.

    I love your videos, such high quality advice on youtube is very rare!

  14. Hi Ryan, can a foreigner invest through m1 finance? Can you please share your location/country. I am from India and I want to invest in Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon . I have investments in pFizer, Colgate, proctor n gamble which are already listed on Indian Stock Exchanges. I am also started as YouTuber because I love to share my experience of stock market investments. I would like to invest in Alphabet, MS and Amazon for next 5-7 years.

  15. I have 401k account and planning to open Roth IRA to buy shares and ETFs. based on this video…. I think M1 finance is suitable for Roth IRA account with zero transaction fee and zero dividend reinvestment fee….
    Before watching this video I was about to open a Roth IRA account in vanguard. Now I am confused.
    Can you please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of both vanguard and M1 finance for ROTH IRA account.

  16. Great videos and info as always… Thanks Ryan, I used your M1 finance referral link a few months ago. I my got $10 and hope they gave yours. It took them 4 weeks and 3 calls. Hopefully they will speed that process up. Yes they do have very nice people at their customer service. VS. no one to call at Robinhood. Hopefully they will soon? I like both M1 FINANCE and ROBINHOOD for what they offer. I working on a few videos to post on youtube of my experience using M1 FINANCE. TBD

  17. good afternoon sir, please i live in Ukraine and i want to invest in stock market. please which broker do you suggest. because i can't use ribinhood or betterment.

  18. Hey Ryan i love watching your videos and one of the apps you previously recommended for saving money now offers investment as well could you plz do an update on the qapital app now that they offer an investment option and thanks for all the information I have learned a lot from you.

  19. M1 finance loses because they buy sometime the next trading day. When a stock takes a big dip and you would like to buy it cheap you can’t because M1 finance executes the order the next day. Really dumb and until M1 finance can fix that Robinhood wins every time.

  20. Hey Ryan, have you heard about a company call afterpay, I would wanna know what's your views on it… It is fascinating because it is a safer cheaper alternatives to credit card that benefit consumers, but even retails can see a benefit in it.
    The stock in the aus have gone sky high, it has just entered UK and the US

  21. M1 does not have a DRIP. They deposit your dividend payments into your cash balance and then they allocate your cash balance (which consists of your deposits and your dividend payments) into your "pie" according to your settings. If the stock which paid you the dividend is overweight in your pie, your cash balance (where your dividend payments are) will be invested into the underweight slices of your pie (depending on how you've chosen to distribute your funds), having not "reinvested" into that dividend stock whatsoever. Getting fractional shares is a great feature but, it is not a DRIP.

  22. Ive been investing with Robin Hood and actually just discovered your channel and signed up for M1, there is no I will be going back. Greats videos and Groove on

  23. Thanks for M1. I will be using both Robinhood and M1. M1 for Drip and fraction investments and Robinhood for instant $1000 investments.

  24. Can i pick and choose what stocks i want on m1 finance without it being automated how much i buy. I dont wanna set it up by percentage

  25. Yo Ryan. Great video bro. Been using Robinhood for a while. My only complain is their website, which is slow af. They do have an app, but I hate using my phone (might be the only millennial to ever say that lol). Made some coin swing trading, but like you said, it's an extremely limited platform. And now that I've gained some experience points, I think I'm ready for more advanced platforms. Although, I'll likely just end up using both.

    I just signed up for M1 Finance per your recommendation (used your affiliate link :). And so far, I like it. Also, it might be worth mentioning that unlike Robinhood, M1 shows you a breakdown of ETFs & Bonds. A nice feature, since it gives you a better idea of exactly what you're investing in.

  26. is there a stock broker that have browser platform, cuz I want to trade on my Mac?
    like bitfinex or binance or bitmex but for stocks?

  27. I started using M1 finance and although it has it's benefits, what I really dislike is that they only have one trading window and you never know if you will get it at the higher or lower price until you buy it and find that the price you wanted went higher. This is big for me and I regret opening the account with them.

  28. Seems like M1 Finance is the way to go, Ill prob try it out soon. Ive only been on Robinhood this whole time! lol

  29. Robinhood go change to limit and it asks how much you want to invest. Let's say stock cost $8 Ford (F) for example. If you say 50 cents it will except it. So Robinhood does allow fractional investments.

  30. Robinhood also takes a week to give you access to your funds. I've missed several buy chances because of the delay.

  31. can you please do a video about other aspects of these 2 brokers.. what about the customer service and tax documents access … these are not really covered on anyones videos …awesome content !

  32. Great video. M1 sounds interesting but I like that fact that I have to manually reinvest my dividends with Robinhood because I can put them into the particular dividend stocks that are on sale at the moment.

  33. Great video Ryan! Myself I'm new to the stock market investing, but I like your suggestion about starting using one of the available pies. Do you know if is there an automated way to transfer my money from Robinhood into M1?

  34. Seems odd to me that you praise M1 fully over Robin hood, why not just title the video Don't use Robin hood use M1? Also, you have a link to M1 which you receive rev. for..

  35. Seems like M1 Is for beginners. Mutual fund minded people who aren't active traders. Why is there a trading window other than the operating hours of the market? M1 is good for people who invest like a crock pot "set it and forget it" like a glorified savings account. But I'll miss too many opportunities. Robinhood wins hands down

  36. Real comparison is here. You missed the biggest drawback of M1 of trading window and not a real time investment https://moneybuffalo.com/m1-finance-vs-robinhood

  37. I use both platforms. Only complaint I have about M1, and it is a big complaint, is that I cannot just buy say $100 worth of COST and then let it sit. You always have to have a percentage going into everything in your portfolio. IDK why they created the platform like that but I hate that part of m1.

  38. Robinhood has a delay sometimes on the market price which can cause problem(i. e. Not buying at the most up to date price.) How is M1?

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